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MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing Aimless

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MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity,creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.

Get to know ‘Aimless‘…

Speak to any owner of a fashion label and no doubt they will have a profound story to tell you behind the inception and creation of the brand and what it stands for. Well, not Aimless, as the name suggests and that really is quite refreshing.

not everything has to have a deep meaning behind it…but I guess that’s the deep meaning behind aimless

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Based in Nottingham, a city whose creative scene is flourishing day by day, Aimless focusses on quality products and prints that steer clear of being over-designed, but that is by no means to say that they look boring.

Still in their early days, rather than bombard us with styles, a capsule collection of four shirts is on offer at the moment. But which one to pick? Would a blobfish or a mullet suit your personality more?

We spoke to Adam David, the man behind Aimless to find out more about the brand without a cause.

…it doesn’t take itself too seriously but that doesn’t mean that designs and quality are taken for granted. It’s kind of my general outlook on life and things I find interesting. 

Like when I went to vegas and walked through the Flamingo Casino, which looks exactly like it did in the 70’s, it was just full of sleaziness. And I love sleaziness. I’m not a sleazy person but I’d love to take a trip to Miami circa 1985…it just cemented my love for seediness…well…not love, more of an appreciation. That might be why I love techno so much, I have a theory about techno. You can only listen to it when you’re up to no good. All the techno events I’ve been to have an air of seediness to them. You never listen to techno when you’re doing stuff like laundry…or like, accounting. I’m talking like…really industrial techno

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Where does the name ‘Aimless’ come from?

I think coming up with the name was the hardest part. Names sum up everything you’re about in 1-3 words. I sat down for almost a week coming up with countless names, aimlessly searching, and that was the ‘lightbulb moment’ …if you want to call it that.

We’re all a little aimless, and the name portrays traits that are found in most of us, but aren’t necessarily celebrated. Things like apathy, indecisiveness, inattention and a sense of whimsical randomness. But it also portrays nothing…and is just aimless. Sometimes wandering with no direction can lead you to the most interesting destinations.

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Are blobfish in this season or are they an all year round staple?

I think the blobfish might be the most aimless animal in the ocean. It barely has any muscle mass and just floats above the ocean floor waiting for food to flow into its mouth. Blobfish don’t concern themselves with trends so you’ll probably see them around for a while, the deep sea knows no seasons.

What did you do before you were ‘Aimless’?

I did a degree in graphic design, and after struggling to find a job and doing a few work placements I realized that I’d rather design for myself than others. I’ve done art installations for a few music events and festivals and ran my own house night with some friends, so I guess I’ve always been a bit aimless. But I’ve had this idea of designing t-shirts since I was 16, and now that it’s starting to get colder, you can expect some fun winter pieces coming your way too.

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Where can you purchase an Aimless item?

If you’re in Nottingham we’re hosting a stall at Black & Blue this Friday at The Market Bar, so if you like techno get yourself down there and say hello! Our stuff is also stocked in Mimm, probably my favorite shop in Nottingham. It’s a store in the Hockley area that prides itself on pushing local talent, whether its art music or fashion.

If you’re in London we’ll be at The Wick on the 18th and 25th

Or you can always check us out online.

Our website is:

(All photos by Lolita Cameron)


Aimless are kindly giving away 1 Tshirt of each design (pictured in this article) away to one lucky reader!

Email us at with the subject title ‘Aimless’ and tell us what your aimless obsession is.



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MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold

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MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity,creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.

wbru luca

This week we speak to Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold, a brand who in it’s early days is hitting the ground running. Responsible for cladding the neck and head of DJs who are not adverse to a bit of sparkle, next time you see Jamie Jones, Laura Jones, Damien Lazarus and anyone else head bopping in reflective headgear in the DJ booth and beyond, chances are it is Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold who has provided the snoods!

wbru jamie jones

Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold is the brainchild of Mario Matos, who using his experience of years in fashion retail decided to make the leap into his own range with a unique outlook:

‘To achieve a ludicrous dream of a brand that not only appeals to some but offers a place where people could truly have a sense  of ownership, rather than just working for a company/brand who’s views are totally self-centred’

With such a dream it only makes sense that those being the first to champion the brand are not those stuck in a corporate bubble, but the free spirited party souls with a similar outlook.


We spoke to Mario to find out more about the thinking behind his new creation, and judging by the reaction so far, this is one that is here to stay.

Where did the name ‘Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold’ come from and how did the brand come to be?

The name is inspired by the chief of a Native American tribe Amahami ,According to tribal history, the Amahami had always lived along the upper Missouri River, they were a peaceful tribe who dedicated their time looking after the land and trading with other tribes the Amahami Chief was Tatuckcoprinreha (White Buffalo Robe Unfolded) after reading about them I felt a connection with them and the English name of the chief just stayed in my mind and as the brand started to take shape I was drawn to his name more and more, in the end Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold just popped up and here we are.

How does it feel to be wearing a WBRU snood?

My hope is that when people wear a WBRU snood they will feel like they are dressing a part of their personality and showing the world that they are here to have fun, that is why our ethos is: Be the change you want to see 
” Gangdhi”

wbrudj1 copy

Are there any plans to expand into other sequined goodies or will you only be producing headwear?

We will definitely be expanding the range beyond snoods as we continue to grow, but for the time being I’m already developing a winter version of the snood and I’m talks with an amazing super creative Spanish designer to create a super exclusive limited edition of the snood!
In time I hope to have a full collection that will include a full men’s and women’s range in the not so distant future.

How can we purchase a snood for ourselves?

At present the snoods can be found at
Keep an eye on for updates on what’s coming out and what’s new with us.

wbru laurajones

Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold are kindly giving away an awesome snood to one lucky reader! To be in with a chance of winning, then email with the subject title ‘Wild Buffalo’ and tell us where you would like to voyage with your tribe wearing a super sparkly snood. 


Visit the Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold website here. 



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MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing Adorned

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MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity,creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.

Get to know ‘Adorned’, the mother daughter duo creating fashion and accessories with a conscience.


From the humble beginnings at a northern market stall, interest grew in the brand, now known especially for its intricate trinket like jewelry.  Bohemian style designs from ethically sourced and recycled beads and metals coupled with upcycled and customized clothing provided the perfect fix for the fashion footprint concerned consumer.

The Adorned duo search far and wide for one off pieces to finish off with one of a kind embroidered or stamp printed designs, their elephant printed shorts proving to be a hit this summer, but as the winter months start to settle in, it’s the Hamsa hand denim jackets we have our eyes on!


As well as regularly attending craft fairs and markets around the UK, their goods can also be found on Asos marketplace for the ease of internet shopping; a lot has happened in the less than two years Adorned has been in business and we can’t wait to see where they will end up next.

What is the story behind ‘Adorned’, why did you start up your own brand?

Adorned sort of happened unintentionally! When I was 18 and in my first year of university I got a bit frustrated with studying all the time, so had an evening to myself to do some sewing, where I created this beautiful embroidered stag-head denim shirt. It got a lot of compliments, and my mum (aka my business partner) suggested making a few pieces for this market we had coming up, where we were just clearing some old jumble and jewellery. She’s been buying, making and selling jewellery for over a decade and I used to even bunk off school to help her!  So making the products comes very naturally, the challenging part has been to turn it into a proper business. Both of us too are eco-warriors – we hate how unsustainable the high street is becoming and wanted to do something to counter it. We want to give people an alternative to the high street that is different to vintage and more luxurious than charity shopping – though we love  both! Adorned grows in following every week and now we are on ASOS Marketplace, we’re starting to get some exposure that we never imagined we’d have!

Dipdye elephant2

 How has been the reception to such an ethical brand, do people like the idea of upcycled clothing and accessories?

Our customers love it! The products we produce reflect our own style that we’ve had for years but is also very in at the moment – paisley prints, elephants, hand-sewn shisha mirrors, chokers and lots of dainty chains. I think more often than not people are amazed that all our customised clothing is recycled. I do all the customization so when people see this rail packed with pieces they’re shocked that I have time to do it all. People like that they can buy a unique, ethical piece from us. We rarely make two pairs of earrings the same – why should we when we have the creative capacity to make ten different? The best part is that between us we adorn women (and occasionally men) of all ages: Margarita’s pieces often appeal to an older lady with a hippy spirit whilst my pieces are loved by a teens and young adults – though it’s not mutually exclusive. I once sold a headchain to a woman in her 50s!

What are you adorning yourself with today?

The weather is turning now which gives me the perfect opportunity to wear a vintage purple dress I picked up from a charity shop for £4 – I’ve shortened it but it fits like a dream! I’ve teamed it with a pair of vintage black boots I got the other day and my trusty thrifted black suede biker. I’ll also add on a tonne of our Alpaca silver rings and a pair of our ethnic treasure earrings, which go with just about anything. I’ll actually be posting the outfit on Lookbook later if I can get a good picture!

wristchain copy

 We see that you’ve just come back from festival fun in Croatia and it seems that the summer season will soon be over! Can we catch Adorned at any cosy Christmas markets this year? 

It was amazing! We’ve also just worked Hardwick Live, a two-day music festival. Next year we aim to be working loads of festivals, but for now you can catch us at the Good Food Market at the University of York on the second Friday of every month, as well as their fresher’s event Live & Loud on the 4th October. We are looking into vintage fairs and Christmas markets so keep your eye on our Facebook page and Twitter for specific dates – our stall looks like an eastern bazaar so you won’t want to miss it! Our ASOS Marketplace and Depop are however open all hours though for those who can’t catch us in person.


Adorned are kindly giving away a customised Hamsa hand denim jacket to one lucky reader, along with a elephant pendant and stone set ring to finish off the look, alltogether this lovely bunch is worth over £100, thank you Adorned!

To be in  chance with winning, email with the subject ‘I wanna be Adorned’ and tell us what you like to adorn yourself in at the weekend. 

Find Adorned on:

FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestTumblr, Lookbook

Shop Adorned on:

Asos, Depop



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MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing Madmade

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MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity,creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.


Why have something hand made when you can have it Madmade? This week we speak to Maddie Doyle creator of ‘Madmade’, responsible for creating her luscious range of one off feathered creations gracing the heads of her fellow ‘Maduns’ this festival season.

Madmade is a brand born out of an organic love for creation and hedonism. With roots in fine art and music, not fashion or business, Maddie has been part of production teams performing live art and decorative duties at music destinations such as Antwerp Mansion, Global Gathering and Pangea Festival, after earning her stripes running electronic music events in Nottingham. Now part of her own collective, Moonstone Productions, formed with likeminded friends, together they have been responsible for transforming the likes of Gottwood and Secret Garden this summer with big plans already for the next.


A peek at Maddies personal blog and website will show you a slice of her creative mind, as you will get a glimpse of personal sketches and daily inspirations often referencing natural beauties with focus on crystals and wildlife, it is easy to see how this artist thinks.

Always a great believer in dressing for the disco, it seems a natural next step then for Maddie to conjure up some creations to be enjoyed best when the music is loud, resulting in handmade feathered headdresses, each with an originally sourced unique headband and embellishments, finished off with fur lining for comfort.


Who is Madmade and where did it all start?

I’ve always been enthusiastic about the arts and making stuff! I guess it all really kicked off during my time in University in Nottingham where I had some real opportunities to let my creativity grow. I was studying fine art, mainly working with painting and installation art and my passion for electronic music drove me to start up my own monthly electronic music events, so it was only a natural progression for me to fuse these interests together and start working in creative events production and design for live events and festivals!

As for the Madmade Head Wear – it all started for fun! I created my first feathered headdress earlier this year when I was working on film project with my friend! With summer approaching and festival season around the corner, I thought I would get a few together to make and sell to my friends. I had already made plans over the summer building some art installations at a couple of festivals in collaboration with some friends – Moonstone Productions, so I decided to bring along the headdresses I had made and sell them on site! I gave them out to a bunch my friends to parade around in! We looked like a flock of vibrant disco birds! We caught a lot of interest and people wanted to get involved in the fun!


I was really exited to see that The Guardian had posted a photograph of my friend at Glastonbury wearing a mad made head creation in their article ‘Glastonbury’s Finest Head Wear – get a hat, get a head’. Since then I have been really busy throughout the summer making more head gear, developing new techniques in and working on a number of commissions and sales!

From what started out a fun project with friends has now magically turned into an exiting business venture, which I love and I’m really exited to see the Madmade brand grow!

When should a Madmade piece be worn?

Madmade pieces are designed to be for any fun soiree! The headpieces are lightweight, easy to wear and versatile, coming in various shapes and sizes to suit many occasions! It could be worn as a statement party piece, whether it’s a night out at a club or a house party, whether you are peacocking at a festival, a wedding or a themed event, anywhere where the music is loud, I encourage a madmade piece to be brought out! Participation is fun and builds an atmosphere! 


What is the maddest thing you’ve made?

I love going out on little ventures with my camera and when I was studying at University I spent some time exploring and documenting abandoned spaces around the city of Nottingham. Often I would scavenge raw materials, mechanical scrap and old treasures and bring my discoveries back to my studio space to play around and create something with. For one project, I continuously returned to this derelict mill, I would tear down whole huge parts of the decaying wall façade and fill my car up with these rotting wooden panels and then store them in my studio space. People used to give me the strangest looks walking past; little did they know that this would be the start of something quite beautiful! I was seen a number of times traipsing through my art school with these panels of rotting wood leaving a trail of destruction and creepy crawlies in my path! Once the rotten wood dried, leaving some beautiful decaying stains and textures, I used the wood to build an installation with in my studio space, smashing a giant hole in the studio wall and using the wood to create on going layers behind the wall where crystals grew from within!


So I guess the whole process of this project was quite mad made haha!

Where can you purchase a Madmade item?

I’ll be running a stall down at The Wick this Saturday 13th September selling a collection of one of a kind head pieces in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, come down and see me and get involved in the fun!


I also have a stall coming up in a couple of weeks at Wellington Mill Paint Jam in Ancoats, Manchester on Sunday 28th September. This event is shaping up to be pretty exiting too – down at Wellington House – Manchester’s newest creative space, its an all day event of music, live painters, food and a sellers market, definitely get your selves down to this one if you’re knocking about up north!

I also happy to work on commission base, so if you are interested in a bespoke made piece, or if you have any ideas for a customised piece just drop me a line on

You can visit my website to check out my latest mad made creations and head gear at – to give you a taster of what I’ll be bringing down to the stall at The Wick this Saturday! 


Maddie has kindly offered to give away this beautiful purple asymmetric headpiece to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning simply email with the title ‘I am Madmade’ and tell us what the maddest thing you have ever made is. Good Luck!

Head to the Madmade website here



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MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing Crooked Knitwear

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MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity,creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over


 Knitwear is no longer left for functional use only, as Megan Crook shows with ‘Crooked Knitwear’, style can ooze from each loop and weave of a knitted garment effortlessly. 

Now based in Derby, the Crooked journey began in Philadelphia where Megan gained a foundation diploma in fine arts, although no knitting was taught here, this provided the groundwork for what was to lead on to a self taught obsession and discovery of new skills.

Since the launch in 2005, Megan has gone on to win the International Young Designer Award at the Young Designer Awards in London and was given sponsorship to take part in the International Designer Show during NYFW in September 2008, with such success from the word go it was clear that the step into the launching her own creative business was a positive move for Megan!


From this, Crooked Knitwear has only got bigger and better, leading to what is now a colourful brand providing fun and unique knitwear, clothing, accessories and leather goods to those who wish to adorn themselves in the patterned pieces. Using a mixture of the classic prints from Liberty, hand dyed decorative fabrics and of course knitted textiles, Crooked Knitwear is a must for any fashion fan who likes to make a sleek but crafted statement.


Who are ‘Crooked Knitwear’ and when did your love affair with jazzy knits start?

14 years ago, I was working as a singing waitress and I had to begin making clothes in order to stop myself from spending all my tips in my favourite clothing store. After some impressive interest with people literally scrambling to buy the clothes off of my back, I created Crooked Knitwear out of my secret love affair with knitting. I taught myself to hand knit and then grew into using domestic machines also and am now a self-taught knit surgeon.  Crooked Knitwear has grown incredibly and after using books to learn how to pattern cut it now includes: knitwear, clothing and accessories. Get Crooked, our festival range, is Crooked Knitwear’s baby sister. We believe that life’s a festival so we bring colour sensation to the party with happy handmade clothing! The Get Crooked range is young, fresh and full of colours to make your mouth water. Everything is designed and skillfully handmade here in our studio in Derby. The Get Crooked range fuels my appetite for effervescent creativity.

I see you are based in Derby, what is the midlands like for creative businesses?

The midlands is great for its creative energy and can be quite inspirational as there is a great individualist approach to fashion. I am originally from Philadelphia, USA, and moving over to a completely new country was hard but Derby has been my home for 10 years and helped me and my business flourish. However, we do travel at great length to seek new markets and find new Crooked customers attending around 20 different events a year!


What is Crooked Knitwear’s ethos?

Our philosophy is based on creating colourful handmade clothing to be cherished. We aim to trigger that feel good feeling through wearing Crooked Knitwear or Get Crooked. Get Crooked is an array of fluorescent fabulousness that is energising and transferrable from festival fashion to ever day! In short, we basically want our customers to feel wonderful and wear good quality long lasting products.

Tell us more about your crafty workshops!

During the festival season we like to sprinkle a little bit of handmade happiness onto the festival go-ers by running workshops. Our workshops have included moccasin making which was extremely effective and more recently bum bag making workshops using fluorescent leather! Look out for us at festivals in the future with more DIY workshop ideas!


 Do you have a favourite track that inspires you/you like to work to?

 A song that inspires Crooked Knitwear is So Flute by St Germain. This song marks a huge triumph for us as it was the soundtrack to a runway show we did in 2009. I won the Young Designer Award and as a result was sponsored to take part in the International Designers Show at New York Fashion Week! An extraordinary experience that is matched by the unique use of instruments in this song.

How can we purchase Crooked Knitwear?

 Crooked Knitwear is sold on our website with some products also on our Etsy store: . We can also be found at a wide range of events up and down the country. We sell the Get Crooked range at festivals throughout the summer such as Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party whilst also having an online presence through Get Crooked boutiques at ASOS Marketplace ( and Silk Fred, which will be launched by September 12th 2014.


 As our main hobby here at MEOKO is disco dancing, it seems fitting that Crooked Knitwear are kindly giving away their Disco Lace Dress to one lucky reader.


To enter simply email with the title ‘Crooked’ and tell us where you would like to get grooving in the disco lace dress.  


Head to the Crooked website here.



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MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing The Gypset Diary

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What do COCOON Ibiza girls, DJ Cassy Briton, Ella Eyre, Jaime Winstone and Kelis have in common? 

604110 188417654646266 376686355 n

                         Cassy wearing The Gypset Diary’s multi gem sequin body in Soho, London


Kelis in The Gypset Diary headpiece 

Ella Eyre wearing our The Gypset Diary black Cosmic Disco Jumpsuit for Glastonbury Festival 2014

Ella Eyre performed at Glastonbury and T in the Park wearing Gypset Diary’s sequined jumpsuit

They are today’s wonderful gypsets! A Gypset is an independent woman. She is an entrepreneur, an artist, a DJ, a designer, a surfer, a yoga instructor, or anyone she wants to be thanks to her adaptable nature and DIY approach to life. She jet sets around the globe, picking up treasures from Indian and African markets to add to her bohemian jewelry collection and soaking up the sun at private pool parties in Ibiza. She loves beautiful things that life has to offer, is down to earth and of course, she loves to party.

Cassy performing at Coachella Festival in our Cosmic Disco body April 2013 copyCassy playing in The Gypset Diary’s Cosmic Disco body 

You can see her exotic and sophisticated style in The Gypset Diary; a fashion brand founded by Stylist & Art Director Liz Mendez and model Sarah Qaiser. Both gypsets themselves, Sarah is based in Ibiza while Liz Mendez runs Kubicle, London’s lengendary underground and Grace Jones inspired party. 

The Gypset Diary designs and produces cosmic cat suits, studded bustiers, sequin capes and other club and festival clothes. They have creatively clothed, styled and adorned musicians in sexy sequins, such as Ella Eyre for her performances at T in the Park and at Glastonbury Festival, DJ Rashida, Cassy Britton and Kelis for Schön magazine. They have designed and created exclusive one off collections for COCOON Ibiza dancers and dancers for Ibiza’s Pool Disco with special guests Seth Troxler & Craig Richards

10461948 319608501527180 5978156114772868456 nBlade Runner inspired one off collection for Ibiza’s COCOON girls 

For any stylish festival or club goer who dares to be different, there are a few ways to get your hands on some unique and lovingly handmade pieces from The Gypset’s Diary:

  1.     Private orders online
  2.     The Gypset Diary stall at The Wick Festival (the Old Baths), a Saturday market and party run by Kubicle and Project Sound.
  3.     MEOKO Competition: Win The Gypset Diary’s black sequin Cosmic Cape (pictured below)! Send an e-mail to and tell us why you are addicted to sequins. Write ‘Gypset’ in the subject title. The winner will be announced on Friday, 19th of September. 


Add a Gypset Diary’s black sequin Cosmic Cape to make any outfit look glamorous at any event from a dinner party to a festival. This cape could be yours! Enter the competition by e-mailing us at and tell us why you are addicted to sequins. 


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MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing SDG

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sdg hidden

Excellent, personally sourced fabrics and minimal designs are the key elements behind the success of SDG East London.

Founder and head-designer Stefania Di Ghionno achieved a degree in Costume and Fashion History from the University of Bologna and soon moved to London to follow her passion. She started engaging with the fashion market in the UK by selling vintage garments and customized vintage clothes in the hottest spots of the city: Camden Market, Portobello, Spitafield and Birck Lane’s Up Market.

Back in 2010 she decided to move on and create their very own brand: SDG East London, a brand that could represent their ideas and deliver the best quality and design, rigorously handmade in London with love.


Stefania personally sources each material: fabrics arrive and are ordered from all over the world. In her studio precious silks from the east are piled together with modern high-tech materials. Each jacket from the Match collection is a colourful, spot-on clash of different patterns and textures. Patterned cotton, velvet, faux and real leather, jacquard and quilted fabrics enrich and distinguish every single design. The combination of different patterns and textiles results in never ending possibilities of matches, which spice-up the basic, well cut shape of the SDG jackets and make each one unique.


Beyond quality, commitment and passion, the focus of the brand is on delivering pieces that can be worn in several ways and all around the year, for an effortlessly chick look. SDG Match Jackets are perfect on both, laid back clothes or elegant ones. The attention to details and care for quality will always make them the right choice to complete an outfit.

Easy-to-wear is the word that better represents the brand concept, as jackets are unisex and has also been recently launched Puffetta, the baby line for those mums and papas who can’t escape the matchy-matchy charm.

Fell in love with a pattern and would like to mix it with another? SDG provides also a bespoke line. Just book in an appointment to come over to the showroom in East London and choose your favourite materials amongst the rich stock. Sleeves, bust, pockets and even the zip colour can be combined accordingly to the customer’s tastes.

soul clap copy

Charlie from Soul Clap wearing Match Jacket N2

For our dearest MEOKO readers SDG has raffled a beautiful, unisex jacket that boosts a dark, plain  body brought to life by the warm coloured, African print sleeves. The jacket is from the Match Collection, which SDG has created after receiveng an order from her friend and promoter at BP (Beautiful People). The contact with the music scene triggered the idea of developing a collection from that first prototype – which is the exact same we are giving away – and to launch the collection with the aid of the Crew Love, collaborative concept from Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap and Double Standard. For this year Sonar Festival she made 14 jackets especially tailored for Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, Pillow Talk, Slow Hands, Tanner Ross, Nick Monaco, No Regular Play, Navid Izadi and other members of the Crew. Being mostly Djs, she opted for colourful designs which can easily stand out amongst a big crowd, altering her usual minimal style in order to play with patterns and details.


Baby Prince from Wolf&Lamb wearing Match Jacket N1

To get a chance of winning a Match Jacket like SDG East London on Facebook and let us know at Write SDGreat on the subject line and explain in which occasion you’d use the jacket.

Have a look to the complete SDG East London collection on the blog or shop them on-line.


MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing Anna Laurini

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hiddentreasures banner copy copy

You might have bumped into her London’s street pieces: the colourful, joyful wall near Haggerston Park and several bits around Brick Lane. In any case, if you have seen an Anna Laurini’s piece, you won’t confuse it with anything else.

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Her signature style consists of a mix of bright, textured acrylic colours and merges soft shapes with hard edges in a an ever akin, but never same, whole. Anna’s works of art are clearly inspired by abstract expressionism and also reminds us a bit of synthetic cubism. She draws inspiration from the old to create a completely new kind of abstraction, modern, unseen and intense.

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Her canvases are loving encounters of men and women, whose words fluctuate on the surface; sometimes they are questions, sometimes statements and some other times melancholic desires.

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Anna has studied at the Art Student League in New York and at Central Saint Martins in London, and she has received commission from many privates in both cities.

Throughout her career, Anna has always employed a variety of media, including videos, collages, drawings and stencils. Her continuous itch to experiment drove her practice into yet another field, as she has recently started working with fabric: her leitmotivs are perfectly translated into simple, yet powerful designs over t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Perfect for both, man and women, her garments are the last MEOKO discovery, proper and wearable works of art.

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Each is characterized by her dearest bright, even fluorescent colours, applied with the usual neat and tidy brush strokes. Besides, every garment is entirely hand painted, which means that every single design is unique.

For this Hidden Treasure ‘episode’, MEOKO collaborates with Anna to give you the chance of winning two of her hand-painted t-shirts.

To enter the competition, please send an e-mail to, sporting ‘Art for Anna’ in the subject line and explaining what art means to you. The winner will be able to personally pick his/her favourite designs amongst Anna’s line. Good luck peeps!


Discover Anna‘s world


Facebook  – Tees

Saatchi Artists

Hidden Treasures introduces: Gloria Gaia Bellardi

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MEOKO has been digging in the deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest and most unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity, creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the up coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes on.


This time we went to the land of craft and quality, other than fabulous design mecca: Italy.

Gloria Bellardi produces minimalistic garments rigorously made in Italy with top materials and fabrics. Her designs go beyond seasonal trends in favour of a timeless style.


Gloria was born in Italy, where she attended the renowned Marangoni institute in Milan and collaborated with big names of fashion, like Vivia Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli.

In 2011 she moved to London. Since then, she worked for Traffic People and several other brands as a freelancer, and she also attended a footwear design course at Central Saint Martins.

Gloria became experienced enough to open her own label last year, at very young age.


The philosophy behind her quarterly capsule collections of unique pieces is to produce versatile items that can be used throughout the year. Her clean designs are made special by innovative cuts and shapes, great attention to details and, of course, excellent fabrics.

For MEOKO’s readers, Gloria decided to offer as prize a simple, sexy yet sophisticated bodysuit, made of cotton jersey & pure silk. Soft and comfortable, is perfect for clubbing: pair it with skinny, high-waisted jeans or slouchy pants for a more laid back style; and for hot summer days, dare wearing it on its own, with an extravagant bumbag – cool and super comfy!


The lucky winner of this £120 worth of a prize will also receive a Gloria Gaia Bellardi shopping bag with it! All you have to do to enter the competition for this fab garment is like Gloria Gaia Bellardi on FB and let us know by writing to, boosting ‘Get me some Gloria’ in the subject line. Winners will be announced in three weeks via our Facebook page. Good luck!


And if you ain’t lucky enough, you can still find Gloria’s creations on her website or buy them from her stockist on Redchurch Street, Mk2UK.

This competition is now Closed.

This competition is now Closed.

MEOKO presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing Jade Clark

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MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity, creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.


MEOKOs latest Hidden Treasure is the dazzling and shining Jade Clark, who creates eccentric garments that we think are just the thing for a festivals like Burning Man. The Eponym fashion brand created a year ago is real eye-candy, designed to disturb and surprise, whilst giving the wearer confidence to express their personalities through crazy colours, prints and materials.


Made from all kinds of vinyl, lycra and stretch fabrics, these garments will become that item from your wardrobe that you just don’t take off your back. Playing with layers and transparencies, with many crop tops and dripping impressions, Jade Clark’s hand made pieces will make you the centre of everyone’s attention… 


The London based designer, who studied fashion for three years at DMU in Leicester, has always been passionate about fashion, slicing up her parents’ clothes to get creative since an early age. Her motto being to always have fun with what you wear, her collections are the perfect pieces to rock all the summer festivals, especially the Floral Fancies mini range and the Kawaii range, which bears rainbows, stars, hearts and deer.

Kawaii range

Her garments are also ideal for bringing some happiness and colour into our beloved London clubs. 


Stars have already realized the potential of Jade Clark; Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding are two examples to have made stunning appearances in some Jade Clark pieces.

Rita ora


With shops in Taiwan and Paris, the collection is only available to Londoners through the website And if all that wasn’t enough, you can always e-mail the lovely designer at to ask for tailor-made pieces.


Are you ready to glow? Jade Clark has kindly offered a wonderful prize for MEOKO readers – a £150 voucher valid for all the pieces on the bigcartel online store. For your chance to win, simply e-mail with the title “Let’s get Jade Clark”. Winners will be announced in three weeks via our Facebook page. Good luck!

 Jade Clark Website

Jade Clark Facebook