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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips [February 2017]

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1. EASTENDERZ | ENDZ012 – East End Dubs


Tech-house’s own cockney rebel, East End Dubs, has been busy of late. His first missive of 2017 comes on psychedelically inclined “splatter” pattern vinyl, but doesn’t stray far from his usual musical blueprint

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2. Adult Only | AO046 – Various


Adult Only 46 is here and it’s another biggie. Chris Carrier’s trusty label always delivers the funk and this release is no exception. Featuring Rhythm&Soul plus Ukrainian newcomers Belogurov and Orbit and the bossman Carrier himself, it’s comprised four tracks, all with their own unique groove and atmosphere – perfect for anyone who loves deep rhythmic house music with hypnotic sensibilities.

Audio Link:

3. Galaktic Shelf | GS001 – Nerram


Nerram launches The Galactic Shelf with a debut 3-track EP including a remix by Voigtmann. Combining driving, futuristic sounds with deep grooves and breaks – this trio of cosmic cuts come dancefloor-ready and represent the artist’s diverse sound encapsulated. 

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4. VBX | VBX002 – Ferro


The development of the VBX platform has been in step with Ferro’s coming of age as an artist. One almost cannot be mentioned without reference to the other. It is for this reason that it made perfect sense to invite Ferro for the second instalment of the VBX label. Immerse yourself into Ferro’s musical universe full of heady modulating sounds capes and shimmering percussion. 

Audio Link:

5. Raftaf Holland | RFTF 001 – St. Joseph

Good Days

Raftaf Holland has launched with their first release coming from no other than Cologne’s St. Joseph. Listen to the 3 track EP and you will instantly feel St. Joseph’s personality and production expertise in each track with a sense of intoxicating hypnosis perhaps the unifying factor. 

Audio Link:

6. Partisan | PTN002 – Inner


Anthea’s new imprint Partisan welcomes Inner on their second release, an artist who is unafraid to offer the full spectrum of his musical personality, with an undeniable compulsion to push forward. Three, floor-minded tracks bind together to form a mesmerizing groove unlike any other. 

Audio Link:

7. Minibar | MB043 – K.O.D (King Of Delays)


K.O.D (King Of Delays) is the new collaborative project of Parisian microhouse heroes Cabanne (Minibar label head) and Aeternum Records boss man Lowris. The two track EP offers an effective “trance induction” of the most pleasant kind.

Audio Link:

8. Unanim | UNN003 – Ion Ludwig


Unanim Records turns out to be the perfect match for Ion Ludwig’s sound that refuses to confine itself under a specific genre. 2 tracks, each of them receiving a whole side of the record, as plenty of time and space to develop slowly. Designed for the very special dancefloor moments, Unanim’s third release manages to capture Ion Ludwig’s sound signature in its entire complexity.

Audio Link:

9. Cabaret Recordings | CABARET012 – Spacetravel


Cabaret Recordings signs Spacetravel for Axiom EP. The four-track effort will be Luca Cara’s first release on DJ Masda and So Inagawa’s label. Axiom EP sees Cabaret move further into the electro-tinged sound.

Audio Link:

10. Howl | HOWL008 – Various


Howl in full effect, timeless Various tracks from their artists, An homage to the raw original house music slamming, old school vibes          

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Written by Denny Kem



HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (13th May 2015)

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These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.

Jichael Mackson – Foxy Lady EP (Teledub)


Teledub is the birth child label of Jichael Mackson. Fittingly, the first release comes from the Munich based artist on his own imprint where he implements his own signature sound over three atmospheric, spaced out tracks.  B-side Foxdevilswild is a track that you will just have to play on repeat. Click Here.

 adult only records 43 – larry de kat 


Adult Only present another sublime release from Larry De Kat who offers a variety of rolling grooves. The A side includes Diks On Gruds, a fierce composition with a deadly bassline and Noodlez which provides a quirkier sound constructed of whirring and choppy percussions. The flip contains a jacking Phil Weeks remix of the opener as well as Um which is a minimal breather in comparison to the rest of the hard hitting EP. TIP! 

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Times Are Ruff – CutzPart2 EP (Times Are Ruff)


The second Cutz EP from Times Are Ruff offers another raw selection of serious Detroit house music tools built for the dancefloor. The first two ‘cutz’ serve up a tenacious style of tight drum pads, with shuffling breakdowns, whereas the last two tracks give way to a funky bassline that would sit perfectly in any warm-up set. 

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Verrina & Ventura – UNO (Howl)


Giavanni Verrina and Germano Venturo are no strangers to producing music, of which they have released on some of the most interesting labels including All Inn Records and Only 300 Family. UNO is their latest project which is a treat of six solid unravelling house and techno supplements to be played loud. Expect a bass driven listen with scattered vocals.

Click here for more info


 Ricardo Villalobos – Who Are We EP (Raummusik)


Ricardo Villalobos returns for his second release on Raum Musik with Who Are We. It features two mechanical slices of the minimalistic sound that Ricardo is renowned for accompanied by vocals from his friend Jorge Gonzalez and Alog, which provides a Chilean spice that lifts the entire EP.

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Toba – San Diego (Discobar)

toba san diego

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The new label concept, Discobar designed by Guillaume Tallieu and Lamache is already making quite an impression through its uniquely constructed releases. Toba delivers the third, setting the mark high with possibly the imprint’s best release to date.  Self-titled track San Diego is an atomic and hypnotizing opener which experiments with high pitched synths and choppy vocals, but the EP really comes to life on the B side where Toba and Ark combine to perfectly execute a Perlon esque microhouse style of sound, that eventually erupts with crisp hi hats. Expect to hear this outstanding track in lots of sets from the likes of Zip and Ricardo Villalobos. 






HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (8 April 2015)

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Phrased – Come with me (L B Produce)


The mysterious Phrased delivers his second solo EP on his very own L.B. Produce, an imprint reserved for mesmeric deep house beats and pseudo-acid sonics. ‘Come With Me’ is a Chicago-kinda joint with dubby pads and a hazy melodic structure, while ‘The Edge Of Forever’ is full of broken drum machine beats dipped in a luscious coating of reverb and a subtle 303 swagger. Last but not least, ‘Mist’ replaces all beats and grooves in favour of ambience and a deep river of electronic abstraction. A big like!

Federico Molinari & Alexis Cabrera – La Vueltica (Raum Musik)


Oslo Label mastermind Federico Molinari returns on Raum, this time together with his mate Alexis Cabrera. Both of them are hailing from Argentina but are currently living in Berlin, where they also met and decided to start a project together. This is what comes out. ‘Palasquesea’ is a true gem!

Thor – Consequences (Sushitech)


Great music from Iceland! Sushitech pulled together a classic compilation of Thor’s finest work. If you ask Meoko, this is a record you need in your collection. Thor performs as his own, Oz Artists and Sanasol. Very cool tunes, which sound still modern today! Meoko loves it!

Datriix – Flying One Hand (Op.disc)


Dartriix is a sporadic but permanent collaborative project between two of Op.Discs label heads, Fumiya Tanaka and Yoshihiro Hanno aka Radiq. After 6 years of absence, Dartriix finally makes their return with this intensive double pack LP Flying One Hand, which is a good surprise to us.

Roger – EP1 (Neostrictly)


The Roger EP consists of 2 tracks, delivered by the production team-up Vlad Radu, Martin Glowacz and Nils Weimann, with an additional remix by Michael Melchner. All three tracks are different in terms of structure and harmonic elements, everything being combined in such a way that music can be enjoyed at home or on the dancefloor. Michael Melchner’s remix is an absolute banger!


Detroit People Mover – Shelter EP (Bla Bla)

c4z-kt copy

Interesting 4 tracker from Detroit People Mover with a minimal gangsta vibe, rather dubbed out and funky! Straight from detroit and released on the label Bla Bla Music. Limited to 300 copies and soon available..

Boo Williams vs. Glenn Underground (Maad)


2 supreme Chicago heavyweights go head to head across 2 slabs of wax… step up Boo Williams & Glenn Underground! This double-pack is pure fire & was originally released in 1995 on miniscule Trax offshoot MAAD, fans of that bouncing, stripped back, funked out House music look no further, it’s all right here!







HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (1 April 2015)

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Iron Curtis – The K.M.S. Years EP (Office)


Office Recordings 04 circles in memories: The record is about Iron Curtis’ time at Karl-Marx-Straße Berlin, where he used to live next door to label head Baaz and graphic designer Chris Fladung. Very nice and pumping house tunes. Great release!

2 Bit Crew – 2 Bit Crew 03 (2 Bit Crew)


By their standards, Danish duo 2 Bit Crew enjoyed a very productive 2014, releasing well-received singles on Deso, Luvdancin’ and their own self-titled imprint. Here they return to the latter with three more sumptuous chunks of tactile, arms-spread deepness. All tracks do have a nice, deep groovy and housy atmosphere!

Giammarco Orsini – Experiential Learning (Heko Records)


Italian imprints Heko Records starts the game with a young home talent Giammarco Orsini that delivers 2 brilliant tracks full of grooves and two remixes signed by the house master Transitive Elements and the French Half Baked resident Robin Ordell. This first edition is limited to 300 copies and won’t be released digitally!

Seuil – Chocolate Gangsta (Eklo)


Vinyl Only Release, Eklo 031 comes from label head Seuil, bringing some swing-time beats with Chocolate Gangsta Ep. A three-track package, the A side consists of two 909 swingy cuts, paying tribute to the 2000 s micro house sound. On the B side, a long and trippy house flavour for the late nights. Tainted with weird vocals to twist your mind.

Various Artists – Vol.1 (Rutilance)


This double 12” by Rutilance Recordings will blow you away. Proper house music by a bunch of different artists such as Janaret, Theo Muller, Marotti, Kicks, Ortella, Jon Jastszebski and DJ Steaw. Pumping kicks, awesome baselines and nice synths, what is not to like?

Route 8 – This Raw Feeling (Lobster Theremin)


Route 8 finally returns to Lobster Theremin with a very special four-track white label of emotive dreamscape house and heady techno. Expanding on the ideas and themes he explored on last years Dry Thoughts EP, Route 8 slides fresh out of his New Age synth shell for 2015, adding crystalline electro and tool-room clattering house to his emotionally charged sound palette.

Various Artists – Strength in Numbers (Thema)


All bets are off with the third vinyl sampler from Thema’s Strength In Numbers compilation, as the wide-reaching nature of the NYC label truly reveals itself with four varied and striking diversions into critical house music. Pressing on translucent, neon green coloured vinyl. Tracks by Mr. G, Cesare vs. Disorder, Raudive and Suburb.

Various Artists – Various Artists 02 (Sol Asylum Germany)

sol asylum

Sol Asylum is back with their usual bag of tricks: effective and minimalistic tech-house built for the floor all coated and packaged in beautiful artwork. First up, Spell remixes “Broken” by Odd into a wavey, dubby sort of joint; Julie Marghilano delivers the utterly shimmering “Dragon Drops”, and our favourite tech-house gal Miss Jools is as reliable as ever with her signature brand of percussive house on “Calima”.






HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (25 March 2015)

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“For those who know”


KIM – Vostok 01 (Tvir)


Tvir is a vinyl only label based in Ukraine. Translated from Ukrainian Tvir means ‘composition’. Its first release comes from KIM, a collaboration of two Ukrainian musicians: Vyacheslav Gura and Dimitry Zharkikh. Their objective is to write music of the highest quality in search of their own new unique sound via experiments with live instruments. This release contains remixes from Patrick Klein, Voigtmann and Leo Pol.


Le Loup & Mr Georget – Shape 4 (Adult Only Special)


Adult Only Shape is back with an intriguing collaboration, between the mysterious Frenchie Monsieur Georget and young Parisian talent Le Loup. A combination of the old skool with the new skool, the sounds are just that. Each take a pounding bass and a solid minimal-tech stance and layer their character on top. Very cool!


Signal – Spacedrive (What.if)


Look out for a new vinyl only label – What.if is based in Barcelona. This is the debut EP from the mysterious duo Signal. The release includes great remixes from Levi Verspeek and Voigtmann. This new record label is promising and you should keep an eye on it!


Diego Krause – Unison Wax 03 (Unison Wax)

diego krause

Diego Krause is here again with a new release on his own label: Unison Wax. This Berlin based deep house producer comes with an eclectic release this time. Two housy tracks, a dub techno track and a real hip-hop beat! Keep your eyes open on Meoko this week for more information about Krause ;-).

Italojohnson – Italojohnson 09 (Italojohnson)


This EP from Italojohnson offers up three jacking cuts of the most pure, organic, raw, dusty, deep underground house music to date. What else could you expect from three Germans who were weaned on a steady diet of Detroit and Chicago classics from the day they were born.


Mandingo – Another Dub On Earth (Black Catalogue)

mandigo GOEIE

Special dub version of Mandingos original track, another night on earth. This is an extended alternate version of the original which appears on bc009_909 modern underground v.3. It sounds like a spaced out house groove with some chicago style stabs, jamaica style rubs and detroit style chords. This is a strictly limited one-sided 12” release.





HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (18 March 2015)

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“de gustibus non est disputandum”


Tommy Vicari JNR – Eclipser 4 (Eclipser Chaser)


Tommy Vicari Junior brings us a great 4-tracker EP on Eclipser Chaser. He is a very talented producer and DJ! Side A contains some flavoured house tunes. Side B consists of some harder and faster beats. Excellent release!

Detroit Soul Factory – The Message (Housewax)


The Detroit Soul Factory releases in Housewax! Very nice house tunes. Meoko is fallen in love with the B-side: a proper house gem with a great bassline! ‘The Message’ was written and produced in the legendary Motor City, Detroit!

E.R. – Sew EP (1432 R)


Not very often house music comes out of the African continent, except for South Africa. But here is an Ethiopian producer: Ethiopian Records (born Endeguena Mulu). He is a musician based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His productions are very divers, but the A-side is definitely cool and Meoko supports music that is been made in countries not famous for its dance music tradition!


Yakine – Galactic Halo (Lumières La Nuit)

Yakine lumiere la nuit

“It was very important for me to give a dub-ish colour to this EP and propose something different than what people already know from me. ‘Pressure Feed’ is a tribute to all Maurizio’s tracks which I never get bored listening or playing. Regarding ‘Water Flood’, I wanted to produce something simple that stands far from the traditional 4/4 beat. I wanted to make it a break beat on the kick while bringing refined ambiance and atmospheric patches to it. Finally, ‘Cold Atom’ is the result of a permanent rhythmic evolution that embodies the vision I have of an astral trip, both dub and intense.” Meoko likes this release and this label. We are very curious to listen to the next releases of Lumières La Nuit.


Andrea Fiorito – Voodoo Grooves Vol 1 (Cynosure)


After a year spent perfecting the sound and style of his latest project, Andrea Fiorito makes his highly anticipated return to Cynosure Recordings with ‘Voodoo Grooves’! Cool A-side! Release: the 23th of March.


Delano Smith – A Tale of Two Cities (A Tale of Two Cities)

delano smith

Delano Smith, Efdemin and Tobias on an ultra limited vinyl release! That must sound good! This is a mesmerizing techno record worth the buy!


Various Artists – Etui Winter Camp 3 (Etui Records)

 Etui VA

Since the climate has slightly changed during the last years, its hard to talk about real winter in the northern hemisphere. However the world feels a bit colder these days. To keep your hearts warm, Etui Records has opened the winter camp again. Artists from Australia, Italy and Germany are delivering a musical fireplace of dub and deep techno. Very good release, A2 by Dandytracks is the cream of the crop!






HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (11 March 2015)

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Riccardo – Melody Haunts My Reverie (Imprints Germany)


The release of the week for the Meoko-team!! A lot of great things are coming from Italian producers! Riccardo is one of them. If you want to buy the best release of the week, you should buy this record. It is available on the 13th of March!


Zendid / Sonodab / Baraso – San Fransisco (Park & Ride Records)


After the huge success of the inaugural release, Park & Ride Records is back with a new EP, ‘San Francisco’, which shows the strong personality and the particular sound of the people involved: Zendid, Sonodab, Baraso. Very nice release with cool beats!


Nick Beringer / Diego Krause – Chapter 1 (Made Fresh Daily)

diego krause

Nick Beringer & Diego Krause have teamed up to deliver a 3 track EP on Made Fresh Daily, the mainland Europeans have covered the upbeat corner of the spectrum with ‘Adam’, and taken things a bit easier with the interesting sounds on ‘Focus’ and ‘Premium’. Keeping on their European thing, they welcomed Lazare Hoches posterboy Malin Genie to work up a driving little dub mix to round things off.


Unknown Artists – Vibes Ltd Vol.7 (Vibes Ltd)

vibes ltd

Vol. 7 from the mysterious Danish underground label Vibes Ltd. These Unknown artists serving 2 deep cuts for your pleasure. The label is focussing on downtempo, warm deep, soulful, and sexy house music.

Vincenzo Maurice / Aurhythm / Giovanni Scala – Crude Works 01 (Crude Wax)


Heavy & analogue house cuts inspired by old detroit/techno tapes. Processed through a Reel2Reel tape to reach some more warmness from its natural saturation and distortion. Aurhytm’s track is absolutely a gem! Stunning music on Crude Wax by Vincenzo MauriceAurhytm and Giovanni Scala.


Kareem / Oskar Offermann / Phillipp Boston / DJ Spider – Feels Like Sunday (Platte International)


Retro-2000-Style-Pad-House Tune from Kareem on Platte International. It has tree distinct reinterpretations By DJ Spider, Oskar Offermann and Philipp Boston. Depending on you mood, they all sound pretty nice!


Lack Of Depth – Brainstorm (Resopal)

Lack of depth

A bobbing, minimal groover from Lack of Depths’ spanish corner. Its his first release for Resopal and here you can listen four magical tracks that yet again emphasises how pleasant synthetic warmth can be.






HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (4 March 2015)

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Martyné & Jacob – Dune (Traffic)


Traffic Records is in with their fourth release! Martyné & Jacob teamed up again and present the Dune EP, great broken techno, played out by Ricardo Villalobos, Dorian Paic, Michael Melchner.


Dubbyman – The Unexpected (Soul People Music Board)


The Deep Explorer Music’s boss makes his way to the Soul People Music universe once more with this long awaited EP. Appearing in 2011 on the COME compilation The Unexpected became a full-on project backed by an Above Smoke remix. Four nice house tracks definitely worth checking out.

Cinthie/Ed Herbst – Best Modus 05 (Beste Modus)


Very pumping and driving deep house music produced by Cinthie and Ed Herbst, which has found its inspiration in the 90s. All four tracks have a very nice sound, but B1 is definitely the one that jumps out of it for Meoko. A true gem.

Craig Hamilton – Broken Promises (Flatpack Traxx)


Dance flour music! Craig Hamilton created some house tunes that are perfectly shaped for on the dance flour. When you here these tracks, it makes you want to move and go to a party, which is of course a good thing.

Soha – Parc Naturel (Ever Lasting LOVE)


For the second release of the label, Ever Lasting Love brings back Soha aka dj Gregory and Julien Jabre with two tracks from the late 90s: Balance and Original, previously released on Parisian label Basic Recordings. Parc Naturel is an unreleased one, which remained a demo since 96 when the duo were calling themselves Fantom.. Soha seems to show a come back for 2015, look out!

Linkwood – Expressions (Firecracker)


Linkwood brings us 12 tracks in total. This is a combination of house, dub, techno and ambient. A nice collaboration of different sounds. Very cool!

Terence :Terry: – Acid Heroes (La Vie En Rose France)


French record label La Vie En Rose comes with a new one. Terence :Terry: has some pumping kicks in this EP. Amazing.

Djebali – Reda Dare (Djebali)


The 3rd edition of Djebali has arrived, and it features a number of new and forward-thinking artists. A 3-track package full to the brim with grooves by Reda Dare, the Frenchman living in London, and remixed by House of Warez (Hanfry Martinez + Justin Harris)






HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (25 February 2015)

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So Inagawa – Integritithm (Cabaret Recordings)


Last year we already put this amazing album on our website. Now it’s finally out. He needed a year, before Japanese producer So Inagawa, finally finished this 6-track album. We didn’t mind, because this album is just lovely, full of very nice atmospheric house tunes. This young record label, Cabaret Recordings, is working its way up. Meoko is a fan!


Monsieur Cedric / Steve Frisco – Hors Serie (Serie Limitee Records)


A limited to 250 copies and features one track on each side, both of which take you back in time. The ingenious ‘Strictly rhythm’ by Monsieur Cedric fuses deep house with breakbeats and acid. Steve Frisco pays tribute to a well-known truly legendary New York house music label with the aptly titled utterly tantalizing ‘Nu Groove’ which, to make it short, is sheer deep house bliss.


Hanfry Martinez – Misterio (Taverna Tracks)


For the 3rd release on Taverna Tracks, Hanfry Martinez delivers 3 timeless House cuts. US Legend Brothers Vibe on remix duties adds some New Jersey flavour to Misterio. Taste it while it’s hot!


Hidden Gems – 001 (MyHouse YourHouse)


Two tracks by Fede Lng and another two by Bs As Deep. A collaboration between both of them is called Hidden Gems. Four decent house tracks makes this EP an outstanding record and worth the buy.


Mandar – Peace Force (Lazare Hoche Records)


Having impressed with a trio of singles in 2014, Samuel Andre Madsen, Lazare Hoche and Malin Genie once again join forces under the Mandar alias. It’s their second 12″ for Lazare Hoche imprint, and very much follows on from where ‘Width’ left off. These guys keep on releasing good records!

Vinyl Speed Adjust – Moods & Traits (Inwave Holland)


Inwave introducse its first solo EP with 3 massive tracks by the Romanian duo Vinyl Speed Adjust, already known for their Pressure Traxx release and for the marvellous Remix they made for Butch. This records is a perfect mix between house, techno and a little bit of Romanian style.


Alex Baciu – New Groove EP (Any Records)


Very cool vinyl only release by Alex Baciu. This moody house music contains also a remix by an unknown artist and by Ian F.


die Roh – Lancia Delta EP (Black Venison II)


Luca Segato and Marco Zanin also known as Die Roh both come from the Red Triangle of the Brenta Riviera, not too far away from Venice. This release is a proper house tune you should have in your collection.






HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (18 February 2015)

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These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.


Audio Werner & Daniel Paul – Dwelling (Cabinet Records)


Cabinet Records has again an outstanding release. Audio Werner and Daniel Paul worked together on this amazing 2 track-vinyl. Both tracks give you a hypnotic minimal mix-up between techno and house! Very nice.

Diego Krause – Right About Now (Apollonia)


Diego Krause is HOT. On the forthcoming Apollonia, he will be releasing a new and stunning EP. Krause, already released several banging gems, turns every release he makes into gold. If you like deep, banging house tunes, you should definitely consider buying this EP. If you did not know him, you should definitely check out his previous releases, they are all stunning. This will be out soon.


Deep 88 & Melchior Sultana – Playing Without Moving (12Records)


Its Deep88 & Melchior Sultana finally back at it with the album that brings together some brand new house tunes and all the release from their project so far. Playing Without Moving is more then just tracks but its an album made to remind you in this point in time that house music is something special, a perfect interpretation of what Deep88 & Melchior Sultana are about and that is retro grooves and musical vibes making this piece of work a classic.

Chez Damier – Untitled (KMS Records)


This is a classic everyone knows by Chez Damier. If you don’t have it in your bag yet, you should get it. The music on this EP never gets old, already played by so many DJ’s. A ‘must-have’.

Bratha ft. Jerome Syndenham – I Can’t Say (Restoration)


A very nice B-side by Jerome Syndeham. ‘I Can’t Say’ is a deep house record, which will bang on the dance floor when you play this. If you love techno, you are lucky. The other side is a pretty hard track by Bratha.


Oskar Offermann & Moomin – Hardmood / Joe Macdaddy (Aim)


‘Hardmood’ is a very nice melodic house-track that will give you a special summer-feeling. It is an instant happy-maker. This repress of a nice collaboration of Oskar Offermann and Moomin is essential if you like nice and smooth deep house music.

Moratu – Mojar Cu Pistil (Olvadis)


This is a nice Romanian release by Moratu. Definitely one of the better producers coming from a country where nowadays releases of electronic music are thrown in the stores so easily and quickly that it is hard to find the good producers. This one is!