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HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (11 February 2015)

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Perbec – Chaser (Autoreply Music)


Perbec is a collaboration between Mark Broom and Baby Ford. In 2001 they released their last vinyl ‘Variety Club’ on Ifach imprint 14 years ago. Here they return with ‘Chaser’ an epic journey into the original principles of house music. Infectious bass, Chicago-style keys and deep, analog synth pads announce that the party is very much in full force. Flip the disc for “Long John” which features stripped rhythms with plenty of swing and energy – equally suited to the main room or afterhours.


Tomska – Vol.1 (Abstract Cuts)

tosma copy

Abstract Cuts is the first EP of a series produced by the French DJ & Producer Tomska. For this new project, Tomska explores raw and abstract sounds. Dirty kicks and phat basslines with dark synths on the A side, and a deep experimental track with a nice drum kick on the flip side.


Voigtmann – Minor Compositions of Incredibly Imaginary Futures (Toi.Toi.Musik)


Following on from their first release with Mr G, Toi.Toi.Musik now brings its very own, Voigtmann. Accumulating an array of releases in labels such as Hello?Repeat, Assemble Music and Yumé and remixers such as Craig Richards and Ion Ludwig he now brings forward only his original work on his own platform Toi.Toi.


DJ Steaw – Delirium (Rutilance Recordings)


With labels like Local Talk and Qalomota in his repertoire, it’s clear from the off that DJ Steaw is a man keeping the fire burning for deep, 90s rooted garage house. Always a regular fixture on Rutilance Recordings, he’s back on the label once more with his classic sound.


Steve O’Sullivan – Interchangeable Patterns Pt. 1 (Sushitech)


Steve O’Sullivan is here with his first solo EP in 10 years. This is an experiment in minimalism with both parts focussing on separate themes, from deep techno on disc one and green style on disc two. This release is essential for every dark house and techno lover. The vibe of old-school Steve O’Sullivan is still big today and it probably is growing even bigger in the future. He has some killer vibes!!






HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (4 February 2015)

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February seems to be a very promising month for house-music, full of rereleases of old house tracks and of course some very nice new records! Check it out!!


S.A.M. – Delaphine  (Delaphine 004)


I don’t think we have to introduce S.A.M. He is a genius. Almost all of his releases are turned into gold. He is the new big thing. This release is again top quality. A big like from the Meoko-team. (In most shops already sold out, will be coming soon on Juno, be quick!)

Havantepe/Ben Boe/Chicago Deep/Taeleu – Halal prepared Vol3 (Boe recordings)


While their sporadic appearance remains a frustration, it’s hard to find fault with Boe Recordings’ Halal Prepared series of EPs. This third installment of the series, which lands 12 months after it’s’ predecessor, contains another quarter of high quality deep house jams. Meoko likes the Havantepe and the Ben Boe very much!


Iron Curtis – Care (Hudd Traxx)


Iron Curtis delivers his second full 4-track EP for Hudd Traxx following up the huge ‘Stansfield EP’ in 2010. The opening track ‘Care’ demonstrates IC’s diversity as a producer as he lays down a killer bassline with melodic keys which will find it’s way into many big hitters bags. ‘Sing Along With Your Friends’ has deep laid keys and an Motor City Drum Ensemble-feel to it accompanied by some heavy snares for good measure. Flip for the B Side and find ‘Shouting & Screaming’, a dark driving track that even Spencer Kinsey would be proud of. Iron Curtis rounds off the EP with a solid groovy little number entitled ‘Lasga’s Return’.

Atom Heart – Milagro (Rawax)


Atom, also known as Atom Heart and often confused with Señor Coconut, real name Uwe Schmidt, is a German composer, musician and record producer of electronic music. He is often regarded as the father of electrolatino, electrogospel and aciton (acid-reggaeton) music. Nice repress here!


Classic Man – Mellow/love (Nervous USA)

classic man

Yet another slept on Wayne Gardiner production from 1992, hand picked from the Nervous Records vaults and fresh for 2015. 2 mixes of “Mellow” take up side A. On side B we have 2 mixes of “Love”. This is the first time “Mellow / Love” has been repressed since it’s original 1992 release and this 2015 re-master and re-issue has been done in conjunction with and in full cooperation with Nervous Records.


Point G – Underwater (Apollonia)

point G

This is an Apollonia re-press of Point G’s rare classic ‘Underwater’, the first in a number of their personal out-of-stock favourites. The archetypal track of the Paris afterhours that encapsulates the sound of the Batofar Kwality parties, a memory which is at the very core and stimulus of Apollonia.

Barbir / Nicola Kazimir – Repetetive Juxtaposition (Les Points)


This release contains 4 STL locked groove remixes. This is only second time he has done remixes in his career and the first time in the history of vinyl that original tracks were abstracted into locked groove remixes. Barbir and Nicola Kazimir created also some very nice tracks on this EP.

Lodee Gruv – Bordel 001 (Bordel Ensemble)


New London Based imprint Bordel Ensemble was born out of the collaboration of four musically passionate wax collecting individuals. This two-track EP is their first EP signed by Lodee Gruv, the alias of one of the label’s founders. On side A, Lodee Gruv has punchy yet deep dance floor orientated beat accompanied by a Jazz sample that comes and goes during the 11 minute track. On side B a much deeper vibe is set with an atmospheric ‘nape’ filtered in and out pushed by heavy drums and supported by Vocal samples.

Deshte – Dangerous Minds (Krenta Records)


Deshte is back with this raw and epic sounding follow up ep, produced on a mixture of 70/80s drum machines, synthesisers, fx and outboards, creating a unique sound of todays detroit and chicago. Very, very nice record!!







HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (28 January 2015)

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Nicola Kazimir – Fractal Mind (Croisière)


This record from Nicola Kazimir on Croisière contains some great jacking and funking minimal house tracks. This is a nice quiet EP, very good to set off for an atmospheric night. A big like for this one.


Ofuren – Mind Jazz Explorations EP (Deep Explorer Spain)


Deep Explorer opens the door to the African producers with this “Mind Jazz Explorations EP“. Under the Ofuren‘s name, Siyabonga Ngwenya (Roots Go Deep) express all his lo-fi vision about the deep music. This is his debut on Deep Explorer with three songs full of smoke. The EP contains a remix of “Ancestry” by the mysterious Man-Drake with Afrikan Sciences (DeepBlak) helping on the bassline. Nice and quiet warm-up tracks!

Frederick – Eyes Closed (Fifty Fathoms Deep)


Frederick is the alias of a DJ and producer known for releases on labels like Local Talk and Soundofspeed. This time he releases on Fifty Fathoms Deep. Emotive, cinematic, epic and space are some of the words used to describe his approach to deep house music production and also in his versatile DJ sets. And this record has a nice remix too.


Parallel 9 – Dominus (Music Man)


Today the repress of an excellent spacin dubby and groovin Detroit Techno record is out on Music Man. Parallel 9′s Dominus is the ultimate techno classic/ If you do not have this one in your collection  yet, it is time to buy it. This classic belongs in every record collection, even if you are not really a techno-fan.

Star Dub – star_dub#10 (Star Dub Germany)


This EP from Star Dub contains a very nice B-side. Meoko loves it. We think B1 is definitely a true gem. Only for this track, we would buy the whole EP.

Hashman Deejay – Sandopolis (Future Times US)


Hashman Deejay’s debut album has a similarly dreamy feel as his first release on Future Times, even if the techno side of his output has been tamed a little. On Sandopolis, Hashman Deejay delivers spaced-out dance music spread across two 12-inches. Already released at the end of last year, but still available in the shops.





HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (21 January 2015)

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Headcore – Headcore EP  (Lazare Hoche Records)


MEOKO is a big fan of Lazare Hoche. This time they come with a repress of Gregory Darsa’s old pseudonym, Headcore. In the house-scene he is best known for his alias Point G. Headcore was used for a single EP back in 1998, released on Versatile. Here, that EP gets a welcome reissue. Four nice tracks that still sound really fresh nowadays. They will be out on the 26th of January.

Dot – The Next Spot (Legotek)


Dot and Legotek, respectively a producer and record label from Tel Aviv, Israel, come with a very nice 8-track vinyl. Each track of this EP can be seen either as one special individual or the whole package as one big flowing journey. Mixed together this could easily turn out as a live set. Staying true to the underground heart of Legotek, Dot has managed what many aim for in effort. A vibrant, lively and deep sound constantly accompanied by strong kicks and pumping melodies. The analogue core of the story has been given the breath of life to become a classic piece of deep house history. This is an amazing release!

Binh – Visio (Perlon)


Finally the snippets are out! Binh joins one of the most impressive labels in the underground scene, Perlon. Since there weren’t many new artists signed on the label nowadays, this premiere is unique. In this release Binh creates the typical trippy house music Perlon stands for. This release is lovely and definitely worth buying.

Gari Romalis – The Vision of Rhythm (Anma Records)

gari romalis

We are here again with a new Gari Romalis. Anma Records is a London based label specialized in House Music, with influence from Chicago and Detroit. Gari Romalis is on fire and these hard house tunes will blow your ears. Watch out this is a limited vinyl only release, be quick!

Ricardo Miranda – Up on the Scene (Rawax)


Born in the distinctively Puerto Rican neighbourhood of Lincoln Park, Chicago. Ricardo Miranda is music reflects a traditional House culture that goes beyond just sound or legendary stories. Meoko likes the A-side very much, party music!

Kerri Chandler – Atmosphere (Shelter Records)


For our old-school happy deep house lovers, we have another repress of an always been sought-after vinyl. Due to the quest of collectors to search for these old house tunes, the prices on the second-hand market were too high. Now this Kerri Chandler is available again, re-mastered, re-pressed and re-released with permission and in conjunction with Shelter Records, New York City and featuring the original 1993 label artwork.

HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (14 January 2015)

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Ewan Jansen – Bumerang (Hardworksoftdrink)


Stunning EP of Ewan Jansen for HardWorkSoftDrink. These guys are a creative collective founded by twelve friends faithfully representing the Offenbach and Frankfurt am Main area in Germany. They work on a range of cross-discipline projects including music production. The pre-sale of this record will be up soon. This EP is highly regarded by the MEOKO-team. Since the snippet is released, we were looking forward to this release, absolutely astonishing.

Djebali – Reworks 02 (Djebali)


A new amazing Djebali Reworks. This second release holds a very cool remix of Hold Youth on the A-side. Hold Youth is the collaboration between two marvellous artists Seuil and Le Loup. On the B-side Ben Vedren remixed Djebali’s Bezbar. The presale is soon available on!

Funk E – Into It pt.3 (Raum Musik Germany)

funk e

After having released two records for Raum Musik in the past already, Laurentiu Gavrila better known as Funk E, returns to this label with the third part of his “Into It EP” series. Laurentiu is hailing from Bucharest and even though his sound of course is influenced by his origin he manages to give his productions a very smart and personal twist, making this typical Romanian sound much more exciting. Very long and slowly building tracks with nice, subtle changes, always based somewhere between house and techno.


Ringard – L’Eau De Deep (Dance Around 88)

leau de deep

The fourth release of Dance Around 88 by label-owner and producer Ringard from Rennes in France is very nice. He created some nice deep house tracks that can rock the dance flour. This record is worth cheching out.





HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (7 January 2015)

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Mandar – Peace Force (Lazare Hoche)

lazare hoce

Brace yourself! Mandar is back on Lazare Hoche Recording and this time with two brand new full-sided cuts soaked in epicness! Meoko is a big fan of this label and its releases. This record will again be one to look out for. We cannot wait untill the presale starts on the 26th of January.

Cleymoore – Seikou (feat. Thomas Melchior remix) (Xquisite recordings)


Portuguese vinyl-only imprint Xquisite Recordings is finally back. This time around, Xquisite places its bets on one of Portugal’s freshest talents, Cleymoore, along with a remix from worldwide known alchemist of micro-grooves, Thomas Melchior. The original track “Seikou” is one of Cleymoore’s typical hypno-expanssive tracks, with twists and turns, multiple layering acts of swinging moods, and intricate but stripped-down syncopated rhytms. Perlon’s master of minimalism undresses the original work even further, enhancing its dancefloor appeal with the bare bones of the original, placing focus in rhythmic constructions while maintaining the highly hypnotic nature of the original version, and a very personal twist with a added vocal.. like extra seasoning to a already tasty dish. The cover is fully illustrated with a photograph of old Lisbon, making this a very intimate and proudly nationalistic release for the imprint. Design by Diogo Lacerda. Limited Pressing.

Point G – #6 (Point G)


Point G is back for a new release that features 8 new tracks for a triple pack limited vinyl only. The never disappointing Point G created some fine deep house tracks for this release. The majority of the eight records are very nice! 

Thomas Wood – The Gold In You (TW Limited)

thomas wood

This amazing record contains two nice dubby house tracks. When this article goes online, it already could be sold out. Sadly enough there are only 200 copies available. But this one is definitely worth mentioning!


 Brawther – VXVXVX (Balance Music)


Chez Damier’s Golden Child is back with 3 brand new slamming tracks straight out of the deep depths of dance music. This special limited edition release shelters some of Brawther’s most innovative and forward thinking music, yet retaining that timeless and classic touch that the Frenchman is known for. While the A side’s “Come Inside” draws you into its realm and pounds you harder and deeper, the B-side’s “VXVXVX” versions take you on a rotating journey inside Brawther’s mind. There will be no repress of this collector’s edition so snap it while you can or cry like a baby! Coloured vinyl coming out the 12th of January, the Black one on the 19th of January.







HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (2 January 2015)

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Fathers & Sons Productions – FAS008 (Father & Sons Productions)


A while ago Fathers & Sons Productions announced their eighth release. This week they announced that this release finally will be in the stores. This Ibiza-based only vinyl label brings another stunning release to the people.

Lowris – AAA (Concealed Sounds)


The fifth release on Concealed Sounds is delivered by a very talented artist known as, Lowris. He is a resident DJ at the leading and much respected French underground party called Concrete in Paris as well as releasing critically acclaimed releases on his Aeternum label. For Concealed he offers two original tracks, starting off with “AAA” which is a long stripped down hypnotic journey thru sound and rhythm. The second track being, “Btass”, which is a more minimalistic house groover. As a treat they invited no other then our favourite Danish producer S.A.M. to rework the title track. S.A.M. goes very deep on this one and transforms “AAA” into a moody house affair that will suit the after hour very well.

The Wise Caucasian (Steve O’Sullivan) – Kutchie Dub (Sushitech)

o sulivan

This record is just amazing. Steve O’Sullivan proves again that he belongs to the best producers on the earth right now. Sushitech is also one of MEOKO’s favourite.

Jordan Peak – Cause for Concern (Air London)


Jordan Peak makes a stellar return to the Air London imprint with the ‘Cause For Concern EP’. This EP is a three-track collection from the London based producer. The ever on-point Jordan Peak has been continually delivering striking and versatile material over the past four years, releasing records via some leading labels in underground house and techno, such as Tsuba, Robsoul, Bass Culture and One Records.


Mr. G – Breed 002 (Breed)


Mr G on Kris Wadsworth very own label. This record has the superb jacking and grooving Mr. G style. Cut and Mastering by CGB at Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin. BREED is owned and operated by Kris Wadsworth in Berlin. We definitely love ‘crab jerk’ the most of the two tracks on this release, but of course you can decide for yourself.





HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (24 December 2014)

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X – X (Rush Hour Recordings)

X-X rush records

Dutch record label Rush Hour Recordings comes again with a nice house/techno record. Known for the distribution of their eclectic variety of music, this label comes today with a very nice record. Primarily the second and definitely the third track on this release are Meoko’s favourite.


Various Artists – Chicago (Park & Ride Records)

Va park hide records

There is a new vinyl-only label born called Park & Ride Records. It sets off with their inaugural release, a four track EP of Chicago focused, underground techno. Welcoming four close cohorts of the Balance Artists family, the release shifts between groovy techno, deep garage flavours, left-of-centre house and spaced-out deep house with consummate ease. Full of individuality and personality, it is the perfect way to introduce the world to a new label.


Einzig – Everywhere (Bodyparts Records)


The 11th release of Moscow based label Bodyparts, represented by Einzig, consists of different groovy techno rhythms. With again a nice release from this Russian collective, Bodyparts is creating a path for itself in the electronic music scene. On this EP you can find three original tracks by Einzig and one lovely version remixed by Matei Tulbure.


Octave – CHT003 (Chelsea Hotel Records)


The third EP by Chelsea Hotel Records is firmed by Romanian DJ Octave, who already released on the new Low To High Records before. This release contains some deep and techno sounds fused in a long groovy atmosphere.


Various Artists – UndersoundLAB (Undersoundl)


After a long hiatus, London based Undersound is finally out with their third and latest release. This EP included three great tracks from Harry McCanna, Mattia Lapucci and Chris Geschwindner. If you like warm and neat house records, you definitely need to check this one out.


Dave Hargadon – Finding Purpose Part 2 (Land of Dance Records)

dave hargadon

This is the second part of the sold out album Finding Purpose produced by the Dublin based artist Dave Hargadon, also know as the half part of the project Slowburn. Again house sounds from Chicago, Detroit and via The Hague with strong melodies and heavy drums!


Shadee & S. Moreira – Expedition (Polen)

shadee and s moreira

The 4th vinyl from the Romanian label Polen is a bit different then the others and it is what people call nowadays a split EP. Now based in Berlin the label showcases two producers that are under the radar. Shadee and Sergio Moreira take part with two tracks each on what we could define as deep house. Take a listen and enjoy the autumn colours.


Simon Ferdinand – Just One (Night Drive Music)


Simon Ferdinand brings out some raw and moody house music tracks. This house music is far away from clean and bling-bling grooves. Simon brings another stunning EP with atmospheric ‘dubby’ housetracks. We think that you should remember this name!






HOTWAX – Tools & Tips (17 December 2014)

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Melchior Productions Ltd  – Mediations 1-3 Part 2 (Perlon)


Thomas Melchior will return to Perlon as Melchior Productions Ltd with a two-part release called ‘Meditations’.

Perlon is the label Thomas Melchior is most aligned with. He’s released some of his best work on Zip and Markus Nikolai’s seminal imprint, while also being responsible for some of the label’s most far-reaching cuts (‘Different Places’, ‘Feel Sensual’ and ‘The Later The Evening’…). He returned to Perlon after a three-year hiatus, during which he released music on [a:rpia:r] and his own Aspect Music.

The second part of ‘Meditations’ comprises three tracks, which are again typically Melchior style. He proves again that he is one of the best producers of all time. Part 2 recently dropped on December 15th. Enjoy!


DJ Aakmael – Slow Down 001 (Slow Down)

slowdown copy

This brand new vinyl only label will be focussing on quality Deep House. These hand stamped records are auspicious. They won’t be released digitally and the pressing will be limited worldwide. This is the first release, proper old school Chi-town/NY atmospherically stuff. Slow Down loves house music and this is their playground.


Life Recorder – The 8th Argument EP (Argumento Music)


There’s something particularly fitting about the title of Life Recorder’s latest 12, his follow-up to the well-received Hope In The Soul EP on Soul Print. As the title of the main track on this EP suggests, ‘90 State’ sounds like it was heavily influenced by vintage 808 State, and Pacific State in particular. The analogue-sounding beats, spine tingling electronics, melodies and wide-eyed chords all recall the rave-era classic, making ‘90 State’ a thoroughly enjoyable, Balearic house gem. The remix package is pretty tasty too. Stojche provides a tougher, kick-heavy techno take – complete with relentless drum machine handclaps and drawn-out cymbals – while Vidinovski opts for a woozier, dreamier deep house feel. Lovely stuff.


Anton ZAP – Sleduyushly (Sol Asylum Germany)


‘Sleduyushly’ is the latest EP on Sol Asylum from Anton Zap. Sol Asylum pleased to be closing out 2014 with the delightfully well-crafted deep house that resonates within Anton. This vinyl starts with ‘Talking’ a simplistic yet deep and ever-evolving atmosphere with peculiar echoes and noises that speak through constantly moving metallic percussion. Next ‘Rublewood’ with its trotting wooden clicks and oscillating claps it morphs through the track until the euphoric themes expand bringing you to the next level. In ‘My Lesson’, Anton channels a 90s ambience with a definite feel for funk. ‘Arpeggiated’ synths with just a hint of acid mixed with harmonic pads and unconventional horn riffs bring this eccentric soundtrack together. Finally ‘Her Lesson’ brings you to more experimental territory with a futuristic outer galactic journey through space and time where a metronomic kick, walking baseline and gleaming pads transport you to another dimension.


Romar – Visio (Fasten Musique)


Fasten Musique brings you RORA label owner Romar straight to your ears. The 6th instalment of the label is a vinyl only 12-inch release with stunning remix by Eklo owner Seuil. This record is expected to be released in the second week of January.


Gari Romalis – The Last Man Standing (Dockside Records)


With his one record already under his belt all the way back in 1996, Gari Romalis is no fresh faced bedroom producern having also been part of Cratesavers with Terrence Parker and Trackmasta Lou. Dockside have definitely unearthed a brilliant producer that still knows where house is at. ‘The Last Man Standing’ sounds instantly timeless. Deep, stripped down and unashamedly good house music, that sound like it could have been made at any point during those last 16 years since mr Romalis’ first release. Vinyl only release, don’t sleep.


DJ Boom – Kinda Kickin’ (Curle Petite)


DJ Boom is the alias of two legends: Charles Webster and Matthew Herbert. This classic, ‘Kinda Kickin’, is now being re-released. The EP will be featuring the original version and the Efdemin remix! If you do not already bought it, now is the time. Good luck!


Various Artists – Gua Limited 009 (Gua Limited)


This limited to 300 copies record is the latest release on Gua Limited with tracks of various artists. The first one is a really nice one by Voigtmann and Russo. The second comes from the hand of Tulbure and the the final one on this EP is made by Pasq. Be quick!






HOTWAX – Tools & Tips [VOL.9]

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hot wax


These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.







domenico rosa hotwax


Vinyl only. 180 gram.
Domenico returns on his label with three deep tracks!




Egal 3 / KiRiK – CHT001


egal 3 htwax


Fantastic and hypnotic! Chelsea Hotel is a vinyl only label and the first ep comes with two great tracks of Egal 3 aka Sorin from Romania and Kirik from Ukraina. The cover design was made by the italian artist & designer Daniele Troiani and all releases have a small story around the cover made for showcases and exhibitions. Enjoy this amazing 180 gramm vinyl with full cover print and shrink wrapped sleeve.





Luc Ringeisen – Trig Mode


luc hot wax


Luc Ringeisen triggering voltage controlled emotions on 180 gr. only on his own Vinyl Club imprint. Luc gathered 4 tracks he has been heavily tweaking and testing during the summer 2014 in his favorite Berlin spots. A Must Have showing different facets of the french producer.





Baby Ford – Mystery Falls



baby ford hotwax


In classic Baby Ford style the A-side opens with “Mystery Falls” a deep melodic housey workout with shuffling percussion and sublime top line strings.
Meanwhile on the B-side, shaker hustlin’ “Spooked” conjures up a more stripped down moody grooving chordal affair.
Both tracks cut at 45rpm for maximum quality and effect on the floor.