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Music Through Pictures – Junki Inoue

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A Tokyo native and London resident for several years now, Junki Inoue has been collecting and playing vinyl records since he was 16 years old. Part of the Toi Toi Musik squad and Cartulis crew, in 2021, Junki reinforced his dedication to music by launching his own record label- SAISEI, which has just issued its third release, a reissue of the widely respected Japanese producer Suzukiski and his 1993 Thought LP. For the first time, all 12 tracks will be available on vinyl, with the majority of them exclusively re-edited particularly for vinyl extended play.

Having observed Junki’s diverse sets and knowing his perception of music culture, we were curious to see how he would respond to our Music Through Pictures. We won’t give anything away, but there are nine tunes below that you should absolutely add to your playlist…


I.R.M. – Arc Chamber

Junki: Fold club in London where I regularly play for my residency – Cartulis Music. One of the few clubs that strongly encourages me to play more serious techno bangers like this. This is probably one of the earliest Japanese trance records I own, which was released in 1992. This would be a perfect peak time tune to play there.


Kino-Moderno – Into The Future

Junki: This track instantly came to my mind when I saw this image. This is the one from the Japanese legendary duo Kino-Moderno formed in 1986 that I reissued on vinyl for my label’s first release – SAISEI. A spacy and futuristic electro-techno gem was originally recorded in 1989. It still sounds so fresh today, and I believe this will always sound timeless. I felt a sense of odd connection to the fact that this early Japanese acid house track got reissued in the UK where it has its roots by a Japanese who happened to be born the same year as the music.


Brian Bristol – Ear Candy (FYI Chris Demerara Remix)

Junki: This little dude with a big eye in this image reminded me of the artwork of this UK based label – Mysticisms. The original version of this track was released on a US house label in 1996, but I really like this new remix they’ve added to their reissue came out in 2018. This smooth breakbeaty deep house gem always brings a magical moment to the dance floor.


COLOGNe – Soul Evolution

Junki: The Lion and Lamb is everyone’s favourite local boozer in London, and it has been my dearest home since its beginning. I love playing at the pub because it allows me to pack more softer (but groovy) music that I don’t get to play so often. The tune I picked here is from the 2nd release of SAISEI. Originally recorded in the mid-’90s by a prolific Japanese artist Takuya Sugimoto better known as his Web alias. I love its deep and warm vibes with a bit of trippy feeling that gives a certain charm atmosphere. A mega classy 6 tracker – COLOGNe / Deep Talk EP is now available at your favourite record stores.


Spock Jr. – Ion (Boccacio Edit)

Junki: This strange Belgian new beat techno from 1988 is the perfect tune to describe the situation of this image – Attack of the (Acid) alien invaders. It took me years to really appreciate this track, but I came to like it more and more and am up for this now – Trippy af ? I imagine that some people would get panicked and try to escape from the dance floor literally like these people in this image if you drop this in the wrong place at the wrong time…But hey, no risk no fun eh?


Kino-Moderno / Acid Water

Junki: Again, this is from the same EP by the legends – Kino-Moderno. This was the first thing that came into mind when I saw this twisted, trippy and psychedelic image. As you can guess from the track name, its all tripped out and sounds very flooded indeed. I call it (Japanese) Acid ???


Z@P – Tracid

Junki: Arguably the most successful and recognisable release on Cartulis label that needs no introduction – It’s safe to say this is a future classic of our generation. For those of you who are already a fan of this tune, I’d highly recommend you check out the second release of Cartulis sub-label – ALT records that are about to drop soon. You’ll find the track by Z@P that bears a close resemblance to Tracid. After-hours tip!



Takkyu Ishino – Aoi Neon

Junki: Tokyo’s neon lights are on 24/7, and it’s something to see if you get a chance to visit Japan – the city that never sleeps. This hidden Tech-House bomb by a Japanese veteran producer & DJ Takkyu Ishino fits this image perfectly – Aoi Neon which translates to Japanese to mean Blue Neon Lights.




Suzukiski – Thought

Junki: This is the title track and the closing track of Suzukiski’s Thought album, the latest release on SAISEI due in November. I’m honored to reissue this masterpiece on vinyl for the first time after almost 30 years of its existence. I love the moment when I listen to some of his softer music like this with my headphones on, especially after an intense clubbing night. As Masaaki Hara described in the liner notes for this reissue – An introspective moment that takes you into your own inner world. The image of this empty train matches perfectly with this state of mind. I don’t exactly know what this is, but it has something that makes you feel ok to feel alone, and it did help me. I think this is one of the beauties of Japanese electronic music I adore and probably the reason why I was so drawn to their music more than ever during these strange pandemic times.

Words by: Monika Zander

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Music Through Pictures – Thomas Melchoir

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Music Through Pictures is where we attempt to highlight the relationship between art, sound, images and music whilst also getting an insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers…

It’s easy to lose sight of just how much Thomas Melchior has produced over his time within the music industry. Diving deeper and more intimately involved with his music over the course of a 20+ year career, Melchior has embraced the challenges and time required to create something memorable and worthwhile. Melchior first made a name for himself at the beginning of the 90’s releasing on Aphex Twins’ Rephlex label as part of electronica duo Vulva together with Tim Hutton, and later as Yoni on Move D’s Source Records. To top this up he and Baby Ford reduced house music to its thinnest yet deepest elements and released music as Sunpeople, Soul Capsule, and part of the Ifach Collective and M-Core initially only on Trelik and Ifach but later on his own label Aspect Music. Member of Villalobos’ Narod Niki, Melchior ‘s work also includes collaborations with Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Bruno Pronsato, Zip and Fumiya Tanaka to name a few. As Melchior Productions, Thomas became one of the pillars of the minimal house movement on Perlon, Playhouse, a:rpia:r, Smallville and Cadenza. He remains one of the undergrounds true visionaries – an esteemed veteran, and master of the wheels of steel.


”…deep space alien sunrise is where I want to be”

Track: Vapour Space ‎- Gravitational Arch Of 10


”…longing for far away loved ones”

Track: Eraldo Bernocchi, Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie – Don’t Go Where I Can’t Find You


“…the moon and the tides and the emotions and feelings”

Track: The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up


“Time disappears at CDV”

Track: Voyant Inc. – Lost in Time 


“The brains…”

Track: Dimbiman – Köppchen (Herberts D-D-D-Dazzle Dub)


“awe and peace”

Track: Brock Van Wey – Mountains Will Keep Your Secrets (Echospace)


“California dreaming”

Track: Slowdive – Blue Skied An’ Clear


“Surreal abstractions”

Track: Herbie Hancock – Nobu


“school of fish, obviously”

Track: Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris – School Of Fish


“It’s a spiritual experience”

Track: Laraaji Produced By Brian Eno – Ambient 3 (Day Of Radiance) – A1 – The Dance #1


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The picturesque stunning Soča Valley | Slovenia | music lovers paradise | Butik Festival

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From the 12th to the 14th of July, the picturesque stunning Soča Valley, Slovenia will transform into a music lovers paradise as the inaugural edition of Butik festival takes place. An intimate gathering built on the premise on uniting like-minded people, Butik promises to offer an immersive experience in impeccable music and breathtaking scenery. Located near the town of Tolmin amidst its emerald green rivers, the festival offers a welcome chance to disconnect from the pressures of society and experience the escapism offered by nature.  It’s a welcome respite from the often commercialised larger scale festivals that dominate the European summer.

Tolmin fotka

Butiks finessed vision naturally extends to their music programme, which is seriously impressive. Featuring a tasteful selection of both local and international talent across a range of electronic genres,  Butik have curated a lineup sure to appeal to anyone with an ear for fine electronic music.

Butik logo2019-01

Headlining the event are world-class names: Raresh, Guy J, Cassy, Etapp Kyle, Priku, Janaret and Nur Jaber. With local support including Alex Ranerro, Aney F, Brlee, Coeus, Christian Kroupa / Alleged Witches, Dipsas, Eliaz (Live), Evident, Ian F, Pepi Jogarde, Kosheer, Kosta, Limc, Mayell,  MOARE, Mornik, Nevena Jeremic, R.Bade, RSN, Tim Kern, Trulson, Tzena, Urban Jeram, Vassallo and Vid Vai, Butik is sure to bring some much deserved international attention to Slovenia’s rich scene.

With the day and night schedule spread across multiple indoor and outdoor locations, attendees will enjoy an adventurous journey through sound and culture. It’s rare to walk away from a festival feeling rejuvenated, but Butik seems to offer exactly that. With its idyllic environment, immersive ethos and top-quality music, Butik may just be the 3 day Slovenian escape you need.



L I N E – U P

Raresh (Arpiar | Bucharest, RO)

Guy J (Lost & Found | Tel Aviv, IL)

Cassy (Kwench | London, UK)

Etapp Kyle (Ostgut Ton, Klockworks | Berlin, DE)

Priku (Motif Records, Atipic | Bucharest, RO)

Janeret (Yoyaku | Paris, FR)

Nur Jaber (OSF | Berlin, DE)

Alex Ranerro
Aney F.
Coeus (RS)
Christian Kroupa / Alleged Witches
Eliaz (Live)
Ian F.
Pepi Jogarde (HR)
Nevena Jeremic (RS)
Tim Kern
Urban Jeram
Vassallo (GB)
Vid Vai



• super early bird: 27€ (SOLD OUT ⛔️)
• early bird: 34€ (SOLD OUT ⛔️)
• pre-sale price: 39€ (until 20th of June or sold out)

*camping is included in the ticket price
*1-day tickets will go on sale later



‘Part of a Community Brought Together for the Love of Great Music’ Gottwood Festival

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Now in its 9th year, Gottwood Festival has become known as one of the best small festivals in the UK, with a loyal following who keep returning year upon year, for a lineup of the best in underground music and beautiful location. After hearing so many glowing reviews, I felt it was time that I had to experience it this year.

Setting off first thing in the morning on Thursday to reach the site at Holyhead in Anglesey, there was already a magic in the air. I travelled through tunnels and over bridges, passing sheep and mountains, before arriving at the campsite, overlooking calm seas on the Welsh north-west coast.


After pitching up the tent and getting to know the neighbours, who were Gottwood regulars and who soon became friends, I went to check out the arena where the stages lie. Walking into this area it was a joy to the senses. Initially walking through lush green woodland with tall trees, where the sun was breaking through, this plays host to lots of the smaller stages. Individual pieces of interesting, colourful, hand painted artwork are scattered throughout. The largest stage named ‘The Lawn’ is an open grassy area from the trees and is opposite an old manor house bathed in ivy; this is where the majority of the live acts and more chilled out sounds would feature across the weekend. In the middle of all the stages is a shimmering lake with lily pads and fountains, providing relaxing tranquility. With pure blue skies overhead it couldn’t have been more perfect and I spent some time just taking it in sat down next to the lake, I couldn’t think of anywhere more picturesque for a festival.


With the sun starting to drop behind the trees it was time to get stuck into some music. What better way to kick it off than with FUSE boss Enzo Siragusa and label stalwart Archie Hamilton. Playing on The Curve stage, a fairly large tent, the boys had got it filled from early on. Archie was first up playing some of his own signature tracks with distinctive percussion such as ‘Confusion’ on his own label Moscow. Enzo then took over, by which time the tent was bouncing. He played a festival party set laden with house and tech-house bombs including ‘What was Missing’ by Jamie Trench forthcoming on Seb Zito’s ‘Seven Dials’ label. To cap things off the pair then finished the night going b2b with some classic house tunes, smiles and hands raised all round. This was a great energetic start to proceedings.

Following a good sleep and with the sun continuing to glow, waking up on the Friday was made easy, with the prospect of plenty of sunshine vibes to come on the day. It became a ritual over the weekend to head to The Lawn first thing to recover, listening to some down-tempo, live electronica and dub/reggae. Ready to dance again after eating some delicious wood fired pizza, just one of many outstanding food stalls; it was time to head to the Trigon Stage.

Arguably one of the most impressive, the area is surrounded by walls of hay bales, with a wooden triangular tunnel structure leading it’s way to the DJ booth. Secretsundaze were playing, with music perfectly suited to the blistering skies, including the Dusky remix of ‘Do You Want Me Baby’ by Cloud 9. One thing worth mentioning here is the friendly attitude of everyone at the festival, it was easy and comfortable to strike up a conversation with everyone who I bumped into, including the bar staff and security. Due to the small capacity of 5000 you would often come across the same people you had been chatting to at the campsite on the dance floor and this added to a great feeling of unity and positivity that I haven’t really experienced at a festival before.


Special Request aka Paul Woolford continued the mood, moving things up a gear as it progressed into the evening, with music from his UK rave inspired album ‘Belief System’ including the wobbling bass and euphoria of ‘Make it Real’. For the night time hours it was all about the Hypercolour stage at the Walled Garden, another outstanding venue that is situated in the garden behind the manor house. It has a secret garden feel to it, as you pass under the old brick walls, through the low hanging plants, before reaching the stage that is sunk into the garden with a terraced grass area behind it. Kate Miller was playing here and was one of my surprise highlight sets of the weekend, a diverse blend of electronic music summed up by the classic dubstep anthem ‘Night’ by Benga & Coki. The legend that is Andrew Weatherall closed out the night, taking the crowd on a journey and telling a story through a progressive nature that only someone with such knowledge in the game can.


Saturday fast came round and the daytime hours were again spent with some down time in the open areas of the festival. Some amazing live music featured on The Lawn all weekend such as the stripped back meditative rhythms from the Cuban Iranian group Ariwo and uplifting worldly inspired melodies of Africane 808. This was the perfect tonic after a night of heavy raving. The night held some of the most anticipated sets of the weekend with Half Baked in Ricky’s Disco, featuring Zip and Margaret Dygas headlining and playing for a combined 7 hours. Ricky’s Disco was a great tent and felt like one of the most intimate, spherical in shape, with a large disco ball and hanging flowers. The vibe inside was probably the standout of the weekend for Margaret Dygas. She played an awe inspiring set, with long flowing mixes and plenty of unknown and unreleased grooves. A discerning crowd of Perlon and Half Baked supporters loving every moment, particularly big receptions came when she dropped the timeless classic acid tinged beat of ‘The Sun Can’t Compare by Larry Heard, the vocals on everyone’s lips.  Zip continued the raucous atmosphere with music like ‘I Have You On My Sound’ by Son of Sound & Jus Ed, a peak time Underground Quality US house stomper. Cheers, whistles and hugs between friends and strangers could be seen and heard all around the tent for the duration. There was even time to catch the final hour of Ben UFO who was constructing a mix at Trigon of music without the borders usually put up by genres.

At many festivals I have been to Sunday can often feel like a downer as people are tired and ready to go home, but this was not the case at Gottwood. With radiant skies still overhead reflecting on the lake, it was easy to get out of bed to grab a Bloody Mary and get back to a spot on the lawn, where Craig Richards was playing the first of two sets, a special dub and reggae set. Wearing a trademark patterned shirt, he demonstrated the diversity of his record collection, pulling out 7 inches like ‘I Man Can’t Live Like this’ by Barry Brown. A pure Sunday afternoon ambience was being created, almost as if you were on a beach, as I sipped a drink with my toes in the lake to cool off. It felt like a real honour to be part of such a special event and it was great to see the owner of the Gottwood site, an older gentleman, walking around the site and enjoying seeing people appreciate the natural charm of the landscape around them. In the afternoon I caught City Fly Records over on the other side of the lake at the open Cpt. Cabeza stage. A label based in my hometown city of Leicester, they played a great disco and house set that even got what looked like the youngest member of the crowd, a small young boy (not sure how he passed the challenge 25 policy!) dancing.

On the final evening I was spoilt for choice with One Records at Ricky’s Disco, Butterside Up at Trigon and The Nothing Special at the Walled Garden. Fortunately due to the long set times, another great feature of the festival, I managed to catch a bit of everything. One Records had John Dimas, Voigtmann and label owners Adam Shelton b2b Subb-an playing their brand of always high quality house and techno, aimed squarely at the dance floor and with rolling beats aplenty. Over at the Trigon it was a slightly different affair to the daytime flavours, as Nicolas Lutz went b2b with Binh. Another highlight of the weekend, the pair made their way through a devastating set of some of their cosmic electro, spacey house and garage tinged minimal tracks on vinyl, from their respective My Own Jupiter and Time Passages labels. This included the forthcoming ‘Tschuss’ by Draculas Lutz & Omar. The Trigon at its best underneath the dark red lasers and smoke cannons, with the crowd going for it and using every single last drop of resource in their limbs. The anthemic reach for the sky ‘Atmosphere’ by Luca Lozano came out the stacks and provided another boost. Sonja Moonear maintained the high intensity, producing another all vinyl masterclass of house and techno.


To close out the weekend it only felt right to catch the end of Craig Richards hosting The Nothing Special all night at The Walled Garden. A far cry from his earlier set, this time he was in the midst of a high octane mix of techno and electro. A DJ that is arguably one of the most experienced in underground music, with his long running residency at fabriclondon, where he has played before so many names. He crafts together mixes that include multiple genres and records that you may never have stumbled upon before.

Also painting abstract art outside of DJing (some may be fascinated by his label artwork) his expression through music is always mesmerising to watch and the tent was a carnival of warm emotion as a chant of DJ Otzi’s ‘Hey Baby’ rang out on top of the serious music, bringing a smile to Craig’s face. As the last track was played and I made my way back to the campsite, I was immediately thinking of when this enchanting, all-encompassing musical and arts experience could be absorbed in again. My mind was on Houghton, Gottwood’s sister festival, curated by Craig himself and where many of the people I had spoken to over the weekend would be heading to next. Four days had taken place where we were blessed with outstanding weather, an extraordinary location and you become part of a community brought together for the love of great music, the Gottwood family as it is described. You return with new friends, inspirations, favourite artists and a yearning to taste what is a truly unique environment once again.

Words by Tom Warner

Pictures by Here & Now

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Interested in a career in the music/ events industry? MEOKO is looking for two interns for Spring 2018

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 1237664 599078030156594 1637872492 n

MEOKO is a forward-thinking, cutting-edge and creative lifestyle brand, with a primary focus on the global underground electronic music and events scenes. We are passionate about promotion and high-quality event services. Beyond music, MEOKO opens up its interests to culture, art, fashion, and food.

With incredible clients such as fabric, Sonus Festival, UP Festival, Round Up, Studio 338, Rekulture, WYS and RPMM to name just a few, MEOKO has garnered a strong, reliable reputaton within the industry.

On the events, marketing and promotion side of things, MEOKO offers services to a strong network of London and the UK’s best promoters, artists, record labels, clubs/bars, PR agencies, artist agencies, management companies, festivals and charities.

MEOKO is also passionate about top-quality journalism and regularly hosts reviews, interviews, and features on its website written by some of London’s finest journalists.

This is a really exciting time for MEOKO as we have lots of huge projects coming up, which the successful candidates will be heavily involved in. These include:    


  • Hosting a stage at new Porto festival RPMM
  • Hosting a showcase night for the Czech festival UP at fabriclondon

  • Partnership with a legendary herbalist/ marketing and selling and educating about CBD

  • Launching our new website

  • Media Festival Partnerships

  • Loads more to be announced


MEOKO is on the lookout for both a Graphic Design intern and an Editorial intern. This opportunity is great for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the music and/ or events industry. We are looking for two hard-working, passionate individuals, who have a strong knowledge of electronic music, are organised and reliable, and enjoy social media.

During this internship, you will able to network with promoters, artists, agencies, labels, press agencies, festivals, designers and so on. You will get a very close look at the industry across many different sectors. Moreover, you will be able to build a professional portfolio, by being actively involved with all MEOKO Projects and by producing features/designs on a daily basis.

A highly beneficial experience within the industry, and an opportunity to discover how things work behind the scenes. An open end of freedom and possibilities when working, however, the professional guidance and experience are right there when you need it. The MEOKO team are always welcoming to new and exciting projects creating a blank canvas for your creative ideas. Have made friends for life, and built relationships with invaluable contacts.” – Zac Bidwell



You should share an interest in electronic music and marketing/ promotion/ events as well as hold either a PR/ Marketing/ Journalism degree, or a background in music, sales, design or creative. Any extra skill will be a bonus. Knowledge of Photoshop would be helpful but isn’t necessary.

He or she must have excellent people skills, be creative, and be able to communicate well as an individual and as part of a team. This is a hands-on role, meaning getting involved in all areas of the agency from press & PR, to sales, new business events, account management, creative writing, social media, website management, admin work and other random tasks. Please only apply if you feel you have what it takes to work as part of an extremely busy, sometimes stressful yet very exciting environment.

The successful candidates will be supporting the team and be an effective and trusted interface for MEOKO, providing a point of contact for external collaborations and enquiries.

My internship at Meoko was a great experience. It really was a stepping stone into the music industry and allowed me to gain experience in a lot of different areas as the role was so diverse. Nix and the rest of the Meoko team are all so passionate about music and what they do so it was a great team to be a part of.” – Helayna Kohlinsky


EDITORIAL INTERN – press & social media

Main Duties will include but not be limited to:

  •         writing features and news pieces

  •         writing events and albums previews/reviews

  •         writing mix descriptions

  •         contributing to the daily running of the magazine

  •         managing and maintaining websites contents

  •         contacting Dj’s, producers and record labels (client liaisons)

  •         managing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

  •         managing MEOKO Soundcloud page

  •         copy editing texts

  •         contributing to MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)

  •         organizing and writing interviews

  •         listing hottest London’s event by the week

  •         admin duties


  •         applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience

  •         must be able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment

  •         being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative

  •         excellent English skills, both verbal and written

  •         must be computer literate (word, photoshop or gimp)

  •         good presentation skills, in writing and person

  •         must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment

  •         have an eye for details

  •         excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload

  •         self-motivated, friendly and positive

  •         social media literate

  •         enhanced research skills

  •         be able to work on close deadlines


Main Duties will include but not be limited to:

  •         creating banners and designs of different natures for MEOKO

  •         contributing to the daily running of the magazine

  •         managing and maintaining websites contents

  •         uploading contents on the website

  •         occasionally help with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

  •         looking for interesting pictures/videos to publish on social media or to work with

  •         helping with MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)

  •         admin duties


  •         applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience

  •         proficiency in Photoshop (or Gimp)

  •         being IT literate

  •         must be able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment

  •         being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative

  •         excellent English skills, both verbal and written

  •         good presentation skills, in writing and person

  •         must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment and respect deadlines

  •         have an eye for details

  •         excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload

  •         self-motivated, friendly and positive

  •         social media literate


My internship at Meoko was an amazing experience. I got to try out so many different areas of work such as social media, editorial, interviewing people, running competitions and a lot more. They really let you try out what you’re interested in too so the internship can be catered to you. If you’re interested in getting involved in the music industry and want to make contacts it’s definitely worth doing!” – Laura Hely Hutchinson

“I thoroughly enjoyed my internship with Meoko, it was a very valuable experience. We all know that practical experience is the best, and quality internships are essential to develop key skills such as multitasking, and communicating that you can’t get in a classroom. It has also been a great way to network with people in the industry.” – VaLy LaMo

This is a remote internship. Successful candidates must own their own laptop and be able to work at least 3 days a week, from 10 to 6 over 3/4 months.

To apply for the internships, please send your CV and covering letter to, explaining why you would like to work for MEOKO, what you will bring to the position and list your three favourite artists and three favourite labels.

Please write ‘MEOKO Summer Internship 2018 – editorial’ or ‘MEOKO Summer Internship 2018 – graphic design’ in the subject case.


P.S.: Both interns will be asked to work remotely, so the candidates can apply from any city/country; but ideally Europe.


More MEOKO; Facebook Soundcloud / 


Bird-2---meoko 1

A MEOKO Special: CONCRETE February Programme Announcement

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There’s something alluring about partying on a boat, isn’t there? After all, ports and sailors have always had a reputation for debauchery and loose mores, just like dance music. A sense of danger, of escaping the norms and sharing a bond. Boats are cool. Now, a boat fitted out with two dancefloors, a tailor-made Funktion-1 sound-system and a team dedicated to bringing the best DJs and producers in the world, is very cool. And that’s what Concrete is, and much more. If you’ve ever been to the club, you know that there’s a special feeling to dancing on the Seine river, the morning sun seeping in through the main room’s shades in the wee hours of the morning. Concrete is also a roster of much-loved residents that counts historic veteran, such as Cabanne, and young up-and-comers like Sweely and Leo Pol; and a label arm which, faithful to the eclectic spirit of the club, is divided between three branches named after different hours of the night and the day.

Perhaps more importantly than anything, Concrete has come to symbolize the French scene’s vitality in the past few years, which seems light-years away from when it was declared dead and buried, dwarfing compared to London and Berlin. Whether you’re a Concrete supporter or not, it’s impossible to deny their role in shaping the current Parisian scene. The club has come a long way too, from its days as one of Paris’ few irreducible Sunday after-hours in 2011. It’s opened a second dancefloor, the Woodfloor, on its upstairs deck, and grew increasingly ambitious in its bookings, which are now a ridiculously reliable weekly occurence of “Is this even real?”.

Indeed, the boat has unveiled its full February programme, and it ain’t no exception. There’s something for everyone — and then some more. 


Opening the month on February 2 at Concrete is one of the final dates in Token’s ten-year anniversary tour, so of course it would feature Antigone — one of the club’s residents as well as one of the most prominent affiliates of the Belgian label. He’ll play alongside label-boss Kr!z, expect richly-textured cosmic techno. Ø [Phase] will continue in the same vein, although slightly more abrasive, while Neel will offer the deeper, more hypnotic vibe that can be heard on his brilliant debut for the label.

Not gonna lie, I don’t know much about Philip Jondo and Jules, who are handed command of the Woodfloor that night, but seeing they’re Salon des Amateurs regulars is enough to convince me that this one’s gonna be a trip.

The Concrete crew has always had a soft spot for minimal sounds, as can be heard from their dedicated sublabel Concrete 7AM, and their resident Cabanne’s Minibar label will host a night full of them on the 3rd, headlined by none the less than Daniel Bell. The Detroit hero came up with an idiosyncratic take on techno in the 1990s that still sounds as alien as ever more than 20 years forwards. Denis Kaznacheev and the ever-productive Ion Ludwig will provide the housier, dowsier fare, while some historic members of the Minibar roster, namely Pit Spector and N’Eric playing b2b, as well as Ultrakurt — not mentioning Cabanne himself of course — will deliver the label’s trademark take on the microhouse sound. Expect micro-styled music in all shapes and forms — blips, clicks and most importantly groove. 


The following weekend features two veterans on the Friday. Andrew Weatherall is a UK legend, a genre-defying maestro that never left the scene and never did anything like anyone else since the days of London fanzine Boy’s Own, back when acid house was just starting in the UK. Jennifer Cardini, on the other hand, is a definitive Paris local hero. I was too young for the Pulp, but the early noughties lesbian club where she was a resident remains a mythical figure for many older scenesters. Cardini shares with Weatherall an open-mindedness that goes far beyond the constraints of dance music, so expect this one to go awry any minute. Indeed, it seems to be the night’s signature, as they’ll be supported by Mozhgan, who shares such a playful approach, while Toby Nicholas and Hamish Cole can be expected to play anything from house and techno to jazzier stuff and hip-hop on the Woodfloor — where Sofiane, a member of the Rakya crew throwing some of the best minimal parties in the city, completes the bill.

On the 10th, Rebekah is playing all night long inside the boat. The Birmingham DJ might have only recently enjoyed the life of a top tier performer, but she’s actually been in the game for many years and knows how to work a room with techno bangers. MEOKO readers, though, might swarm the Woodfloor that night. Playing all night long under the Monkey Nenufar guise are Ben Vedren, one of the club’s residents, and Leiris, the Berlin-based minimalist. We’re promised both live and dj set, and if it goes as last year’s, it should be booming.   


The next Friday, the 16th, seems intriguing, as both rooms will host all-nighters again, the main one being Marcel Fengler and DJ Tennis. The former is one of the Berghain residents while the latter rose to fame with his Life & Death label’s melodic take on the genre (although he’s got more than one trick up his sleeve, since he’s never hidden his past in post-rock circles and has recently launched a label dedicated to the style, Eraclea) — so who knows what their confrontation is going to end up like. Upstairs, two local figures — Na’Sayah and Amnaye — will also play b2b.

Saturday 17th is going to be nosebleed-inducing. Powell has spent the past few years de- and re-structuring techno, EBM and post-punk into a deadly, in-your-face, witty mixture. There’s also Xhin, who I caught on the boat years ago for a memorable set, and who has since built an ever-more impressive discography stacked with hypnotic and banging tunes. But for any French person, the real hero of the night will be Manu Le Malin. The man is a hardcore French legend, one that seems to represent a certain sense of authenticity inherited from the free party scene of the 1990s. Besides Laurent Garnier, I can’t think of anyone so dear to the French scene’s heart. Nosedrip b2b Theorama sounds pretty interesting too, as the former’s Stroom label is a gold mine of demanding yet exciting music, while the latter is one of the Bordeaux scene most active members. And finally, Cuften is a Purusu affiliate already supported by Manu Le Malin.

The 23rd is for the heads. You might be drawn in by Hunee’s well-deserved reputation as a killer house DJ with a bag stacked full of party anthems. Or by Intergalactic Gary, the Dutch veteran with one of the finest ears in the world for all synth-heavy sounds, from Italo to electro. Both of them would be worth the price of entry alone but trust me, this one’s all about Eris Drew. The smartbar resident DJ in Chicago will bless the lucky crowd with her Motherbeat’s transcendental message of emancipatory and healing dance music. Check her recent RA podcast; this is raw, fun-drenched party music in its purest form. 


Indeed, healing sounds will be a constant of the night, with D.K. and Suzanne Kraft taking over the upstairs Woodfloor, promising all kinds of chilled-out vibes, from house to balearic to new age to ambient. At ease. 

Careful not to spend too much time on the Woodfloor if you also intend to go the next night, or this one might seem excruciatingly intense. The club’s resident and DEMENT3D cofounder François X is hosting some of techno’s gnarliest names on the 24th. Banging is how I’d define Dr. Rubinstein’s style, as she’s been known to seamlessly weave in acid, electro and absolutely jacking techno in her sets; while Oliver Ho will don his EBM-influenced Broken English Club moniker for a live appearance rich in odd synths and punishing grooves. Iceland’s finest export in recent years Bjarki completes the line-up. If you only know him as Nina Kraviz’s protégé or for “Wanna Go Bang”, you’re in for an (extremely good) surprise. His own productions go far crazier and wilder than the easy techno of his 2015 hit, while his bbbbbb label is just as zany — put simply, Bjarki is from this rare breed able to reconcile experimental leanings with good old dance floor fun. Don’t sleep on DEMENT3D’s other boss HBT’s set though. I once saw him rock the bowels of the neighbouring and equally infamous Batofar, and his set on the Woodfloor is not to be missed — nor is YSC’s, one of the capital’s scene most dedicated and yet unsung heroes.


Seems like Concrete’s tagline should still hold on in February: “No standing, just dancing.” If you wanna learn for yourself why Paris est une fête, see you there.

Pictures by Virgil Gesbert

Words by Pierre-Alexis Chauvin

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Preview & Announcement: UP Music Festival 2018

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What are you doing for the holidays? Sure, you could go to the seaside with your friends, have a romantic getaway with your lover, or go backpacking across South East Asia. But if you’re into dance music — and, given you’re on MEOKO dot net right now, something tells me you are — you might wanna go for a festival somewhere in Europe. 

It’s not just about Ibiza anymore. Take Croatia. After collapsing during the war, the country’s economy now heavily relies on tourism, and music festivals play a large role in this. Come August and half of your Facebook feed is filled with pictures and videos of anyone from your best friends to your most random acquaintances having the time of their lives at Sonus or Dimensions, isn’t it? Hell, even your auntie probably went to a festival in Eastern Europe last summer. 

UP festival UP

And with a large majority of festival-goers claiming to prefer smaller boutique festivals, this trend has no reason to come to an end, with each festival hyping up its own assets to cater to a specific audience — not mentioning that a lot of them are ridiculously cheap for Westerners. These days, you could pretty much have a full tour of Europe just doing electronic music festivals, from the best of Romanian minimal at Sunwaves to Craig Richard’s very own Houghton in the British countryside, and from the giants that are Sonar or Dekmantel to the more intimate experience of Portugal’s Waking Life, among countless others — something for everyone indeed.

In short, cheap flights and (re)developing countries eager to attract holidaymakers make for a golden age of festival tourism. Enters UP festival, a Prague-based event running from the 11th to the 13th of May organised by local promoter Round UP. The new endeavour appears to be Czech Republic’s very first festival focusing on underground house and techno — the country’s answer to the aforementioned festivals making up the European circuit. And a solid line-up it has, with a particular emphasis on the minimal side of things

See for yourself. Ricardo Villalobos and Sonja Moonear are both present. They’re some of those tried-and-tested headliners that we’re always happy to see at such an event, and the same can be said of some of our Romanian favourites, with Barac and the combined genius of Raresh and Praslea playing as Praslesh

There’s a nice contingent representing the French scene too, with Yoyaku heavy-hitters Varhat and Janeret playing B2B, alongside Molly, whose reputation has been steadily growing — deservedly so — in the past few years, while the experienced six hands of Apollonia are sure to make us dance and dance and dance. 

But it’s also a fantastic occasion to familiarize yourself with the local scene: to name a few of them, Yan & Alfred Czital of Harmony Rec. spin all shades of dubby techno; Fatty M is a local hero that brought the likes of Derrick May and San Proper to Prague with his Kom!ks warehouse parties; em ju es aj si is into the dark Berlin techno (based in Prague) that he helped bring to Czech Republic with his Polygon parties; and Bruno Curtis is the founder of Round UP.

Here’s the current full line-up in alphabetical order:

Agustin Alvarez | Anthea | Apollonia | Ark3r | Barac | Bella Sarris | Brothers Black | Bruno Curtis | Dmitry | Eddie Mur | Ellen Alien | Em Ju Es Aj Si | Fatty M | Ion Ludwig | Janeret | Johanna Schneider | Jorgos | Luigi Tozzi | Magda | Molly | Nils Weiman | Oliver Torr | Oshana | Per Hammar | Praslesh | Ricardo Villalobos | Schwa | Sonja Moonear | Topper | Varhat | Vik | Yan & Alfred Czital 

UP 2018 lineup

And there’s more to come. The festival’s only got to its second wave of names for now.

Although it’s its main draw, there’s more to attract you to UP in the competitive field of European music festivals than its impeccable music selection. With more than 50 artists spread across 4 stages over 3 days, the nascent festival already establishes itself as one of the circuit’s big-hitters, with a +20.000 capacity. This means we can expect some fine stagecraft; indeed, the festival will be collaborating with digital media studios for audiovisual performances. Did I mention the tickets are currently 45 euros?

All this action is unfolding in Prague’s exhibition centre, a stone’s throw away from the city centre. The Czech capital, one of the most exciting destinations in Europe, is definitely part of the appeal. Prague’s history is reflected through its architecture and an insane amount of museums. If you’re going to UP, you’d be a fool not to take some time to enjoy the city itself. Its reputation as a party spot is no longer to be demonstrated, but it’s no surprise that a festival like UP would come up now, since these days you can catch some of electronic music’s most exciting names in a club like Ankali, and the city seems to have a decent amount of promoters dedicated to pushing this kind of sound. May I add three final words? Ungodly cheap beer. Wink wink.

up prague

All in all, we’re therefore quite proud to announce that MEOKO is the festival’s official media partner — minimal beats in one of Europe’s most exciting capitals? Of course we’d be in! This means you can expect some exclusive content coming on the website in the run-up to UP, so keep your eyes peeled — and in the meantime, grab your tickets here before they reach the final wave.

Words by Pierre-Alexis Chauvin

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Music Through Pictures – Djebali

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 With this offering of Music Through Pictures MEOKO treats you to a man who embraces his musical muses from the world around him and prefers to ‘Let the music do the talking’; DJEBALI.


Olympic Runners – Get this thing down. Music is good for the soul and this music is pure soul. Old school soul!




All this colourful ballons make me think about happiness in its simplest form. Easy, Big easy !





All the scenes captured in little boxes remind me the craziness of this track. Everything is calm in appearence, but then you focus on the details and see the intensity of the picture and all these different scenes.





It’s raining vinyl and analogue textures here! Herbert is the one for textures !



A rainy day but there is kind of a continuity in this photo! The kind of vibe you can feel in this track from legend Kerri Chandler !





I immediately thought about a track I made for Freak N’Chic called ‘Elastik Hour’… It’s part of the ‘Sorry I Missed The Sky’ EP, and the artwork is full of clouds too.





Nature and technology united as one, like this track where modernity and roots are unified !




Until the morning! It’s a dreamy track, you just seem to be able to fly with these beautiful pads! Just like in the photo.





Everything hangs by a thread! I don’t know if this picture makes me think it’s beautiful or whether it’s totally crazy! Like this song… dark or peaceful?





The sunset, the colours, this little child playing with this bubble… it’s simple as that, serene just like this song!





Words by Matas Balta


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Swedish Festival Into the Valley Announces Six New Festivals

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After what has been two successful years for the Swedish festival Into The Valley truly spreads it wings to host festivals further afield. The electronic music festival will now host not only one festival in Sweden but also a further five internationally; today we are happy to reveal the first three. Through the festivals much anticipated expansion the Into the Valley organisers hope to forge an international link to showcase new music and innovative art. In addition to this its organiser’s aim to not only contribute to Swedish cultural exports but to also build on closer collaborations within the electronic music landscape internationally. 

Its safe to say that the last two years have been a huge success for the Swedish festival attracting festival goers from as far as Asia and the US as well as being listed as a top festival by popular magazines such as The Guardian, Condé Nast, Jetsetter, Elle, Vogue, Huffington Post and National Geographic to name a few.

Watch ITV 2016 Highlights: Sonja Moonear b2b Raresh


“Into The Valley festival managed to draw some of the most wanted DJs of the moment, as well as music lovers from around the globe, deep into the heart of the Swedish forest.”

“Into the Valley, a two-day celebration of cutting-edge electronic music”

“The limestone quarry transforms into a stew of deep electronics and artificially created light.”

Making its debut in 2015 against a breath-taking backdrop that was the Swedish forest of Dalhalla (Rättvik), the festival hosted a cutting edge line up. Ben Klock, Carl Craig, John Talabot, Nicolas Jaar, Four Tet and Dixon where amongst the many heavy weights to grace the line up.  The lime stone quarry in which the festival is situated separated it from any other festival in the world, with its natural acoustics and beautiful scenery. Making a huge impression on the electronic dance circuit after its debut this year saw a second instalment of the festival, which proved that the festival was here to stay. Hosting names such as Riccardo Villalobos, Raresh, ZIP, Jeff Mills, Nastia, Ellen Alien and Sonja Moonear this years line up was a treat for any electronic music lover.


Into the Valley – Estonia 29th June to 1st July 2017

For its third year taking place on 29th June to 1st July 2017, Into the Valley will undergo a major development in the form of a venue change. Due to the festivals growth and its ambition to be ever evolving for ITV organiser’s this seemed like the right time to change. The festival will be moving from Dalhalla (Rättvik) to its new home in Rummu in Estonia.  Remaining true to the festivals original quarry surroundings the third instalment of the festival will take place in Rummu’s magical limestone quarry, which we later learnt was also the site of an abandoned prison. Rummus picturesque surroundings of clear crystal waters and white sand beach add to its mystical charm, making it a prime location.


Into the Factory – Sweden 10th to 12th August 2017

For the second new festival announcement the ITV team move to Nynashamn just outside of Stockholm to host Into the Factory. The festival will take place 10th until 12th August 2017 on a site called Stora Vika. Stora Vika is an old abandoned cement factory (hence the name) with is situated close to a stream in the middle of a forest. Set against an industrial landscape paired with rustic features, Into the Factory looks to be something very special set in the middle of nature.

Into the Castle – South Africa 26th to 27th January 2018

The final festival announcement (for now) comes in the form of Into the Castle, taking place 26th to 27th January 2018. Into the Castle will be located in Cape Town in the Castle of Good Hope. Quite possibly the most exciting destination, Cape Town is a vibrant and multicultural city with an ever growing electronic music scene. In its prime for a forward thinking festival Into the Castle is sure to be a huge success. The castle itself is an XVIIth century star fort built by the Dutch East India Company, which is steeped in history being the oldest existing colonial building in Cape Town.

“By choosing South Africa as the next location we come closer to a whole new crowd and have the opportunity to capture a new audience with the same passion for music.”


The last three festivals will be announced at a later date to complete the six part festival development being hosted in Southern Europe, Asia and South America. Organised by Music Goes Further, which is lead by Into the Valley founder and entrepreneur Mattias Hedlund, this step is in reaction to a need for more intimate boutique festivals in an ever-growing international club crowd. Music Goes Further plans to do just that and along the way will build and develop its international connections to put on an array of unique festivals that are available for all.

Watch this space.

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Music Through Pictures – Mariano Mateljan

By Hot Off The Press, Music Through Pictures

Music Through Pictures DJ Banner copy copy

With this offering of Music Through Pictures MEOKO treats you to a man who embraces his musical muses from the world around him and prefers to ‘Let the music do the talking’. Mariano Mateljan hailing from Split, Croatia the dextourous DJ and producer has recently treated us to new tracks Keops and BRNMLT through label U DiG and if you haven’t yet heard the floor filling track Trace I can tell you that they are all full of deep groovy punchy baselines along with head spinning panning that make your feet bounce around the dancefloor. I’ve said enough already lol, but MEOKO loves this DJ’s diversity on and off the dancefloor so we are especially happy to enjoy his thoughts on the visuals. 


Every person has its own energy field. As a kid, unaware of how cruel and grey the outside world can be at times, your energy field is pure. We are, after all, surrounded by a constant stream of impacts, influences, and events. We should never forget that we have at our disposal a great reservoir of human energy.

Dhafer Youssef



Extreme hopes are born from extreme misery.

Shinda Shima




The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations.




We all get so caught up in the moment of what we’re doing every day, it’s hard to hit that reset button and get pulled away from all that and see life from a different perspective.

upside down




Passion and lust combined with music equals Rick James.

rick james



This photo reminded me instantly of “Reservoir Dogs” for some reason.
Reservoir dogs


We all are floating our psyche on top with a great ocean underneath.
adam f



Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

13517669 1162338360483360 7739206656824330500 o
Words: Tiffany Allen 
MORE Mariano Mateljan (SoundCloud)
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