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Not So Serious w/ Jacopo Latini

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An artist that sparked our curiosity a while back is on today’s Not So Serious stage. Jacopo Latini, a Bologne-based producer, has steadily risen in popularity over the last few years, with releases on Mood Waves, and his own Taboo Traxx which he co-founded, laying the groundwork for his sound. Positioning himself in the eye of the storm, Jacopo has reached an accomplished state of equilibrium with his most recent Rumore Bianco EP. The EP is absolutely sick, with all of the necessary components to get you dancing and a true fresh approach in its rounded basslines and cosmic melodies. Not to mention that his collaboration with Giammarco Orsini, Data Memory Access, is also soaring to new heights, as the duo debuted their live performance at the Picnic’s 10-year fabric takeover, and it went off without a hitch.

MEOKO catches up with Jacopo Latini to get a Not So Serious insight on what superpower he’d like to have and how he imagines partying in year 3000 would look like…

  •  Three Tunes That Never Leave Your Bag…

– Ricky. R – Underground Morality 

– Look, Love, Listen – Robot Man (Edit) 

– Mad Mike – Hi – Tech Dreams 


  •  I know it’s weird, but I really like to…

Enjoy silence! 

  •  What is your favorite 90s jam? 

It’s really difficult to just choose one. Everybody knows it was a crucial period for dance music in all of its forms; a huge legacy of DJs, artists and tracks that gave us a lot of inspiration to embrace the future. If I have to pick one…


  •  If you had a choice between two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose? 

Can I choose both? haha! 


  • What is an album you are into at the moment? 

Bicep – Isles 

  • Assuming that the world is going to end tomorrow, what would you do tomorrow? 

I would like to have a good dinner with the people I love, and then head directly to play at the best party of my life. 

  •  If you could blink your eyes and be in a favorite place right now, where would that place be? 

In a studio, immersed in nature with all the studio gear I have ever dreamed of. 


  •  If you could meet anyone, alive or dead? Who would that be? 

Thomas Banghalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk) 


  • Throughout my teenage years, I was listening to…

I would always have different playlists with a variety of genres. I have always loved the hip-hop sound, a lot of Italian stuff, but also Eminem, Dre, Notorious BIG, Tupac. 

At the same time, I started to buy records and CDs, around the age of 14/15 , this was my first interaction with electronic music, listening to Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Prodigy, and of course more club-oriented music, particularly house music. 

Geographically I grew up in a crucial place for the Italian club scene at that time – Bologna, which was supported during the summer by another magical place, Riccione. My first club experience was when I was 16, and I can happily say that nothing can beat that feeling. 

So I started to visit clubs often. Once back home I would search online for recorded DJ sets, upload them to my iPod and listen to them every day. I learned a lot doing that. 

  •  What’s the most crucial track of all-time? 

There is more than one, but if I have to choose: Kraftwerk – The Robots. 

  • Funniest thing I have ever seen…

Hmm…really don’t know. Probably a man (who I guess was a little high) was kissing the door at the entrance of the club as if it was his girlfriend. 


  • Producer to watch out for…

Data Memory Access 😉 

  • Describe what you feel like partying in the year 3000 will look like. 

I think history has always taught us that people have had the need to dance, perhaps by changing costumes, shapes, and music but the lowest common denominator remains. Maybe the parties in the future will have new colors, new rhythms, and new locations, but we have been dancing, we are still dancing, and will continue to dance forever.


Words by Monika Zander

MORE Jacopo Latini:  Soundcloud / Facebook / Instagram

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Not So Serious w/ Mateo Dufour & Cosenza

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Argentina has never been so hot, and with a decent number of quality groovers released over a couple of years, it was just a matter of time for fellow-Buenos Aires long time friends, groove aficionados, and b2b partners in crime Mateo Dufour and Cosenza to make their takeover on the worldwide scene. Their “Space Runner” on the mighty Key Records is just the perfect example. Fusing early ’00 house melodies with more modern stripped-back bumpy minimal rhythms, they exactly represent what South America is all about: driving rhythms, positive vibes, and a looot of energy! Today, we have invited them for our usual not so serious chat, vamos!

  • The best mix of 2021 was…

MateoIn my opinion the best mix of 2021 was The Ghost at The Mudd Show Hoppetosse, a perfect vinyl set with music that I never heard before. I have really good memories with this one, driving on my last travels. It has a perfect start with deep vibes to get out of the city and take the highway with more groove, always housey & fresh 🙂

CosenzaI’m not that guy who listens to house music when having a free time, but The MUDD Show has really good ones. I like the S. Moreira & Band podcast for example. For me that’s perfect when I want to chill, some Jazzy and instrumental beats. But there are many good ones when it comes to set the night, as the one from Giammarco Orsini or The Ghost. It depends on the mood and the daily momentz!



  • A night that went out of control?

Mateo: Ush! it’s hard to choose one after the funny weekends that we had with the Key Records fam in Uruguay, but well, If I need to choose one, I would say the night of “SOMOS”, the party where I played with Dyed, Lutz, Ricardo and Franco. What a crazy and long night this was! A lot of friends from Argentina were there and that made it different and special. The music was one of the best nights of my life, all the sets were perfect and hearing Franco closing with Ricardo was epic, national pride! The night went out of control when we left the venue and went to the afterparty at mid-day. We arrived, connected everything in 15 minutes and then we played till 4am on Monday b2b dyed.

Cosenza: All parties have their own things but for me one of my best party was the recently one from Key and Somos with Dyed, Franco Cinelli and Ricardo. Really good vibes with the local people from Uruguay and the music, just perfect! Now it’s a must for me to come back there 🇺🇾♥️


  • Craziest thing you have seen in a party?

Mateo: Haha, definitely the craziest thing that I have seen is a naked boy dancing on the dance floor, too crazy, he tried to climb the speakers too. That was at my first electronic festival, Creamfields Buenos Aires 2011

Cosenza: With no doubts the craziest and the funniest thing I’ve ever seen was Ricardo playing a 29 minutes track to not finishing the after party at Somos x Key 😂

  • The next music trend will be…

Mateo: I think that we are coming back to the 90’s, 100%, using the samples and synths from this time, trying to bring the colours that only you can make with analog stuff.

Cosenza: I think it’s gonna be more 90’s vibe, trying to recreate the imperfections of the old times when the music was made just jamming with machines.


  • If I just had 24 hours left on this planet, I’d…

Mateo: If I just had 24 hours left on this planet, I’d roll a big joint, call to my family and friends and drink a mate with them, seeing the sun going down <3

Cosenza: Really good question here, I would stay with my friends playing table tennis, and drinking some beers waiting for the end. Hope to have a large stock of beers!


  • Tell us a funny story that happened to you while partying or playing music.

Mateo: I remember we went back to a friend’s house after a party, some years ago, maybe 7, and when I was going to the toilet I saw a friend, making pee all over the front door. I went running and when I saw his face, he was smiling with his eyes closed, like in heaven haha. I said “Go to the bathroom bro” and he didn’t understand much, he opened his eyes and continued making pee.

Cosenza: You always hear a lot of crazy stories when the party comes to an end, but I have a good one from a few years ago. My friends from Clap Music here from Argentina were having their 2nd Anniversary party with a lot of friends and proper music. This night was one of the nights you know it’s gonna be long, and I was just playing there when I realized a friend was burying bottles in the ground for the after party, never seen this before! Also this guy dropped his phone in the toilet the same night 😂

  • One record that can be played over and over again to torture someone?

Mateo: Push – Universe Nation , or any hard-trance record haha.

Cosenza: Sarude – Sandstorm. A mustn’t for the bag.


  • How do you deal with a hangover?

Mateo: Nothing better than eating good Chinese rice and veggie arumakis with a spicy beer these days!

Cosenza: We all know this, to deal with the hangover you have to open up another beer, rest in peace on Monday 😝

  • When you were five years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Mateo: When I was 5 years old I remember that I wanted to be a farmer, in Argentina we say it ‘Gaucho’. I remember that I used farmer clothes on my days and loved to dance folclore. I have really good memories from these times, maybe because they were the best years of my life, living in the countryside with all my family.

Cosenza: To be honest I have no memory of what I wanted to be when I was a kid but let’s say I wanted to be an astronaut. Not this time Elon Musk, you’ll have to wait!!

  • What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Mateo: “If you try everyday, with love and respect, one day it will arrive” I remember this phrase that a friend said in a rehearse with a band, and I never forget … and he added   “its mathematic!” and I can say that is real (:

Cosenza: I always try to take all the advices that everyone gives me so I can do everything better, but I think one of the best advices that someone ever gave me was to enjoy the process and I’m taking it very literally.


  • What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Mateo: We had a friend’s birthday party in an unknown place, in the countryside. After 2 hours after the party started, I was playing and the police kicked down the door and entered. They were like 60 policemens really angry and violent, searching for the owners of the party and me and my friend were really scared. After some hours, we found out that the house that we rented had some legal problems and not the best background…

Cosenza: We were coming back from a boat party, when it suddenly lost direction and we hit a sailboat! We had to wait 1 hour for the police to come and rescue us, a very epic ending.


  • Can you think of a movie title that best describes your life right now?

Cosenza: Better Call Saul.. cause I’m on the aftercito 🤣


  • Favourite track from your recent Space Runner EP?

Mateo: “Data Move” I love all the tracks from the EP, and these things don’t always happen, but this one has the perfect balance between my taste and Cosenza’s. I really enjoyed the process of this ep, we learned a lot together, using the machines and when we were mixing it.

Cosenza: I love all of them but I think the one that came with a fast flow and more dynamic was “Space Runner”. We had so much fun making this one with Mateo, always a pleasure to work with my brother, learning new things together and sharing all the stuff with each other. That’s the best way to grow up!


Words by Monika Zander & Francesco Quieti

More Mateo Dufour: Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud

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Not So Serious w/ Chris Stussy

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you would have heard of Chris Stussy. Himself alongside Prunk have grown PIV to be one of the most globally recognised labels and parties in the industry at the moment.

Recently the artist has launched his Up The Stuss imprint with a 3rd release expected in April after EPs from the likes of staple names in the scene Fabe and East End Dubs. His recent ‘Take A Leap Of Faith’ on Constant Sound has really turned heads with it being a nod to the deeper side of his productions. We caught up with him for our Not So Serious series..

1) If you could choose any stage, festival, or a city (or all in one) to play your first gig after the lockdown, where would it be?

That’s a tough question. There are so many places that I love playing. I think it would be in Amsterdam. A ten-hour set at Thuishaven during the day as a ‘festival’ and then ending the day in a club setting… somewhere like Shelter, with one of the best sound systems we have in our country… Haha, sorry I was just daydreaming about being back in the booth for a marathon like that.

2) Without thinking, name your most memorable set – either yours or any one of your choice?

Loveland Kingsday 2019. What a day… I was super anxious before the set but I was also full of excitement. Thinking back to this day makes me think of ‘Fury’s Laughter’ by S.A.M. – I’ve never seen a crowd reaction like that and afterwards, my inbox exploded because of everyone who wanted to know the track ID… the rest is history! I’m getting goosebumps while I’m thinking about that moment again!

3) Can you recall the last vinyl record you played at home?

So Inagawa ‘Yours Sincerely’ on Cabaret Records. When I discovered this track a few years ago I knew I had to grab the vinyl. I was playing some records at home last week and closed with this track. If you have a soft spot for deep chords, this is your tune.

4) Making a track feels like…

One of the best feelings. Being in the moment, just create whatever you want, no boundaries. I even forget what time it is haha. I sometimes say to my girlfriend I’m coming home in 30 minutes and 2 hours later I’m stuck in the groove again…

5) I find inspiration in my hometown when I think of…

Travelling, being around friends, having a good time. Going to a good party where the music is amazing. Hearing new tracks from my friends, there’s a lot of stuff that inspires me really.

6) Favourite drink after (or during) a set?

Vodka Redbull.

7) I’ll never forget that time when…

You have to dig for hours and hours on Discogs to find a track that you’ve heard at a party the weekend before – it happens a lot so it’s hard to forget!

8) If you have to pick one rooftop for a 12-hour set, where would it be?

I would say in London. I love the vibe in the entire UK, I feel really comfortable testing out new tracks there. The crowd is always very open to new music, it’s a very educated crowd so to say.

9) You are trapped in the jungle and are waiting to be rescued with 10% battery on your phone. iTunes/Spotify/Soundcloud are all working offline, name three tracks to accompany your waiting…

Richard Earnshaw feat. Ursula Rucker & Roy Ayers ‘Rise’
Georg Levin, Clara Hill ‘I Got Somebody New’
Robert Glasper ‘What Are We Doing’

10) My dream line up would be with…

12:00-14:00 Brawther
14:00-16:00 Sweely
16:00-18:00 Youandewan
18:00-21:00 Apollonia
21:00-23:00 Kerri Chandler

11) The greatest house vocal to date belongs to…?

Masters At Work feat. India ‘When You Touch Me’ (M.A.W. Remix) [1993]

12) My most sampled jazz record is?

Kool & The Gang ‘Summer Madness’

13) 2020…

2021 🙂

by zaq. | February 2021

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Camouflage party returns at Zurich’s Supermarket with Fabrizio Sala, Togué, Rogi and Carmine

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Zurich’s Supermarket has become an indispensable reference in the Central European scene over the last years, hosting renowned names such as ro-minimal titans like Rhadoo, Mihigh, Cosmjn, Cezar and Amorf, but also serious grooves like Loco Dice, Felipe Valenzuela, Yaya, Ferro, master of the house Alci and many more. 




Born in 1998, the club is located just outside the city centre and during these 20 years has fashioned and shaped not just the nightlife of Zurich, but also that of the whole of Switzerland, affirming itself as a leader in the underground-music panorama.



This next Saturday, after being re-opened by its very own talent Alci, the club see again the Camouflage crew bringing some lovely vibes courtesy of Goa Club resident Fabrizio Sala (NOZOO), Togué (RE.FACE) and residents Rogi and Carmine, for what will be an amazing night full of good music, especially in times like this when we all would need it!





Make you sure to keep an eye on the page as the club will also invite Priku, Guti, Zefzeed, Gianni Callipari and Ricardo Villalobos, so you definitely can’t miss them all! The events will take place with due caution, respecting all the necessary COVID-19 preventive measures, click HERE for all the info.







Words by Francesco Quieti


26th Sept. | Ampere pres. Amphia night with SIT, Amorf (live), Dan Andrei, Cezar

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We talked about a long ago. A time that seemed to us interminable. A time of discouragement, uncertainties and fears, that seems to have finally reached the end. The Amphia night was supposed to take place at the Ampere club on Friday 13th March, but we all know what happened then. With great regret of the organizers, artists and all the music lovers, the night has been delayed indefinitely. Now, almost 4 months after, we’re so happy to announce that the event will take place on 26th September, same line-up, same passion, same flavour.




Born from the mind of Romanian studio wizards and musical visionaries Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia, this label has rapidly shaped what we usually used to call the rominimal sound, adding to the usual intricated grooves the right dose of fuzzy synths, futuristic basslines and cosmic pads. The label name itself evokes ancient and epic scenarios, leading us to vast and desolate lands, where once performed deeds that are still remembered today.



The battlefield for the night (if we can say so) will be the magic Ampere club. The titans clashing will include label heads – Vlad and Cristi – under their SIT moniker, going live both as a duo and a trio, because they will be joined by extraordinary pianist Mischa Blanos, with whom they form the Amorf group. The Romanian squad will be completed by Arpiar’s associates Cezar and Dan Andrei whom, through a rich and deep musical selection, will enrich the evening unleashing unforgettable peak times tracks.





 Check out the official event for all the info!




Words by Francesco Quieti