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Sounds of the City: Philadelphia with Josh Wink

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Sounds of the city josh wink


We are here again with a new Sounds of the City with legendary Philadelphian (US) DJ Josh Wink. He is one of the pioneering DJs in the American rave scene during the early 1990s. An example of this everlasting rave sound is his most famous production ‘Higher State of Consciousness’, which topped the dance charts all over Europe. Also in the nineties he formed his own record label, Ovum Records, which is nowadays one of the labels that takes root in almost every record collection. He played records all over the world, but as his career has progressed, he has stayed true to his roots, never selling out and always maintaining his integrity, always coming home to his beloved Philadelphia.

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Ok,  to the past and your teenage years. Tell us about your apprenticeship at Captain Jack’s mobile DJ Company. What did it involve, more than just making cups of coffee? Where in Philadelphia?

I learned to pack equipment in a car, learned how to use the equipment, learned the ins and outs of mobile djing. Bought the music for the parties. I didn’t get to actually dj in the beginning. But, I grew into being able to segue-way between songs. It was baby steps. But, I didn’t care as it’s what I wanted to do. Mind you. This was for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, sweet 16 parties. Not club stuff. But I didn’t care! It was in Philadelphia and Philadelphia area.

You are from the generation that coincided with the rave explosion. What was it like in Philadelphia during the 90s?

Innocent! Thats what I can say! As most cities in the USA. It was a great time for music and culture. Racially mixed, age mixed. In clubs, and in any venue you could find and use. It was a great time.


Where’s your favourite hang out spot in Philadelphia?

Liberty Land, the closest park near my home.

What’s the best club and why?

I don’t know. Haven’t been to the clubs in a long time!

Best record store?

Don’t know of any any more. But, AKA Music is the best I know of now.


Best local label crew?

Ovum Recordings! Come on!


Most unique aspect of the city?

The people!

The worst thing?

Cities BPT taxes and Streets department.

Best place for a view?

Deleware Landing or Belmont Plateau.

Screenshot 2015-01-22 16.56.57

What is the city’s signature dish and where is the best place to get it?

I guess it’s the Cheese Steak. I don’t eat them as a vegetarian so I wouldn’t know where to tell ya where to get one.

Philadelphia is derived from the city’s name in Greek translating as “brotherly love”. Who is your biggest “bro” in the DJ world and why?

I am blessed to have a lot of “Bros” as I’ve been doing this a long time.

A soundtrack to define Philadelphia would be…?

MFSB – Philadelphia Freedom


How has the city influenced your sound?

Disco, hip hop and it’s eclectic club scene of alternative music shaped who I am.

You’ve always been based in Philadelphia, what makes it so hard to leave? Have you considered living anywhere else?

It’s a hard thing to explain. You have to live here to understand why so many Philadelphians stay here. Yes, I have considered living outside of Philly, and even outside of the USA. We’ll see what happens.

A track that reminds you of home?

Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince _Summer time.


Josh Wink is visiting the capital all the way from Philadelphia. Catch him play this weekend, Saturday the 24th of January at Fabric. Tickets here

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MEOKO Sounds of the City: Berlin, Paris, Tenerife & Guadalajara

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Sounds Of The City roundup1 copy

Spending a few free days discovering or revisiting another city is always something special. Entering a club you’ve heard too many good stories about, checking out the actual store catalogue of an infamous record label, eating local cuisines, walking through a whole new landscape with different buildings, roads and names,  transport, culture and history. Returning home with a nostalgic bag of stickers, tote bags, records, photos and memories. Of course, visiting a new city can also be a hit and miss when it comes to deciding the best places to go to that would surely fit your tastes. Not sure if Lonely Planet has an “underground clubs” section under their ‘Nightlife’ chapter. And since insider tips from someone local are always better than any travel guide, MEOKO decided to ask DJs and producers about the ins and outs, their most treasured spots and hidden gems of the city they call home. This year, for our MEOKO Sounds of the City, some of our favourite spots have been Berlin, Paris, Tenerife and Mexico’s Guadalajara: 


Sounds of the City: Berlin with Sander Baan

Sounds Of The City Banner Sander Baan copy copy

We can see why originally Dutch Sander Baan calls Berlin his home. A regular at Club der Visionaere and founder of Rotate Berlin, Sander talks Spacehall, Berghain, and the freedom and creativity that defines the city. 


Sounds of the City: Paris with Molly 

Sounds of the city-Paris-1

Active member of Parisian nightlife from Communications to DJing, Molly is one of the reasons why Paris is burning right now! Resident of Rex Club, Molly’s tips include Concrete on a Saturday night, La Fee Verte (The Green Fairy) for a dose of absinthe, autumn in the Katapult boat, and explains Parisians’ grumpy reputation. 


Sounds of the City: Tenerife with Hanfry Martinez 

10656632 10204757244642096 411255798 n-1Hanfry Martinez from Lola Ed expresses his love for the sea as his favourite sound of the city in his home town, Tenerife of the Canary Islands, along with the electornic sounds in Beach Club where he holds his bimonthly residency. He paints a picture of a city by the sea, with its sunny weather, beach side bars and hidden coves. A perfect getaway from any grim weather. 


Sounds of the City: Guadalajara with Hector

 Hector Guadalajara

Now here’s a city that doesn’t appear too often in RA listings… Hector gives us some fun facts about his Guadalajara in Mexico. We did not know that… 

Guadalajara is close to the town of Tequila, seafood tastes better from the Pacific Ocean, “Vatos” means “mate” or “bro” in gangster slang and that Carl Craig played at local favourite underground club, Bar Americas, which by the way, gives free entry every night! 

Keep your eyes peeled for some more city sights and sounds in the new year… Happy Holidays from MEOKO! 





Sounds Of The City: Mannheim with Ray Okpara

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Ray Okpara Banner 

Ray Okpara has played a key role in Germany’s flourishing house scene for well over a decade with releases on Cecille, Oslo, Get Physical and Area Remote cementing his place as an influential player in the local scene. After spending some enjoyable years in Berlin, he has returned to his hometown of Mannheim where he continues to make strides with his most recent release on Mobilee. His night with RAJO with Johnny D took off when Nick Curly, now boss of 8bit Records, joined the ranks back in 2001 teaming up to start a residency at The Loft in Mannheim. These figures have been ever present in the local scene and helped to cultivate a sizeable yet perfectly formed community which began to gain international attention. Ray then proceeded to start up his own Ama Recordings straight out of Mannheim. We caught up with the DJ and producer to get a taste of this Mannheim flavour, land of the infamous Time Warp.


Hey Ray! It has been two years since we last interviewed you. It is good to have you back on MEOKO again. How’re things at the moment?

Hey hey, wow great to be back on board! All is great as usual, I can’t complain. Busy working on music and still traveling the planet.


Ray Okpara Bird


Tell us a track that illustrates the ‘Mannheim sound’. Can you describe what this is in a few sentences?

‘Mannheim sound’, I think it’s hard to describe because also label-wise, Mannheim has different genres, and honestly I don’t think that there is a ‘Mannheim sound’. If I had to pick a tune, I would say: Orbital Life by Johnny D. That’s when Mannheim was brought to people’s attention and will always be remembered.



Is it possible to say the city where you grew up has affected your music? If so, in what ways?

No not at all. Michael Jackson influenced me, as well as rap, drum n bass, house, techno, my friends, my family, my childhood, my life experiences. It’s all a part of me, myself and my music.


Can you explain what impact yourself and Nick Curly had on the Mannheim scene?

I was not only both of us, it was also Federico Molinari, Nekes, Johnny D, George P, Roberto Armormino, Jay Edit, A.M.M… a group of friends who had a mission. From never ending after parties, to residencies in our favourite clubs here. Individually, we had many of our own parties. We were the machine that kept our own groove and we were & still are strict when it comes to music. Now newcomers like from Valioso Records, or artists like Bunte Bummler are the new Mannheim. It’s all a part of everything. 


What is your favourite record store in the city?

Unfortunately there are no more record stores in Mannheim 🙁 not where you can get the new shit. Rotation, Spacehall, Music Mitte which are ALL IN BERLIN!


Where is the best place for a cocktail?

Onyx Bar.



For a bratwurst (or whatever is your favourite local dish)?

‘Mannemer Dreck’ (Mannheim Dirt) is a speciality made from marzipan, nuts & some other sweet stuff.  A bratwurst you will definitely get on the Mannemer Mess (Mannheim Fair). 



After living in Berlin for a number of years, how do the two cities compare? Is the scene in Mannheim as 24-hours as Berlin?

Yeah, I just can’t seem to decide where I want to live, but for now I will be staying in Mannheim. Two different worlds. Somehow you can’t compare at all. Just like you can’t compare New York City with Albuquerque. My heart still beats for Berlin and will always do!


Where’s the best place to spend a cold winter’s night?

At home on my couch with a funny cigarette. I´ve just been on some music in my studio, practised the guitar, now playing some videogames, later chillin´ with my lady…the perfect winter day at home 🙂


Does Time Warp live up to the hype? What recommendations would you give someone who was going to the festival for the first time?

I haven’t been in a long time. My recommendation would be to go at around 4/5am, stay until  2/3pm. Don’t miss the after party at Zimmer Club or find a crew which is aftering in the hotel. That’s my plan when I go 🙂



Why do you think Time Warp appeared in Mannheim? Was this due to the strength of the scene and the city’s infrastructure and facilities to host an event of this scale?

There are so many festivals it just happend to be here in Mannheim. Maybe one thing: that Mannheim was always in the centre of music. We had one of the first techno clubs in Germany called ‘Milk’. “Music City Mannheim” is a phrase they also say here a lot.


Apart from Time Warp, what is the city most famous for?

Our football club ‘Waldhof Mannheim’


What is your favourite nightclub there?

Disco Zwei


What is the thing you miss most about Mannheim?

I dont miss anythiiiiing! I miss my Berlin.


Ray Okpara


Do you find time to go back to Berlin regularly?

I never lose track of Berlin, I am there every 6-8 weeks.


Your label Ama Recordings is based in Mannheim. How’s that coming along and what makes Mannheim a good city to base it?

Simple answer: Because I live here! “My baby has to be with me”.


Finally, what have you got lined up for the winter season?

My new party series our music, our time, our life. Check it out.



Ray’s latest “Sugar Feel” EP is out now on Mobilee and can be bought here.

Catch Ray playing in London on NYE. Tickets here



By Geoffrey Chang



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Sounds of the City: Paris with Molly

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Sounds of the city-Paris

Molly is an active member of Parisian nightlife and is synonymous with Rex Club, an institution that fuels the city’s underground dance music scene. As well as being the brains behind communications at Rex Club during the day, she DJs as a resident for one of their most respected parties at night; DOOWEE (now HEAD_ON), where she has played alongside a wide spectrum of respected world class DJs, such as Jus-Ed, Levon Vincent, Andres Zacco, Samuel André Madsen and Dewalta.

Check out her deep and atmospheric warm up set for the Head_On party with Jus-Ed and Andres Zacco:

She crosses borders to play in some of the world’s most well-renowned clubs: Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Frankfurt’s Robert-Johnson, Moscow’s Gipsy and Shanghai’s Lola Club. The year, she made her mark in two of the best dance events of the year: ADE and Kazantip.

In terms of productions, she belongs to well-respected Rekids, the label run by Radioslave, along with Back & Forth, Rotary Cocktail or Street Knowledge. Most recently she has released a groovy remix of Mr Tophat and Art Alfie’s “I Want You To See” on imprint, Karlovak Holland.

Much respect goes out to Molly, whose talent, passion and energy clearly sets her out to be a leading figure in the Parisian clubbing scene, which from just a few years ago has grown into a leading underground dance music hub, comparable to other capitals such as Amsterdam, Berlin and London. This is why here at MEOKO we found it a great opportunity to ask Molly about the city she has fallen so in love with for our Sounds of The City series.

Screenshot 2014-10-29 13.15.33

Hey Molly! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for MEOKO! How is everything going for you at the moment?

More than fine, I’m very happy with how things are going for me at the moment 🙂



How was your summer? Have you been busy?

Summer was great! I had the chance to play in some really nice locations, clubs and festivals (Portugal, Ibiza, Corsica, Holland, South of France, Berlin, China, etc..) and it was pretty busy so I did not even see the summer going.



So you are from Paris? How do you like it there?

I’m originally from Toulouse (South of France ) but i moved to Paris 8 years ago. It takes time to find yourself well in Paris but once you get used to this city you fall in love with it.

There is so much to discover everyday and this city has a rich culture and history.



Did anything influence you in particular for your music career?

Not really, as strange as it is, I did not have any music education. My parents were only listening to the radio or some old French singers. I think it came from my older sister, when she was listening to some music I was always in her room, copying her cds . As a teenager I was a lot into Rock Music or bands like Beastie Boys. I discovered electronic music very late, when I was at College and i fell in love straight away with this music.



Have you ever thought of moving? Berlin, London, etc…

Yes, quite often after a great weekend in a nice city but when I really think about it then my heart goes back to Paris.



Which would you say is the best place to go clubbing in Paris?

REX of Course 🙂



Where is the best place to spend a Saturday night?


 Concrete, Paris

First, you must go to the restaurant, I would recommend the Vietnamese restaurant of my friend Emilie « Le numéro 5 ». She will welcome you very well before you go out… Then, there is plenty of choice, depends on who’s playing, where etc .

REX, Badaboum, La Machine, Concrete, Le Batofar, etc … Depends on what you are looking for and the atmosphere you like .



What is the best place to spend a Sunday night/day?

For the Sunday, I recommend to go to Marché d’Aligre its a market where they have a really nice place to eat oysters and drink white wine 🙂

Then you can go out, during summer time to Concrete, Sunday, Cocobeach, BP., and recently the Katapult autumn boat.



And if you want to continue at night then you can also go to the REX which is open from time to time on the Sunday and I can say that Sundays party at the REX are one of the best.

Its crazy how many events you can find in Paris now! 



Which is the best bar to drink absinthe?

absinthe copy

I would recommend the place « La Fee Verte » (the green fairy), in Bastille, They have many varieties of Absinthe.



What makes REX a unique club?

-10Head On2-9577

Rex Club is unique with his history, this place as something special when you get in it. The sound system is still very good, all the main artists in electronic music have played there, even Prince for an after show some many years ago!

The architecture of REX also is unique, a long club, with a DJ booth like you could find in the 80’s with a window 🙂 All Residents are great DJs, and this club has kind of family vibe.

REX is my home and this club made me so for me it will always stay unique and the one in my heart.



One thing that makes Parisian nightlife unique to other cities is…

Partying in the middle of the this beautiful city and the French crowd is pretty unique too.


The strangest venue you’ve ever played at in Paris?

The last one was in a « Sephora shop » … It was for a Fashion event, playing in the middle of this perfume smell, it was a bit weird and it gave me a headache, but I could play the music I like: Deep house, house with no comprises, and the people enjoyed it!


A track that represents Parisian nightlife?


At the moment, I will say: Daft Punk: Burnin’ … Cause thats what everyone says now : Paris is « burning » !!


The most beautiful landmark in Paris?



Eiffel Tower of course



Parisians can be grumpy… true or false? What are your thoughts on this?

Ahahaha, unfortunately, yes it’s true … But i think its the French people in general, but a bit more in Paris. I do a agree 🙂 But I am not Parisian, so may be thats why i m not that grumpy (well I hope !!).

Paris is a very big city and to live in Paris is not that easy. Life is very expensive here so you must work hard to get a proper standard of living.

And it’s one of the reason why people are so stressed, everything has to go fast.

It’s maybe a question of history, the more you have, the less you are happy. We are all lucky that we live in a rich country, in a democracy, a country with a really nice social security cover but people always find a way to complain.

I think the grumpy ones are the one who don’t have the chance to travel that much cause if you have the chance to travel and to see how people live in some other country then you realize many things and you become more open minded, and less grumpy for sure!



Your favourite district, and why?

img 0383

Screenshot 2014-10-29 16.34.33
My district, the 11th! First it’s the district where you find the main record stores in Paris (Syncrophone, Techno Import, Betino, etc ). 

There are many nice bars & restaurants in this district. You are close to the Seine, so It’s also nice to go there for a walk or picnic.

And the atmosphere is quite relaxing compared to other areas in Paris.


What is the best park to relax on a sunny day?


Parc de Vincennes, as it is very big and there is a really nice lake where you can rent some little boat .


What is a traditional Parisian dish, and where is the best place to eat it?

There is not really a traditional parisian dish but i would say the steak tartare! You must go to a place called «Chez Paul», near Bastille, a typical French restaurant and the tartare is one of their specialities.



Paris is considered a romantic city for many. What does Paris mean to you?


I do agree. We are lucky that all of our monuments were preserved after all those years and were not destroyed by the 1st and 2nd wars, the revolution etc. It’s also a cultural city full of beautiful museums.
When you walk by night and you see all those monuments it’s magic. That’s also one of the reasons why I still live here.


What events in Paris are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?

Unfortunately I’m not here so much on the weekend now so I can’t enjoy the nightlife as much as I used to do … I would recommend to check the Resident Advisor events section, and you’ll find your happiness!



Catch Molly play next in London for Junk presents Zoo Project at Junk on the 1st of November, or in Paris at beloved Rex for her Head_On party on the 22nd of November. 

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Sounds of the City: Rome with Silvie Loto

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Sounds of the city-rome

Silvie Loto, an Italian tech-house queen, has certainly made a name for herself internationally as well as locally. She belongs to record labels 250REC and Paris based Catwash Records. More famously however, she has unleashed her creativity with some of dance music’s most well-respected institutions, such as BPitch Control, where she released her Solstice EP, and two of Italy’s underground dance music super clubs: Florence’s Tenax and Rome’s Goa Club, where she has held residency at both clubs. It was Tenax in 2008 which allowed her musical career to blossom in full after travelling and playing at dance music terrains, London, Spain and Germany. Since then she has not stopped, as she play regular gigs at Tenax, holding residency at well-renowned Nobody’s Perfect party since 2010. And let’s not forget her residency for legendary party Ultrabeat at Goa Club, one of Rome’s best underground house & techno clubs. It was her residency at this club and her impressive milestones in Italy that inspired Meoko to ask Silvie to be featured on ‘Sounds of the City’, where we ask artists about their favourite spots in the city they call home. 

 Screenshot 2014-10-15 12.52.00

Hi Silvie! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about Rome. We’ve heard many great things about Rome’s nightlife and of course, the city itself looks magical….


Where according to you, is the best place to spend a Saturday night?

There are so may. But when I’m free I personally prefer to take it easy with a good movie at home.


How true is Sorrentino’s portrayal of Rome in his La Grande Bellezza?


That’s one of my favorite movies for sure. The movie doesn’t really portray a general vision of rome, but quite a small part of it. It only shows a symbolic and allegoric caricature of the high class of rome, which feels true nonetheless.


In Rome, you can’t live without… a camera to take pictures. There are so many things to see and to immortalize.


If you had to convince a friend to go on a Roman holiday, what would you say?

You can see in a week more amazing monuments than you can see travelling to 20 cities. You can probably eat some of the best cuisines.


Most artistic gallery?


Macro’s museum in via Nizza is one of my favorites. Just the building itself, an ex brewery of Peroni, is already something you should see in Rome.


Best place to have an aperitif? 

Freni e Frizioni in Trastevere is one of the most famous places to have a good drink at happy hour.


Best place to have a glass of wine?

Salotto 42 is a great place for a good glass of wine. But most for a great cocktail. Placed in the center of rome it stands in front of Adrian temple, an amazing Roman temple.


Goa stands for?


Home and music. You can feel so comfy inside listening to your favorite DJ with one of the best soundsystems.


Your favourite summer party is…

556427 439188632786542 384510439 n

Magick Bar. A magical place on the river of rome. Open every day with DJ set every night. It is the best place to meet friends and drink a good cocktail with amazing music as a soundscape.


Favourite party on the beach is…

311539 10151063374986764 31019894 n

Goa Ultrabeat summer parties on the beach are my favorites. They start from 6pm till midnight. I love to dance on the beach with the sun light.


And how about your favourite winter party?

For sure Goa club gives me the best nights. As well Goa Ultrabeat night on Thursday and Anarchy in the Club on Friday. I love to play there and hear artists I have known for several years or discover new names.


Favourite record store?


Ultrasuoni Records in Monti is for sure the best place to buy good new records. You can never go wrong. All the selected music by the owner, Marcolino, is always the best you can find around.


A sound unique to Rome is… San Pietro bells on a sunday morning


Favourite bar to play at?

Again Magick Bar. You can play what you want, how long want and this freedom makes you play (and hear) the best dj set.


Most creative hub is… Monti neighborhood is probably the most artistic place in rome. Here you can find music shops, cool boutiques and shops of handmade stuff. It’s the hip place of Rome.


Most inspiring place is…

villaborghese grande copy 

Villa Borghese Park, one of the biggest ones in rome. Is close to my house so i love to go and spend some afternoons there. You can even work from there, as there is wifi in most of the park.


A track to represent Rome is…

Nino Rota – ‘La Dolce Vita, soundtrack of the masterpiece “La Dolce Vita of Fellini”. This is exactly what rome is about baby!







Sounds Of The City: Guadalajara with Hector

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Hector Guadalajara

Sounds of the City is a new series in which MEOKO grills some of our favourite DJs and producers about the ins and outs, their most treasured spots and the hidden gems of the city they call home.


Hector hails from Guadalajara in Mexico where he began DJing when he was 16. Since then, he has come a long way building up a strong career, having plied his trade working in the famous Phonica Records store in London. Through his job, he met important DJs and influential players in the industry which eventually led to him being introduced to none other than Loco Dice. Dice took a keen liking to Hector and took him under his wing subsequently welcoming him into the Desolat label family. MEOKO was extremely pleased to have the opportunity to chat to him all about his musical beginnings in his beloved Mexico. We also spoke of tequila, tacos and the meaning behind #vatoslocos…


Tell us a fun fact about your hometown in Mexico.

Guadalajara is located near a little town called Tequila, where the famous beverage of the same name is made!


How was the scene in Guadalajara and how did you get into music over there?

My friends were in bands and we’d always get together during the week. I was always listening to music hanging out with my friends at their rehearsals. There was also this connection with live music. I first got into electronic music when some guys from England came to study Spanish in Guadalajara. I was playing professional football at the time and one day they came to training and we eventually became friends. They started to introduce me to the Global Underground compilations, fabric mixes and artists like DJ Q, Terry Lee Brown Jr, The Time Writer, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers. It was then that I began to have an interest in electronic music. After a year and a half, they returned to England and naturally encouraged me to come to London to see all the clubs and check out the scene because I never got to see many DJs in Guadalajara.


What was the attraction foryou in these foreign electronic sounds?

The compilations I listened to told a story by mixing tracks. This concept was new and exciting to me. How the DJs told this story through different kind of styles from old school house, acid house, all the different genres – it was all new to me.  There was so much music to explore and so much to learn that it just grabbed my attention. It was just a massive library to get immersed in.


Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.32.53


So you followed your English friends’ advice and made your next stop London?

Yeah, I moved to London initially for 3 months, but I ended up staying there for the next 11 years! My friend started studying Sound Engineering and Music Production. At the same time I was buying vinyl even before I had decks. The move to London eventually led me over to Ibiza where I started at the bottom by putting up posters and flyers, but through that you get to know all the right people and then they give you the first chance to DJ…So I started from zero. I always remember where I came from and how I started from handing out flyers.


What do you miss the most about Mexico?

My family and the food (laughs)!

What’s your favourite Mexican dish?

Ceviche is my favourite thing – it’s a dish made of fresh raw fish cured with citrus juices and additional seasonings. The seafood in Mexico is amazing because of the Pacific side we get so much fresh seafood. Guadalajara is in the middle of the country but quite close to the Pacific. You get a lot of different things in Mexico, very traditional stuff like tacos, enchiladas – traditional homemade food with tortillas…The most amazing thing are the spices! I’m getting hungry just talking about it.


Where’s the best place to get a taco?

If you want to have the best tacos, you have to get them from the street stands. Not like Tex-Mex americanised Mexican food – I never eat burritos, fajitas, none of those types of things. Real tacos are the street food; they are the best. 


What is the best club in Guadalajara? 

Bar Americas. There is a nice story behind that too. One year I had to leave London for family reasons and I brought my decks home with me. It was already a nice bar with a good soundsystem, but I managed to convince the owner to let me DJ there as part of a club night. It was a great success and within a few weeks there were long queues to get inside to see me play.  The entrance is free and every Thursday is the international night. At first it was complicated to get big DJs since it was free, but eventually we had artists such as like Carl Craig, Marco Carola and a bunch of other big names performing at the club.


Where was your favourite hang out spot?

When I was 16, I was training for football all the time. I was actually a very good boy, I didn’t drink or anything like that. The nightlife culture is very different anyway in Mexico compared to Europe. It’s more of a bar vibe with live music rather than underground nightclubs. We don’t have anything like a fabric in London for instance!


Why is the clubbing culture less developed over there?

People don’t have the same access or resources that are available in big urban cities like London. Also equipment – the hardware is so expensive, it’s not easy to start up.


Could the scene change in the future?

Right now it’s amazing because people are beginning to get more access. There is a lot of good talent coming out of Mexico at the moment such as Pinto, Midnight Perverts, Louie Fresco, Miguel Puente, Robbie Akbal, Bastard Love, Balcazar & Sordo, Betoko, The Climbers, Metrika and also Harvard Bass.

BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) is one of the most successful festivals in South America – that’s the best example of everyone around the world coming to Mexico to party and putting attention on my home country.


Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.32.39


Is there an essence in your music of Mexico? Some sort of influence from your time there in the city?

Yes, always – 100%. The titles of tracks, style of music, basslines, the latino influence is always there. It’s in my blood and a big part of my music.


If you could describe Guadalajara in one track (electronic/non-electronic)?

Well the Mariachi bands are from Guadalajara and surrounding regions, so I guess that is the most traditional sound you would hear.


So you grew up in Guadalajara, lived in London for a long time and now you live in Berlin. Granted Guadalajara is home, which are your second and third homes?

London is definitely my adopted second home. I moved there pretty young so by the end of my stay I was a qualified Londoner, eating English breakfast and Sunday roasts, watching Coronation St (laughs). The city is a big part of my life after 11 years of living there.

Compared to Berlin, I don’t even speak German which is not out of disrespect. The main problem is, I’m hardly there. Despite this problem, Berlin is where I’ve chosen to live, and build a studio. Also, my booking agency and management also moved there which is convenient since the office is only 5 minutes away from my apartment. Plus the airports are easy to get to so it’s convenient overall for me here in Berlin.


What’s your relationship with label Desolat like? I noticed a few other fellow South American artists on the roster like Guti. Do you share a sense of latino unity in Desolat?

Dice likes the latino influence which probably explains the South American artists on the label. I actually ran into Guti a few days ago in Ibiza, but he lives in Barcelona. Of course when we’re together we talk in Spanish and make all the Spanish jokes and banter.


Finally, and sticking with the Hispanic theme, what’s the story behind “Vatos Locos”?

It started off a long time ago with me, Dubfire and Dice. It comes from a film about the Chicano’s called ‘Blood In Blood Out’. It’s all about the Mexican Chicano gangs and they are known as the “Vatos Locos”. “Vato” is the same way to call someone “mate” or “bro” but it’s more slang used in the gangs. Then obviously because I’m Mexican – Dubfire and Dice would always call me and say, “Wassup vato?!” I really wanted to do something under the banner of Vatos Locos, but with their schedule it’s impossible. Then the catchphrase just stuck and went viral on social media earning its own hash tag. In Italy people turned up with the flag saying “vatos locos”. What began as a joke has now become something crazy!


Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.51.30 


Pre-order Hector’s vinyl-only The Daggers EP on Overall Records here. Released 30th October.

Hector plays fabric on 15th November. Buy tickets here.

Check out Hector’s MEOKO mix here.


By Geoffrey Chang







Sound Of The City: Brooklyn With Razor-N-Tape

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razor n tape banner


Describe the mood of Brooklyn in 3 tracks from am / pm / late.


AM – Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn


PM – Digable Planets – Where I’m From


LATE – Levon Vincent – Late Nite Jam


What is your favorite milkshake bar or café for all round day time putting your feet up?


JKriv: I’ll give a shoutout to Farmacy in my hood where they serve actual milkshakes, and egg-creams (a classic Brooklyn beverage) and where we recently shot some RNT press photos.




Tell us a bit about Razor N’ Tape as a label and DJ collective. Were yourself and JKriv friends for many years before it all began?


JKriv: Aaron and I more or less got connected a little more than 3 years ago. He had just moved back to NYC from Chicago and we began hanging out and doing some gigs together. I had just started Deep&Disco but we were hearing music that we wanted to release that didn’t exactly fit D&D, so we started up Razor-N-Tape.


Which venue has the best intimate party atmosphere for both night and day? (The gem.)


AD: Although it’s not in Brooklyn, I’d say Le Bain at The Standard, High Line really has the best of both worlds. Amazing views from both the indoor club and outdoor rooftop plus who doesn’t like a scandalous hot tub on the dance floor? JKriv: Output’s nice too.




A sound that reminds you of Brooklyn first thing in the morning?


AD: Police or ambulance sirens and trash trucks.



Brooklyn’s top 3 pizza spots for those that know?


AD: Hands down, Di Fara’s on Avenue J in Brooklyn’s Midwood neighborhood. I’d give 2nd place to Juliana’s in DUMBO which is owned and operated by Patsy Grimaldi who made the original Grimaldi’s famous. JKriv: Lucali.




Favorite underground local label party that needs a shout out?


JKriv: Discovery, a dope party that friends of ours throw has been going for 5 years. They started at Santos’ Party House in the city, then moved to Glasslands in Brooklyn.


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.21.15


We see you guys play a lot of U.S based shows. Do you have many upcoming parties in Europe or the UK?  


JKriv: I have a gig in Bogota at the end of the November, and we’ll most likely be doing some Asia dates together as RNT  in the Spring as well…stay tuned.


Something strange that people don’t know about Brooklyn’s music scene..  


JKriv: I don’t know what people know, or what they don’t. I will say that the Brooklyn is a great place to be if you’re into dance music right now.


How did your roots and passion in Disco begin in Brooklyn and are there clear signs of  promising upcoming generations who haven’t yet fallen head over heels for techno?


AD: My passion for all things Disco actually began while I was living in Philadelphia during the early to mid aughts. I started discovering and buying different albums at this little Used Cd Shop on South Street. As for promising upcoming generations, I’m a firm believer in things being cyclical as well as people’s tastes maturing over time. They’ll eventually come around 😉




Something you see when you look up across the dance floor that reminds you you’re in Brooklyn?


JKriv: Beards.


How have the council influenced and changed the local scene in the past few years?


AD: I wouldn’t say there’s been too much change or influence in the past few years. It’s more like a continuation of harsh policies set in place during the Guliani administration. He made it very difficult for existing clubs as well as those trying to open new venues.


Razor N’ Tape is one of the most consistently high quality releasing disco labels. What are your plans for the future?


AD: Next up on RNT is the Lovebirds Edits 12” followed by DJ Vas Edits and Chris E Pants Edits 12”s. As for Razor-N-Tape Reserve, we have an EP by LA based POOLS which also includes a Pittsburgh Track Authority remix plus we’ll be seeing follow-up releases by The Groovers, Luvless & Martin Hayes and Dirtytwo. To round things out, RNT45 will feature a new dusty 7” by Amsterdam’s The Planty Herbs.



By Ell








Sound Of The City: Tenerife with Hanfry Martinez

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 Hanfry Martinez of Santa cruz de la Palma, label owner of Overall Music (with Javier Carballa) and recent edition to French label crew Lola Ed, takes us through his Sound of the city. Voted best Spanish artist in 2013 by Vicious Magazine, Tenerife man has an intriguing inspiration in music and has embarked on an energetic journey through the scene from resident dj nights and promotional work in his local town to eventually catching the ears of many and moving on to play some of the globes most respected clubs such as Fabric and Chalet in Berlin. Releasing on labels including the likes of Get Physical and underground imprint (djebali) presents to name a couple, Hanfry has some interesting words on his home town.  





What’s your favourite sound of the city?

I live in the main city, Santa Cruz of Tenerife,only 10 mins walking to the beach. When you have lived on an island your entire life, the sea sound is something that you listen to every day. Even though you sometimes you don´t pay attention to it, the sound is always there and it is an important piece of your life. When I travel and I am very far from home, when I come back I love listening the sound of the sea, it has a deeply calming effect.


Your favourite beach/place to have a swim?    

Although I live in a city, the beach is near and I love going because it helps me to forget and to rest. I like going to the south of the island and I usually go to Fañabe beach. It is not a beach you will read about in magazines but Fañabe is special because I can do everything I want, for example, to take a stroll, to eat an ice cream, to have a swim and stay in the sand until the late evening and to eat fresh fish in many restaurants which are near. To be honest it can get overcrowded! Everybody knows it. But it’s the perfect place to enjoy an entire day at the beach.


If you could describe Tenerife in a track or two…. 



Best chiringuito to escape heat at lunchtime?  

There is a place I go three times a month where I can eat typical Canary food (ribs with potatoes and green sauce). I don’t know why but the flavour is completely different and which is why I love it. I strongly recommend it and it is cheap! The name is CASA DE TOMÁS.


Best place for a nice cocktail?  

Sometimes when I go to the south of the island, to Fañabe beach I love finishing the day in “LE CLUB”. There are giant beds where you can lay and drink a cocktail, Caipirinas or mojitos. I usually go on Sundays with my girlfriend and friends.


What’s the best activity to keep you busy in Tenerife?     

 It is very difficult to get bored in Tenerife because there are many interesting places and activities that you can do…Firstly, if you love water sports there are a lot of beaches where you can practice surfing, water skiing, sailing, free diving, scuba diving… Secondly, if you prefer the forest, you can go trekking, visit the highest mountain of Spain (Teide), or stay high up in one of the rural mountain houses and finally, if you love art and studying history, there are a lot of museums, old castles, churches… there’s something for everyone!


 Which is the best club of the island?   

There is a new 500 person club (Ocean Club) near the beach in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. There’s a dance area and chill out area, and big windows for great views of the sea and the beach while you’re dancing. I love this place, especially in summer. When the club was opened, it didn´t use to be played electronic music, it used to be different kinds of events for a long time. After a year it started to be electronic music and the owners have changed the view about the music in the club, in fact, my bimonthly Beeper residency party is now there. It’s a mix of international artists with the best dj´s of the Spanish scene and our local residents.


The best ‘hidden place’ for total relax?    

Gaviotas Beach is a quite beach very difficult to get to because the road is a disaster! It is a different beach for me, a family beach, and the same people always go there, young people. Perfect place for surfers too.


The worst place on the island?     

I hate the industrial area in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. As I told before I live here, near the beach but I also have to see every day this industrial area, it smells very bad and you always feel that air is not pure in this area. Sometimes politicians do everything in order to earn money… it pisses me off!!


What you like most about Tenerife is…      ..

There are many things that people will definitely love them,  for example,  the weather is wonderful in whatever season, the beach always is near and there are many beautiful places to visit.


 What is the most annoying thing about Tenerife?    

For many people it is very difficult to find a normal job.


Where would you head to for live music & friends?  

Near where I live there is an important city “LA LAGUNA”. LA LAGUNA has always been a university city and so there are more restaurants, pubs and discos than in Santa Cruz. You can find all kinds of performances: a young soloist who is starting to work and only want to sing for his friends, or an old jazz group who has been working professionally for a long time. One of the best places to go is Buho Club.


Best place for a view?

If it’s not cloudy go to the top of the Teide, the highest mountain in Spain. You can see the seven Canary slants.


What are the things you can do there and not elsewhere?   

You can visit the highest mountain of Spain and you can be in the beach only driving for 30 minutes.


What Tenerife misses is…..   

You need to take a plane to visit other places in Spain.


What is a typical dish?    .

The Canary Islands gastronomy is based in the traditions that identify us culturally. We have many typical dishes, my favourite being ribs with meat and sauce! We cook in an original way and it is very difficult to imitate in another place. We also have very delicious vegetable soups, fish and good wine. Basically it is the best of the country, hehehe.


Which area is the best to stay at?   

In my opinion, the best place to live in Tenerife is Santa Cruz of Tenerife, the main city. In Santa Cruz there is everything and you will never feel bored: shopping centers, cinemas, schools, football stadiums, beaches,… It depends that you are looking for. On the other hand, I confess that there other important places too and I recommend to go to La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz and Las Américas.


One thing on the island that for you should never change  

Our traditions should never be forgotten.


Which is your first music related experience there?    

When I was fifteen or sixteen years old I was always visiting music shops in Santa Cruz of Tenerife and playing or recording at home or in some friend´s house. My friends used to tell me stories about their brothers in raves parties in the south of the island, foreign Djs who had made parties in the south and I hallucinated with those stories, I loved listening to them. At that time I was a bit too young to go out and the south of the island had a dangerous reputation for me, but after a time I started to go to the discos in the south in “LAS AMERICAS”. It was very popular in the 80s and 90s with European tourists who came on holiday but ended up staying, running their own business and investing in discos, restaurants… After that the mafia came and… it was a chaos. I remember walking around an area called “VERONICAS” surrounded by foreigners on the piss. After some months, I met some djs and promoters who let me play some clubs. I am very happy to have lived during the 90s because I could learn many musical cultures of other countries and it lived up to all those stories I had heard as a child 😉


Is there another place where you feel at home?  

I love the Gomera Island and in fact I go there every year. 


What is not to be missed by music addicts?    

Nowadays, in Tenerife it is a little bit difficult to make partiesoutdoors, the government don`t like it and make it very expensive if you want to make it happen. Due to this reason, promoters have decided to make “private” events, renting a giant house or in a piece of land and make a party for  100 to 1000 people. It is always sunny here so what could be better than being in a lost in a mansion in the forest or on the beach with awesome music and the best djs of the islands? If you are in Tenerife on holidays and you love electronic music, you can`t miss these parties.


Working with Terence:Terry: on ‘Cornelius is Gaye’ ?

I have been working for a long time with Terence. I met him 5 years ago when he came to a party here in Tenerife as an artist. I have followed him for a long time as a dj and I loved his work with Freak N Chic, Robsoul, … For me Terry is like a brother now and in fact I am very happy to have met him. We have made many things together: music, events around our labels, we now also share the agency (Lola ED) and I have always liked his personal music taste. A long time ago we played together in a festival in Gran Canaria island and after that we played in an “After Hours”, he was playing an instrumental track with an acapella and I remember dancing and thinking… “What is this voice?… sounds familiar… Fuck man I love it, What is it?” He told me that it was a sample of an interview with Marvin Gave. For a long time we were playing this acapella before deciding together to do something with it. Terence came to Tenerife and stayed in my house for a week, every morning we made music, lunched on the beach, before continuing with production. At night we had a great dinner and we were speaking about music until late in the night. It was an awesome experience. The result was ‘Cornelius is Gaye’ EP (LISTEN BELOW)







Hanfry Martinez MEOKO Mix. Listen Here…



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Sound Of The City: Berlin with Sander Baan

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Sounds Of The City Banner Sander Baan copy copySounds of the City is a new series in which MEOKO grills some of our favourite DJs and producers about the ins and outs, their most treasured spots and the hidden gems of the city they call home.

Sander Baan started DJing back in 1989, growing up in the era when House and Techno emerged. The common thread that runs trough Sander Baan’s broad musical canon and creative projects is a resounding fluid style. Famed for his long sets, he is well known to dominate the dance floors in Berlin and beyond at prime-time, keeping the crowd excited throughout his warm and playful sets. Sander Baan has cultivated a unique path as an artist as well as the head honcho of Rotate Berlin, the bookings agency and events brand he founded in 2012. Years before Rotate, Sander started organising parties in Berlin’s legendary Club der Visionaere and still runs two regular nights there with Rotate Berlin and with a group of friends called “Die Holländer”, consisting out of Makcim and EL-P. His experience in the industry and the great passion for music he shares – leaves us with no wonder why he became a respectful member of tINI & the Gang. Sander is Dutch from origin but has been a Berlin local for years, knowing the city like the back of one’s hand. In MEOKO‘s fairly new series Sound of the City he takes us on a journey to the places he knows best; record shops, clubs, after-hours and all the other glorious things Europe’s Electronic Music capital has to offer.


My favourite sound of the city is?

I would say, Club der Visionaere sound. Each time you enter this place the sound is just recogniseable no matter which DJ is playing. I have this feeling since the 8 years I come here. It’s like the DJ is being transformed by the club 😉

If I could describe Berlin in three tracks, they would be…

Listen to the selection throughout the article

Best record shop in Berlin?

Spacehall. Every time you come there you have to go through the entire backstock because its being updated on a very regular basis and I always come back with pure gemms each time I visit. So if you are a digger, this is the place to be! They have a lovely staff also, Jason Lanox, Jan Krueger, Hannes and of course the owner Peter!

Venue with the best sound system?

Berghain, not much to add! Keep a eye on the Hoppetosse because they have a second floor with a custom made soundsystem which is amazing!

Best place for a nice cocktail??

John Muir, amazing cocktails for a good price in a great location.

What is the coolest neighbourhood to hang out in nowadays?

For me it always was and still is Kreuzberg 🙂 


What place used to be, but isn’t anymore?

Cannot answer this one, since for me it always have and still is Kreuzberg.

Where is the best place to party on a Monday?

I never party on a monday due to my work responsibilities 🙁 but I would say Berghain if its still going on or Club der Visionaere during the summer.

Berlin is the city of change… how is it different for you compared to ten years ago?

I remember my first visits to this city very well. It changed a lot, it became more expensive, there are more tourists which both are not positive trends. 8 years ago you could walk in Club der Visionaere and find Luciano, Ricardo and Richie playing b2b2b while the place was not crowded, a very free feeling and this rarely happens now-a-days because its simply too busy when DJ’s like this play. But the freedom for artist to litterly do what he loves without boundaries still exists and thats what makes Berlin still so unique.


Afterhours I’d most likely go to?

Afterhours in Berlin ? Clubs are open here so late or sometimes don’t even close that I would not call it a afterhour but for that afterhour feeling it has always been and still is Club der Visionaere. Its a great place to go after you have been in a club and want to hang out with friends in the sun for some extra beers.

U-Bahn or S-bahn?

Both are great, simple and effective….but I usually do everything by foot or bike!

The thing that annoys me the most about Berlin?

Tourists and the increasing prices, although I am not a real Berliner since I come from Holland and only live here for 3 years it’s the increasing tourist rate which makes the prices go up on basically everything and also the crowd in clubs changes because of that.

During the summer I always chill out at?

Again, Club der Visionaere 🙂


When it rains, the best place to be in Berlin is…


The place where I bump into most of my friends is…

Record stores and the dancefloor!

What I like about Berliners is…

Their feeling of freedom and passion for art and music.

Berlin is such a creative place because…

It’s full of creative people and the city still has no strict rules, almost anything is allowed!


The thing I hope never changes about Berlin is…

Opening hours of clubs!

Could you tell us something about the mix you’ve kindly prepared for us…

I recorded the mix outside openings hours at the Hoppetosse in one go. It consists of a few styles of music I love to play at the moment. Nothing more to say about it, just listen 🙂


Listen HERE


Sound Of The City: London with Pete Herbert

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Sounds Of The City Banner Pete Herbert

Sounds of the City is a new series in which MEOKO grills some of our favourite DJs and producers about the ins and outs, their most treasured spots and the hidden gems of the city they call home.

Few know more of the London music scene than a record store owner. Across all music, new and old, they know what comes out and when, who buys it, where it gets played and how to play it. Pete Herbert is one such character, the one-time proprietor of the internationally recognised Atlas Record Store in Soho, whose input into the music scene goes far beyond the buying and selling of records. Herbert has also made a deep mark in studios of Europe, producing and remixing under various aliases for Eskimo Records in Belgium and Music for Dreams in Denmark, amongst many others. Hardly surprisingly, you can’t keep Pete away from the decks either; a Londoner might catch him at Fabric, The Nest, Ministry of Sound or even the old Horse and Groom, spinning an international blend of funky Italo disco and house with a smooth Balearic seasoning. Herbert knows London – in all its glorious sights, smells and sounds – better than anyone, making him the perfect artist to kick off our new Sounds of the City series…

8425-ph-main-i3 copy

My favourite sound of the city is?

‘your train is delayed’…. You know you’re back in London! …

Best place to buy records in London?

Phonica Records In Soho or Rough Trade East for new releases or Spitalfields market record fair for digging


Favourite place to grab a quick bite?

Great local pub grub at Carpenters Arms Cheshire St or some top Turkish round the corner at Tas Firin.                                              

Best place to go for a swim?

York Hall in Bethnal Green as its 5 mins from my house. Otherwise London Fields Lido in the summer for some outdoor action..

Favourite local brewery?

London Fields Brewery is the only local one I know…

This track reminds me of that particular nostalgic moment…

Jestofunk ‘Say it again’ last tune at Sancho Panza, Notting Hill Carnival last year… epic!



Most exciting neighbourhood to live in is?

I live in Bethnal Green which I love…it’s a local neighbourhood, laid back and close to everywhere I like to go…I’m not sure you’d call it exciting though.. Someone told me Walthamstow was becoming exciting… could that be true?

Venue with the best sound system is?

Sancho Panza at Notting Hill Carnival each year wins hands down with me for sound system…

Venue-wise Plastic People is still sounding great…

Best place to hear Disco?

See above


Pete Herbert steps up to provide us with five choice cuts in the next iteration of the Double Denim Disco Sunday Sampler series.

The most annoying thing about London?

How much it costs to live in..

The best place to see the sunrise?

Primrose Hill can be pretty spectacular


Favourite place to escape the hub of the city?

Victoria Park in the summer

I’ve never been to London, what is something I must do?

Have a stroll around Brick Lane on a Sunday

001Pete Herbert

More Pete Herbert? Catch him play for the Double Denim Disco show alongside Jurny, Pelski and resident Will Sage on the 19th of April at Rolling Stock.