Click Box, spotted by Troy Pierce and Magda in 2007 and signed straight to the Items&Things label, are famous for their timeless, hybrid proto acid synth techno house sound. With their innovative productions and their fresh approach to presenting their music live, they have firmly placed themselves at the forefront of musical synthesis and electronic evolution, thus perfectly fitting into the M_nus family who warmly welcomed the two Brazilians hailing from Sao Paulo. Playing together since the age of fifteen, Marco AS and Pedro Turra, who run a production studio together, are moving and shaking various musical projects which have reached the realms of the mainstream, with Ronaldinho starring in an advert they supplied the soundtrack to, yet they have stayed fantastically faceless, humbly hiding behind their machine-like moniker and a super sleek sound that bridges any gap between genres, and melting the most vital ingredients into a massive forward pushing entity. Their mix for MEOKO was recently recorded in a hotel room and reflects the high level of energy, genre-defying and powerful. And to top it all off, we also managed to talk to the guys! Check out our press page for full interview.

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