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CM Sounds is a youth and community music organisation based in Shoreditch, London that provides creative music making opportunities for people of all backgrounds, including degree level music production. They provide an industry standard level of knowledge and assistance, through their tutors and leaders who are professional musicians or producers currently working in the music industry. Music production has become highly expansive in the music industry, especially within electronic music which is breeding huge waves of new artists with a variety of abilities. CM sounds are providing aspiring producers with the opportunity to hone their skills through an innovative foundation degree in Creative Music Production and Business, which offers the specialist support towards creating a career in the musici industry.

As well as unparalleled knowledge and assistance, CM sounds also offers an entry system based on experience and motivation, trained specialist tutors, small class sizes, loads of studio time, industry links, a fee that is half the price of a normal degree and a fully supported course supported by the student loans system.

The Creative Music Production and Business degree is an innovative and creative course aimed at music producers and musicians who aspire to develop professional production and musicianship skills to then go on to learn the business skills that are needed to create a sustainable career in the music industry.

The course is set to start in September, 2015 which is a full time duration of 2 years. It  is designed to welcome people from all current music backgrounds and does not require formal qualifications for entry. Previous practical experience of Music/Music Production is essential. A study support programme is available for those students who need it.

The Foundation Degree in Creative Music Production and Business costs £5750 per year for two years, a saving of nearly £3500 on standard degree course fees.

All aspiring producers: CM Sounds are giving 15 individuals a unique opportunity to win a day of music production with a professional tutor, which is set to take place in mid August. The lucky winners will have access to:

  • Recording live drums with a professional drummer
  • Sampling and re-sampling
  • Using drums through EQ and effects

The course will be taught by one of CM Sounds professional music tutors. Each individual will be provided with a work station to apply the principles that they learn and experiment and will also be able to take the material that they learn back to their own space.

To enter: all you need to do is send an email to with ‘CM’ as the subject title, good luck!


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