Something exclusive from the mysterious producer and co-label owner of All Inn Records, Coldfish. A very special, first time ever, Live recording straight from his studio to MEOKO HQ. This recording is based on slices of his own with unreleased material, remakes and sounds he has found. A very rare session with a magical build in ambience to full-bodied techno electronica. If youÂ’re looking for an easy listen this may not be for you. Appreciate the technical brilliance and innovation in creating such a progressively audible platform for listening. Coldfish gives a lesson in how to gradually pile strong eclectic varieties in noise, voices, and frequencies upon broken techno and intermissions of 4/4. Eary tones and an almost futuristic galactic mood is the undertone of the deep, dark and spooky set through and through. Precisely inserted echoes and reverberations with a noticeable influence and use of heavy drum hardware and synthesisers, he seamlessly pulls and separates different tempos and moods together into an interesting story. This is not a mix, This is a piece of music. Listen in its entirety.

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