Cómeme – eat me up. If vinyl was not so gristly, we’d try. But Cómeme means also a body willing to give itself away, to music perhaps. Well, the mind that gave itself away to the creation of this alternative label is Matias Aguayo. Under solid contract by Kompakt, this Chilean born producer has widely experimented with music. After the ending his musical partnership with Dirk Leyers, known as Closer Musik,  Matias experimented the possibilities of minimal, producing two very introspective records. But his love for minimal grew, and he looked for something more. That was the time when his contaminated, up-beat, unique style was born. Drums merge with his voice into a whirling set of diverse and eclectic sounds. The richness of his tracks is at the limit with chaos, but never passes it.


After all Cómeme is the realm of diversity, and in this way reflects Matias Aguayo peculiar style, as well as the diversity of artists. Each Cómeme member has his own way of expression that plays with many genres. The only common discriminator? Wherever the influences are coming from, the result is utterly surprising and extravagant, and most of all, out of the ordinary.

Two couples, the same city: Buenos Aires hosts two Cómeme duos. Carolina Stegmayer and Ismael Pinkler  are Carisma. They deliver deep, powerful rhythms plenty of reminiscences of acid house. If a psychedelia of colours would translate into a sound, that’ll be Carisma’s.

Pareja“, “the Couple” are Mariano Caloso and Diego Irasusta, talents in mashing up together melodic pieces with gloomy sounds jazzed up by continuous, impervious cymbals. Just about enough.

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Christian S,Lena Willikens and Barnt, have been rocking Cologne’s scene for quite a while now, and are ambassador of Cómeme in town. Acknowledging no superior genre but fusion, they deliver great mixes with a 90s house flavour.

Compatriot of Matias, whom he also helped for the unique »Ay Ay Ay!« album, Sanfuentes has now left the shores of South America to reach the promising LA, California. He is also co-founder of  Cómeme and CEO at Sanfuentes Records, on which he releases techno/house and his 80s vibes tracks.

New dance music could be a way to describe Philip Gorbachev music. But there is much more: the tracks are infused with flavour form the old Russia, and recall the avant-gardism of Russian Conceptualism.

At last but definitely not least is Alejandro Paz, co-director of  Radio Cómeme alongside Avril Ceballos. He produces the radio show “Ladrones” and, obviously, releases actively on the label.

After last year tour in Mexico, Cómeme is back with an European tour of one-night off events. Last stages: About Blank in Berlin on the 14th and Moog in Barcelona on the 15th, to close Sonar Off week.

MEOKO contacted the supranational crew to collect their thoughts about journey and performances.

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So far…how is it going? Your impression about the tour?

We’ve already had some unforgettable moments and it is also great to see a lot of familiar faces again on the dance floor, people that follow our caravan.  It is beautiful for us to share this experience and take part to this tour nights, each telling a different story. We enjoy playing demanding music and surprising the public with unusual tracks, not often heard in clubs. 

There are still a few dates to go. Is the final the one you’re most excited for or there is a place in particular you are waiting to play at?

Not really, we are looking forward to each remaining date with equal excitement, as  we consider not only the place, the venue, but also the always different combination of Cómeme artists playing in one night. A Cómeme night with Sano, Philipp and Matías is very different from one with Alejandro, Christian and Lena.

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You live far from each other and in separate places. How is like playing together for this touring showcase?

It is important for us to create as many possibilities of playing together as we can, exactly because, living far aside, is hardly impossible to get all together. Touring and using temporary working spaces, where to produce together and help each other, are essential in this somehow utopian work. Musically wise, it is a really inspirational process: every member of the crew grows, develops his style and experiments independently and later shares with the others his, or her, findings on  a Cómeme night. Because the whole process  happens within no prearranged scheme, the result is always very surprising and exciting, as we somehow are each other’s favourite DJs and musicians. It is a very own and curious world we enjoy and share…

I do not mean to rush you into this, but what projects are coming up for Cómeme? And for the Radio?

We are now fully concentrated on Philipp Gorbachev’s “Silver Album”. Many of us were, or still are, deeply involved in this project, as the work behind an album does not end with the release but continues through reviews, live performances, videos,  etc…..we’re living in a time where so much music is being released on a monthly basis that the public time span to concentrate on a single release is really poor. One has to multiply his effort in order of having people taking the right time to listen to a kind of music that needs more attention to be fully and understood and appreciated.

Working on new releases is something we enjoy very much, as we have developed a very collaborative and immersive approach. The idea is to tell the whole story behind an album, treat it as an anecdotal tale and create a ‘culture’ all around it.

This approach encompasses also other releases we are planning on, such as “Rionegro”: a collection of songs recorded in the area of Medellín, Colombia, that involved many musicians led by Sano, Gregorio “Gladkazuka” Gomez, Natalia Valencia, Lord Byron Maiden, and Matias Aguayo.

We are also working on a on a LP by Alejandro Paz, Ana Helder and Matias and on a compilation with some Cómeme artists and guest Dj’s as  Vaskular, Auntie Flo, Zombies In Miami, Voxels and more.

The radio is still undergoing a careful process of development, it is a very important project for us, as it is our very own platform to communicate with our fans and find new collaborators. In a world where the music scene is becoming more and more commercial, it is very important for us to be able to rely on our own voice, which is radio Cómeme, and to open it to an ever varied and interesting program. Cómeme, in this sense, is not only a  dance music label but also and above all a community of somehow like-minded people, a way to take care of who is involved by creating a different working habit, where the feeling towards the work is different.


Thanks to all the crew for the contribution. I am glad you helped us introducing Cómeme to our readers bet many already know you though!


Catch Cómeme artists playing on the 15th at MOOG in Barcelona, closing Sonar OFF week.


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