Do you just sometimes wish there were a place where you can go and just do nothing while resetting completely? 

The way of no effort. This is Vipassana. From my humble point of view, the most transformative experience one can have in life in just 5 days. 

Vipassana means looking inward, it means seeing things as they are in reality, it is the art of living. It is a process of personal purification by inward observation.  At the beginning, you observe your own natural breathing so as to discipline your attention. Thanks to the very sharp attention you can then begin observing the changing nature of our whole existence, of universal truths: impermanence, suffering and attachments. It is exactly this becoming conscious through your own direct experience which constitutes the purification process. It is a universal remedy for universal problems and does not represent a religion or a sect. Everyone can practice freely, regardless of race, religion, gender or political leaning, anywhere and at any time, and its result proves beneficial for all.

Yes, places like this exist. There is an international community of Dharma Organization where you can go and learn how to practice Vipassana and meditate.

Yet, there is a special place in Romania, in the mountains where people have been living there for more than 20 years. They practice Vipassana and receive others, donation-based, to teach them how to meditate. 

It is an art of living which allows you to have a positive role in your family and in society, a method of mental purification which allows you to face all of life’s problems and stresses in a calm and well-balanced way.

It a process of elevating your spirit, a manifestation of Nature and of the Universe and its purpose is eliminating suffering.

The place is absolutely gorgeous as you are just sitting in a pocket of trees between the mountains. I have experienced there the most amazing sunsets and sunrises in my life while deeply feeling my connection with nature. 

The idea is simple. It’s a 10 days course split into 2 5 days courses at the moment. Before, the course lasted 10 days and it was pretty intense for most people. Now you can take the course in 2 parts and I must admit for me it was easier this way. 

The course starts on Friday when you get there and ends on Wednesday morning when you can leave, or stay if you choose to. 

They teach you the true art of living. It will be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life. To sit quietly, alone with your thoughts, without speaking for 5 days. You get there and you only have one thing to do: meditate. 

Now, don’t imagine you just sit and meditate non-stop. There is a well-thought schedule that is designed to be in a certain way in order for you to learn to meditate. 

Before embarking on this amazing adventure, you need to understand this is not a man-made technique nor a ritual based on blind faith.

It is neither intellectual nor philosophical entertainment. It’s not a wellness retreat, nor a holiday camp, nor a club for getting together.

It is not a way of running away from life’s problems.

You get there and the next day, you start meditating with different techniques. You will start a hardcore purification process. They give you vegetarian food which is mostly grown by them and this for me was very important as food helped me integrate my learnings. Basically, you are in a vow of noble silence for 5 days and you get to experience the life of a monk while learning to meditate. 

For anyone looking for a hard reset in life, I truly recommend this experience. If you want to explore further the art of living, search for The Children of the Sun.