person raishing his hand

I Am Sometimes Confused
My Mind Defused
In The Sea Of Information
Of The Internet’s Imagination

I Cannot Help But Wonder
If Life Goes On Forever After
I Cannot Help But Ask
Am I Truly Free Or Just Wearing A Mask?

Some People Feel Like Judging
Here I Am Trying To Just Imagine
A World Where Everyone Is Themselves
Playing And Joking Like These Ridiculous Elves

Some People Feel Like Controlling
To Me, That Is So Very Much Boring!
I Tried And Kept Ignoring
You Were Snoring

On My Personality
Because It Was Giving You An Authentic Fatality
Some People Are Just Fake Enough
I Cannot Even Give You A Fake Laugh

Sometimes My Life Has Been Rough
I Learned When I Was Little That It’s Better Just To Laugh
No Matter What Life Throws At You
Make It Better While Making A Joke Or Two!

Maybe Even More
Laughing Is Everything I Adore
About Being Alive
Which Is Like Taking A Deep Dive

So Are You Actually Free?
Or Just Perpetuating Your Misery
Trying To Live In This Mystery
That’s Only Mysterious To You, You See

Freedom Is More Than Buying
I Swear To You I Am Not Lying
Freedom Is More Than This
I Wanna Tell You All But First, Give Me A Kiss

I Want To Enjoy Your Bliss
Before Throwing You Into The Truth’s Abyss
At First, You Can Confuse It With This
Just Shut Up And Listen, Please

Freedom Is Not Listening To Your Mind
Freedom Is Always Teaching You To Be Kind
Freedom Is When Your Mind Does Not React
Freedom Is Not Just This Mindless Act

To Be Truly Free Is To Be Happy
And To Be Happy Is To Play
To Play Is To Be Sloppy
And To Be Sloppy Is To Slay

To Be Free Is To Make Mistakes
And Then To Celebrate Them With Cakes By The Lakes
Because When You Are Free There Are No mistakes
Just Opportunities To Learn And Eat All The Cakes

Do You Think You Are Truly Free?
Like A Wildflower Used To Be?
Are Even Wildflowers Free Anymore
When Nature Has Been Sold
For Gold?

As You Grow Old And Cold
Just So You Know, You Cannot Eat Gold
Not Even With Golden Teeth, You Won’t
So Just Don’t.

Don’t Sell Your Freedom Away
Don’t Allow Them To Take Everything At Play
Don’t Sit Around And Pray
Make Sure You’ll Make Everything Stay

As It Is
As Nature Allows It To Be
As You Want To Leave It Further
Before Inevitably Growing Older.

In The End, What Is Freedom In Fact?
Just Us Playing A Second Act?
Pretending To Sign A Peace Pact?
Until Everything Will Again Blow Apart?

Written by urzique