person standing near body of water

I Sometimes Think 

And Try To Put It In Ink 

Digitally, In Print 

But Firstly Allow Me To Blink 


I Thought I Am Not Seeing Well 

In My Ears, I Hear This Ringing, This Bell 

It Gets Louder And Louder 

As The Night Sky Gets Darker 

How Grateful I Am That I Can Say What I Want 

Without A Prior Need For Your Approval To Grant 

About Me Or The Calamity Of My Rant 

In The Past, I Would Have Been Crushed Like An Ant 

In The Past, They Burned Us On Sticks 

Not So Long Ago And My Memory Flicks 

I Am Praying For Peace But Preparing For War 

Not Afraid Anymore Of What’s Behind This Door 

Where Everybody Stuffed In All The Lies 

Instead Of Baking Them Pies 

All Over The World, I Hear All Those Cries 

All This Suffering Hiding Away In The Skies 

That Cry Over Us

The Clouds Are Getting Darker And Darker 

It’s No Longer Just About Trust 

I Am Trying To Paint It With A Black Marker 

Maybe You Can Then See Everything Is Getting Darker 

It’s Easy To See The Injustices Without A Tracker 

The Clouds Of Pure Fascism Are Above Us 

In Case You Were Wondering What’s With All The Fuss 

It’s Gonna Rain More And More 

With The Superiority Complex 

As They March Away With Their Muscles To Flex 

As If You Would Try To Be Hugged By T-Rex.


Written by urzique