Sitting At The Campfire Of Our Sacred Souls
We Are Subconsciously Setting These Impossible Goals
Impossible Is Just Harder
It Turns LOVE Into An Effort
And As The Last Result
You Have To Detach From The Heart That Grows Fonder And Fonder
Return To Your Center
Having Faith You’ll Understand Everything Later
That As Crazy As It Seems
These Are Not Just Impossible Dreams
Your Heart Wants What It Wants
Your Feelings Are Not Just Clouding Your Thoughts
You Can trust your intuition
You Can Shift Anything According To Intention And Vision
That MAGIC Is Real
Reality Is Surreal
Like Living In A Painting That You Remember From A Dream
A Memory That Seems So Distant
Yet You Feel It From Within
With Every Cell That Remembers The Memory’s Instant
You Must Keep Your Plans Simple
So You Can Think Ahead
This Being Said

Do You Believe In Magic? 

After Having Lived The Tragic?

There Is So Much Beauty In This Story
Ask Your Mind, Please Don’t You Worry

The Goal Was Never To Achieve Glory

Written by urzique