What Is Poetry, You Ask
I Will Try To Explain If I Must
It’s What I Do
When I Actually Want To Yell At You

Is The Way Of My Heart
To Walk Out Of The Dark
Is The Way Of The Spirit
To Not Try To Fix It

Just Allow It To Be
As I Try To Make You See
That The heart Has Its Own Language
You Can Make Art Out Of This Rage

It Will Help Dissolve The Cage
It’s Like Burning Some Sage
Gives You Back Your Wisdom
While Breaking Apart This Dome

You Locked Yourself In
You Have To Break Out From Within
Allow My Words To Sink In
Breathe Out, Breathe In

Remember There’s Only Love Within
The Rest Is Just An Illusion
Some Sort Of Weird Fusion
Between Confusion
And Delusion

Because We See Reality As We Are
Everything Else Is A Delusion By Far
Instead Of Seeing From Inside
We Project What We Think We Are On The Outside

When We Have No Idea Who We Truly Are
So You Hop Rapidly In This Car
Think You Can Run Away
From Ever Finding Your True Self

With All My Heart For You, I Pray
That Someday You’ll See Life My Way
Like Taking A New Vision Gear Out Of The Shelf
Or Applying A Filter Or Two

To Help You See That In The End, It Will Never Be All About You

Written by urzique