Did you know you can actually train your mind to think positive? 

My first venture into spirituality was actually about gratitude. That was the very first lesson and initiation I received. 

I was full of anger and resentment toward my parents as I am sure many of us have and I was desperate that I did not have money to go to India or whatever another holy place in the world and find someone that can heal me. 

If only I knew back then I had the power all along, as the witch says to Dorothy in Land of the OZ. 

Today I am Grateful book

Little did I realised that you do not need to travel to some distant place or outsource your healing process to a 3rd party and that each and one of us has the power to do that by himself. 

I was complaining to one friend about this, seeking guidance and she told me just that and gave me the most important information to start with. Forgiveness. 

Forgiving ourselves to be more specific. We are sometimes under this trance, deeply in the shadow of our emotional waves thinking that other people are to blame for how we feel, for how they treat us, for the things that happen in our every day lives and causes distress or anxiety. 

The epiphany I have each time I get angry is that subconsciously I am programmed to believe someone else is responsible. By outsourcing the responsibility of our actions and feelings, we end up finding someone to blame which results in giving away our power and energy. We get caught up in that hate and anger and we forget to just stop. 

white and black ceramic cup filled with brown liquid on brown wooden suffaceHere are 7 ways to practice gratitude easily in your everyday life. 

  1. The first step is to forgive. You cannot be grateful if you don’t forgive. In order to forgive, you have to start with yourself. Hoponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer that is a very powerful tool in itself.
  2. Removing obstacles is almost as important as forgiveness. By allowing yourself the freedom of every possibility you are truly experiencing self-love. A powerful mantra to remove obstacles is “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” mantra chanting 1008 times.
  3. Wake up and look at yourself in the mirror. Be grateful for who you are. Say Thanks. It may sound narcissistic but feeling grateful for your body, for who you are, for another day is so easy and so beautiful yet we forget to love ourselves. 
  4. Journaling. Have a small notebook and write at least 1 good thing that happens to you every day. Just think how beautiful it will be after 1 year to look back into this oracle of beautiful things to be grateful for. 
  5. Stop Apologising. Instead of saying “sorry, I am late” try saying “Thank you for waiting” or “Thank you for your patience. Might seems trivial but to tune into the gratitude frequency is about reprogramming how we address life. 
  6.  Say “Thank you” for everything you can. First, it’s free. If you want to achieve great things like reprogramming yourself to be whomever you actually want to, you need to learn the basics right. What’s more beautiful than saying thanks to people for the smallest things? Just say thank you. 
  7. Gratitude affirmations. You can write your own. If there is something you dislike about yourself, try finding a way to thank for what this is teaching you. Or you can opt for something like this

Thank You on wooden blocks