Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg: The Gates of the Festival

17 September – 1 November 2014

Lisson Gallery

At MEOKO we are firm believers in the process of merging the creative fields to create something beautiful. Music, art, fashion, lifestyle and culture is what we love, and in the ‘The Gates of the Festival exhibition’ by Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg we have found another beautiful collaboration of art and sound that must be shared!

Those more familiar with the world of music may recognize the name ‘Hans Berg’ from event posters and record sleeves, as an established live electronic music producer and performer he has released tracks on Fullbarr, Klasse Recordings and Trunkfunk Records, as well as performing sets at established venues such as Chalet in Berlin. 

Take a look at the visuals surrounding his live sets however and we get our first introduction to the artistic collaboration between Hans Berg and Nathalie Djurberg. Where Nathalie provides visual accompaniment to Hans’s changing melodic tracks, he too creates sonic soundscapes for Nathalies animation work – together using each other’s skills to create atmosphere for each other’s artistic outlets.

This marriage of skills has resulted in a series of successful exhibitions together worldwide in places such as New York, Berlin and here in London.

From 17th September, the Lisson Gallery will be housing the latest exhibition from the duo entitled ‘The Gates of the Festival’.

‘A new series of works and a new direction marks this inaugural exhibition of Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg at Lisson Gallery. Sculptural interventions, projections, neon, film and music are interwoven throughout the spaces in an immersive installation, eschewing video screens or static objects for animated surfaces and pulsating environments. Merging audio-visual and multimedia elements, Djurberg & Berg’s debut show with the gallery melds together as one continuous or total work of art, albeit constructed of discrete events and individual experiences.’

Take the time to try something a little different, and enjoy an audio visual experience outside of the club environment. 

For more information, visit the Lission Gallery website here.



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