ano, also known as Tony Mass, was born and grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland. Heavily influenced by his brother’s music tapes, the young Dani began to dabble with hip hop and acid house sounds, but it was down to a twist of fate that he would become a well-known DJ, producer and label owner. As soon as he had finished school at the age of 19, Dani would jump on a plane to visit his friend Luciano Nicolet in Chile. The trip, originally planned to last three months, extended itself to eleven years. Dani found his feet in Chile, and carved himself a career as a DJ. In recent years, especially after his return to Europe and with the launch of his own label Melisma, which he runs with Chilean DJ and producer Felipe Valenzuela, his forays into record production have placed him firmly amongst those to watch out for. His mix, a fluid journey through gripping techhouse and tight twisted sounds that occasionally dip into deepness, shows this lad’s necessity to cater to those on the floor.

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