For the latest addition to the MEOKO mix series we bring you something special from Daylomar. Resident and driving force of London’s renowned party Unleash, Daylomar is fast becoming a familiar face on the scene. Playing alongside heavyweights such as Derrick May, Martin Buttrich and Steve O’Sullivan to name a few, his musical style is both versatile yet highly distinctive. The mix skilfully communicates both these qualities with ease, taking the listener on a melodic journey through a rolling soundscape of dubby base lines and ambient groove. Vocals are peppered throughout building on the layers of gentle percussion, space-like synths and futuristic samples, creating waves of warmth and depth. Instantly you are transported to the renowned atmosphere of the Unleash parties which Daylomar has successfully worked hard to create. In short this mix does what it says on the tin; hands in the air uplifting music that makes you want to dance. As the melody takes over Daylomar executes each transition with perfection and leaves you wanting more. Like what you hear? Catch the man himself at the highly anticipated Unleash 5th Birthday on October 1st alongside Pedro, Baby Ford, Fumiya Tanaka, Thomas Melchior, Cab Drivers at Studio Spaces E1.

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