Under the MEOKO Microscope‘ is a feature series on MEOKO where we bring you new and emerging talents that are breaking through. 

Dee Bufato is certainly an artist to keep an eye (and ears) on. Hailing from Brazil, his productions and DJ sets are filled with mysteriousness and emotion. It is obvious he has that passion for music. Addicted to collecting and mixing vinyls, his track selections are enviable. Both a DJ and a producer, Dee showcases his micro house sounds through a set and a track for Romanian label, Tzinah Records. He released an EP, ‘Avenue du Parc‘ on Not For Us Records, which has been remixed by producers Ney Faustini, Blagoj Rambabov and Dubshape. He tickles your ears silly as he manipulates electronic sounds in his latest album with well-renowned Brazilian producer, Bmind, titled ‘Yemj’ and released on Archipel, a minimal techno label, which includes artists such as Rudolph from Birdsmakingmachine, and Kozber from Toi Toi Musik. He is currently playing around Europe, such as Chalet in Berlin, to showcase his strange, dark and strong sets, but very humbly, just as his personality shows. MEOKO caught up with Dee to find out more about his music and himself.  


You grew up in Brazil and you are living there permanently. Where do you like playing the most in Brazil?

Independent parties are always a good place to play. People are more open to music, and they are there mostly for this reason. But of course it’s also good to play in a club with a great soundsystem such as D-edge. 


Do you plan to keep Brazil as your base?

At the moment I think I’m staying in Brazil to focus on my own productions, but moving to Europe is still an option for the future.


You are a resident for Brazil’s group, WAN (Without a Name) and made their second ever podcast. Can you describe your relationship with this group?

This is a group focused on music discussions. It’s mainly composed by brazilian artists, promoters and journalists. The main idea is to promote local artists.  

We established a good connection since the beginning. They are nice people, really interested in music and I hope they keep their eyes and ears open for good artists.


How did you start DJing and producing? Which one came first?

From 2005 to 2007 I had been following my friend DJing in the best clubs of São Paulo. Then I got really interested in DJing and also interested in knowing how the music on those records he was playing were being produced. It took me a while… I started DJing first, around 2008/ 2009.


Can you describe how you feel when you mix two vinyls?

I feel really involved and connected to the music. Playing with vinyls is a pleasure. 


You once said that you would like your music to make people dance, and more. What reaction are you looking to get from your music?

Actually I want to make people feel better, pleasure them, surprise them…


You blend micro house with techno. Why micro house and why techno?

Micro house is kind of dry but it still makes you dance. And I consider that techno is the base of everything. 


You released your track, “Nona” on Romanian label, Tzinah. What attracts you to the Romanian sound?

Their music is subtle, rhythmatic and deep in the real meaning of the word. 


Your EP, “Yemj” released on Archipel is an adventurous journey into the jungle. Where were you when you produced this EP, and what influenced your sounds?

I produced this EP with my friend “Bmind”. I spent some weeks at his studio in the countryside far from the city, nearby the mountains and connected with nature. Bmind is a very spiritual person and his studio is in a blessed place, I’d say. The mountains and nature guided us into a different dimension. 


You mentioned this year you are working on collaborations. Is there a particular reason for this? What do you prefer? Collabs or going solo?

I’m still developing my own style, so my solo productions are kept to myself and close friends. I’ll release them when I feel I can contribute with something really interesting. It’s been good to produce with other people. 

It depends. Sometimes I prefer to produce alone, and sometimes I prefer collabs, but they have to be done with people which I really feel comfortable to produce with.


You are travelling around Europe now. How has it been so far? What gigs have you played and will play during your trip?

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It’s been amazing. I played at Chalet and also on 31337 Records Show Case in berlin. I realised that here, people are more relaxed when they go to the clubs, so the relationship between artist and the public is easier, which is better for the DJ and also for themselves. 


What can we expect from you in the near and far future?

I’m still experimenting a lot and developing my own music. I also bought a new drum machine that I have been searching for a long time. So you can expect some different tracks as I follow this particular path. Oh… and also more white hair on my head for sure. 


Thanks for doing an exclusive Meoko mix for us! What are some of your highlights in this mix?

The new Ruta5 by Sonja Moonear and also the track by Diogo Magalhães which is special to me for many reasons.  Thank you for the trust, guys. See you soon. 


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