Discobar proudly presents their launching party in London to celebrate the first release of the label. A nice way to open what will be a fantastic series of music and parties, put together by Toi Toi member and rising dj Lamache, and Guillaume Tallieu. If any reflection of the first release, the discobar guys will continue to provide. A technically elegant selection of artists for their first event and the East London venue can expect a storm of basement material and a seamless audible journey. The creators will be playing role as Discobar residents along with Odd Soul amongst the likes the The Mole and Marc Schneider. Between them and their knowledge of dance music, cutting edge house techno and memorable performances will be the forefront of the parties to follow. 



The Mole has sat amongst some of the most respected djs and prodcuers for a long while with releases on the likes of Perlon and countless killer performances at some of the best underground parties. His name holds resonance in the small sphere of djs and artists who’s knowledge runs deeper into the DJ’s DJ’s. Based in the cultural Canadian capital, Montreal, his English and French roots see him playing across Europe in some of the greatest venues. The experimental man, sometimes known to play on up to 5 turntables simultaneously, in what he explains to be an expiremental psychedllic experience, always offers something different with such an extensive knowledge and understanding of music. Sure to raise the roof of the Discobar party celebrating their new release in style.  


Check out DCB01 here…

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Another very special guest – The man who influences the influencers. Marc Schneider of Hamburg, technical genius, eclectic performer and all round good guy, has done wonders for the scene over the past decade collecting music and compiling seamless hours of careful selection in some of the best most unassuming venues in the world. An elusive talent who has maintained his mystery, staying true to underground while remaining somewhat of a figure head for the heads and local Berliners. Now a recent addition to Circus Company, which will put him firmly in the deserved lime light – One of the renowned talents and unsung heroes graces London with what will undoubtedly be a special performance. His sets build from a deep place and his knowledge in dance music is evidently vast – a guest not to be missed.  He is the DJ’s DJ.




With such a strong selection it is clear that Discobar are here to stay and have a clear appreciation for impressionable sounds and appreciation of sub genres within dance music. DON’T MISS THIS PARTY. MEOKO TIP!!


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By Ell Weston