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An exciting wave of talent is coming from Italy. Despite frequent complaints from local artists about the limited possibilities to express themselves to a proper audience, it is clear that creativity is a reigning aspect that has historically been appreciated and celebrated by the wider community in Europe and beyond. Due to the country’s economic situation we are seeing an influx of young artists that have waved goodbye to their homeland as they have done many times before. But there are those who have remained, creating their own movements separate from the so called commercial mainstream. The anti-conformist collective, Disordine (‘Disorder’ in English), is one of those groups that have clearly set themselves apart, not just in Italy but abroad. The collective includes a group of talented artists and musicians who create projects that blend music and art via their own parties, their recently opened concept store in their home town Genoa, and their online database www.disodinelabel.com. Here at Meoko we chatted to the crew to find out more and the very humble yet audacious Eff Rann aka Nihil00 also gave us an exclusive accompanying video. Prepare to be shocked…. 

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Can you tell us the story behind Disordine? Why and how did you create this project?

Disordine is almost entirely backed up by simple friendship. We are definitely a family now… brought together by the mutual love for music, and a shared passion for art. Everything we do is born from the desire to share our own creative spirit, not only through music but through all forms of artistic expression – graphic illustrations, paintings, photography, design, contemporary dance, fashion and poetry.

The project emerged in 2009 after we had been travelling around Europe for quite some time. We were drawn to the capital, cultural cities; visiting nightclubs, contemporary art exhibitions and streets doused in grafiti in what turned out to be a very formative experience for us. Returning from our umpteenth trip we were so inspired that we decided to have a go ourselves, and realise our own ideas that had been bubbling away for some time. Disordine was born; our very own cultural platform.

‘Disorder’ in English holds many different meanings. Which “definition” does your “Disorder” refer to? A chaos? A political rebellion? An illness? Or something else?

It could mean anything you just mentioned. The name represents us the most, and if you know us you would understand straight away why we chose this name.  Chaos is our soul, our mantra. One thing that is concrete however is that we are not orderly!

What do you mean by music and art? Can you describe the connection between these two elements?

For us, music and art represents the very air we exist upon. Otherwise we would be suffocated by monotony. They represent an outlet for our fantasies and dreams. When creative minds meet, things become so much more spontaneous. Every day we meet to play records, graffiti walls, make music and be enveloped by this tireless and magic flow. Other than trying to become DJs/producers, we all also have other jobs that feed into our work, as well as (most importantly of all) influencing and inspiring each other.



The idea to connect art and music within our platform came from one of the founders of Disordine, Eff Rann aka Nihil00. Other than playing and producing music, he has always expressed himself through anti conformist graphic illustrations and videos that encapsulate and further his own philosophy. He is one of the main driving forces behind Disordine’s output, and is in charge of visuals at our nights. His subliminal messages are a huge part of the music that we play. Of course Disordine is nothing without the other people that have heavily contributed to the project like co-founders Don Blaku, Lumo and Matt Joe.

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Don Blaku, other than being one of the best djs/producers, is also a dancer and professional choreographer who uses video to exhibit the connection between human movements, images and sounds (Lab Dance Disordinart).

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Lumo is a talented painter that contributed a great deal towards our project. With his fast brushstrokes he enters a psychedelic tunnel with the music that we play and lets himself get carried away. He uses sound to portray images in an experimental way, based on the studies of essential forms, which describe the flow of matter and thoughts. Music is an integral part of his vision: Many times he has done live paintings during our sets, and we put up many of his paintings around the venues of our parties.

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Matt Joe aka Sort of Looser is an interior designer and stylist, where he organises his own event three times a year. Definitely one of the best events out there, and at the venues he displays his paintings and his new collection of t-shirts.

Is there a particular reason why you chose to focus on electronic music, instead other genres like let’s say, Hip Hop?

80% of the music that we showcase is electronic music purely because it was the love for electronic sounds which brought us together in the first place. However, we don’t only concentrate on this genre. Every warm up is actually characterised by instrumental jazz and Break Beat genres: we spend hours researching and perfecting that type of old school sound. We start at 80bpm usually, creating a really chilled atmosphere, and then build momentum to about 110bpm with break beats. When the situation starts to spiral out of control, we switch to electronic music, micro house, minimal, house and techno.

You also organise parties around Genova. What are some of the things that matter the most to you when organising an event?

The quality of the music, the sound system, the crowd and the visuals. We always pay a lot of attention to our venues. We attribute most of this work to Jordy Break, our manager. He chooses our door policy, helps out with the set up and of course communicates with the public. He also founded a clothes brand, “Sperimentale”, so now we can even have a personalised look that goes down well at our nights!

Can you describe the spaces you use to host parties? Do you often organise parties on the beach and in open air?

The good thing about living in Genoa is that the sea and the mountains are only a few kilometres apart. This type of landscape allows us to find incredible locations.

In the winter we prefer to find ourselves in small and dark clubs, but during the summer we find that every location can be transformed into something surreal and disorderly. For example ‘Wildlife’ is a unique rave event that takes place on a mountain facing the sea. Or, take ‘FUN:DAY’. A beach event that starts at 6pm and finishes at 4am we have the possibility to take in both the beautiful sunset and sunrise. We are lucky to be in such a stunning part of the world, and a day doesn’t go past where we don’t take it for granted. 


To what extent is it easy to organise a party in italy? What challenges do you face as organisers?

Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to organise events in Italy. Without our manager we wouldn’t be able to do anything, because our time is entirely dedicated to producing and searching for music. A really small (and really dedicated) clubbing culture does exist in Italy, with a bigger following for the mainstream. Most of the people prefer to pay €40 to listen to Richie Hawtin in venues packed with people, where the only thing that you can do is make a video to upload on youtube.

Luckily enough over the years we have managed to start our own small movement, and we are currently working towards exposing our message to a greater audience.

You recently opened a concept store, “Marie Beyle”. What does it offer and what makes this store unique? 

Marie Beyle is the city’s first concept store. It houses vinyl, paintings, clothes and decor. It was born thanks to two members of Disordine: Timo Trey and Giacomo, two individuals who have always really believed in our art and our ideas, and shared a lot of our work to the public. For us, the store is a point of reference, a laboratory of ideas, that gives us new inspirations and most of all it has united us even more.

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What were some of your highlights of past year, and since you started in 2011, and what can we look forward to in 2015?

Since we started, every moment has been magical and unforgettable, because above all else we have been united by a strong friendship and deep understanding of one another. We have been lucky enought to have shared the decks with some very many talented artists. At the beginning, when Giovanni Verrina shared the decks with us for three years he would consistently invite Djs that were the creme de la creme of the underground scene, and for us it was always an honour to play together with them and show them our art. We also got the chance to meet an epic master of the decks and al round splendid person Francesco del Garda. He greatly influenced our sound and we owe him a lot on a human level. He introduced us to Niff… another super talented Dj who immediately became a brother. Both of them have certainly given Disordine some of its best musical moments.

We owe a lot to people like them; they constantly remind us that we still have a lot to learn, and they motivate and inspire us. 

You joined forces with Loft party for a Disordine event before Christmas. How was it? What were some of the highlights of the night?

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On the 23th of December (together with the guys at notaloft/ananas from Brescia) we organised Francesco del Garda’s birthday – and it was amazing. By now we are like one big family, we share several principles and obviously have the same taste in music. We got along well instantly, it really was love at first sight! The party took place in 262, the club where we are residents. I couldn’t recommend it more, because it is a really special place; it closes at 9 in the morning and you can sense this feeling of anarchy emanating from the place. Everything was perfect and we are really grateful for all those who came from all over Italy to participate, especially the guys from Brescia, who inspire us greatly! 

Thank you guys! If you’re in Italy make sure to check out the next round of Disordine meets Loft on the 30th of January at Disco Volante in Brescia. Event here

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