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Forget everything you think you know about DNA. 

Much like our brain, our DNA has inactive segments we do not use. It is well known that we only actively use 10% of our brain, as Timberwolf explains it. 

Our DNA is composed of 12 strands. From those 12 strands of DNA, we only use 2. Statistically speaking, this means we only use 16,67% of our DNA. 

So what happens to this huge part of our DNA? Is it asleep? There are 10 unused strands are well known as Junk DNA or Shadow DNA. 

Can you imagine the amount of information and abilities that are stored in Junk DNA? Ever wondered what our capabilities would be if we unlock that huge amount of data?

What is DNA Activation

So what is exactly DNA Activation? This seems to be the latest hype among spiritual teachers as well as among scientists. 

From DNA kits that test and validate your ancestral origins to various techniques that claim to activate dormant information in your DNA, this is the new cool subject on the block as our perspective about DNA is totally changing. 

Having that in mind, could we reprogram our DNA? Do we influence our DNA programming when we have negative thoughts and emotions? Could we heal faster if we reset our DNA to its factory settings? 

We had it all wrong all along. Our DNA does not make us sick if we have a specific gene, our behavior influences how we develop when we adapt to the surrounding environment and Bruce Lipton explains this very well *insert link here* 

Just watch it. It will totally blow your mind. 

This is what DNA Activation claims to be able to do, to put it metaphorically. There are many similarities between DNA and language. DNA is the language our cells use to do everything they do. It’s basically our survival guide as well as the blueprint of existence. 

Our DNA stores all the possibilities, all the potential, all the ideas, history, everything. It’s like an open book of who we are but we forgot how to read it. 

 The Activation Process – How does it work?

Imagine the amount of information stored in the double helix DNA strand structure. What if Junk DNA which is 97% of our DNA is just dormant information and untapped potential?

There are different techniques practiced either by using sound healing, light language, reiki methods and so on to activate this innate potential that sleeps for now. 

The cool part of DNA Activation is that it can be done remotely, however, proper guidance is necessary. 

Once you learn the technique, you can apply it whenever you feel like you are experiencing emotional blockages, repetitive negative thoughts, panic/anxiety attacks, depression, fatigue etc. 

After DNA Activation, there will be a timeframe in which your entire body, mind, and spirit recalibrate to their original frequency and vibration. It’s like you are a musical instrument that needs attunement from time to time to sound as it was designed to. 

 10 Benefits of DNA Activation

  1. Strengthens the immune system
  2. Enhances your daily life abilities
  3. A strong immune system means that cells heal faster
  4. Greater creativity – cells that heal faster communicate with more ease between them
  5. Opens your inner sight (clairvoyance)
  6. Improves intrinsic communication with your multi-dimensional self 
  7. Heals depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, negative emotional patterns 
  8. Improves sleep patterns 
  9. Eliminates physical pain 
  10. Clears self-sabotaging patterns 

Why should you activate your DNA? 

Do you feel you are in a rut? Whatever you try to do, you end up in the same patterns? Are you experiencing any emotional blockages? Repressed trauma? Do you feel you have all this potential that you are not manifesting? Are you trying to manifest and everything is not as you are imagining? 

Life is not supposed to be like this. We are here to experience the beauty of life and enjoy it with loving-kindness. Have you ever wondered if there is a shortcut here to help you return to yourself faster? 

Well, this is exactly what DNA activation is. A shortcut to yourself. That pure self which is not hurt, not tired and always happy to overcome any challenges life throws in its way. Experience it for yourself if you have the courage to live your highest potential and manifest your highest outcome. 

  Where can you activate your DNA?

There are several methods to activate your DNA. Born in Bucharest, Cătălin Tomescu has studied for many years the concept of intention and the mechanics involved in quantum physics. 

In 2009 he started a bioenergy work called Consciousness reprogramming which is now known as DNA activation. 

Cătălin T was born in Bucharest where he graduated college at the Romanian American University, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in management. He is a special soul that guides people into tapping their potential. 

After many conferences about DNA Activation, unblocking and healing the soul, cleansing the aura and the energy centres.

In 2019 he embarks on a new project – Mental Training at the Conservatory. He helps orchestra artists to deepen their senses, to solve psychological resistance, to conquer fears that freeze expression to develop emotionally and to achieve a superior creative flow while training them alongside The Conservatory in Saarbrucken, Germany. Nevertheless, he worked with artists from orchestras from Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Romania. In the present, he is leading a private training group through online training in which he offers healing recipes digitally recorded, exclusively for healing the energetic primary cause of suffering, trauma, and personal attachments such as fear, anxiety, or the pain of unresolved events. 

Having experienced this through him, I can undoubtedly recommend him if you feel this is for you. You can find him and book an appointment here 


Written by urzique