Sorin Rastoaca, aka Egal 3, aka VID, is a young Romanian producer only 21 years old hailing from the small town of Bacau. Yet, for such a young man collaborating with the likes of tINI, Livio & Roby and Andrea Oliva is impressive. Equally impressive is his collection of releases on labels such as Edec, Fear of Flying, Memoria Recordings and Monique Musique, Egal 3 has already passed his prospect title. His exclusive mix was recorded using only Egal 3 material, reflecting on a sound filled with classical and organic soundscapes forged together with tougher percussive and bass elements.

Hi Sorin, how would you describe your sound?

It’s strange for me to describe my sound, because every producer thinks of himself as a unique individual… but I always like to combine nature with music, classical atmospheres with minimal structures, jazz percussions with warm synths. Without sounding too cliché, I would like to think my sound is ‘different’.

You have a side project called ‘Vid’. Tell us a little about it… what you are trying to achieve in comparison to your Egal 3 project?

Vid is exactly who I am; Vid is that strange little boy who sees life differently to others. Egal 3 is my alter ego five years ago when I was younger and had big dreams and big hopes. Egal 3 is music for your mind, music to be happy, to dance to and to enjoy life. VID is VID, music with different reflections…

How do you balance the demands of 2 projects- is there any one that takes precedence over the other?

Sometimes it’s hard to have 2 projects- and that’s the only two you know of, because trust me, there are more!  But I suffer from schizophrenia (jokes) so in the end I’m torn between different projects, which I love to equal amounts. It’s a blessing to have two, three or ten projects ongoing! If people listen to my music across different projects it means that they understand my sound, no matter the title it comes under.

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What kind of music did you listen to and were you exposed to growing up in Romania? How has that influenced the sounds you now produce?

Growing up in Romania, Hip-Hop was the main influence- I mean you were nobody in my city if you did not know at least one hip-hop song. My father passed away when I was young but he left me a really cool collection of classical music… So I was listening and dancing to the raw beats of Hip-Hop on the streets whilst at home I was relaxing with some warm classical strings- it was really inspiring and I think it has had a big influence on the music I make now.

For someone so young you have an impressive amount of release catalogue, including a full-length album in 2010 released on Monique Musique. What releases have you got planned in 2014?

To be honest I’m really proud of my collection, I mean sure I have produced and released different styles from tech-house to deep house, techno etc., and people who are just hearing me for the first time now in 2014 will laugh when they hear the stuff I was making back in 2009 and 2010, but it’s all pieces of the puzzle that I am, every track I produce is a little figment of my imagination. For the moment I only have one EP set to come out in 2014, it’s for a London based label called Vast, there’s a really cool team behind it. The EP is called “The Shades”- be sure to keep an ear out for it! I’m also doing a lot of work for my first VID LP with the label set to come out on Andromeda, but with no release date set as of yet.

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For those that have never experienced it, what is the Romanian clubbing scene like?

All I can say is: “Va Asteptam“ (Romanian for “We Expect”). I mean the clubbing scene is really flourishing and there’s a healthy mix of appearances between local talent and international guests from all over the world. The legendary sound, the famed after-parties, the magic and the stories- all these things you will find in the Romanian Clubbing Scene. 

How tight is the Romanian DJ community? Could you ask for advice or support at any time from your more established peers and is this something that invariably happens?

Everyone knows each other, and we are all very friendly with each other and generally everybody helps everybody out with advice or anything else when needed. There is an unspoken rule of trust which is never broken, like for instance when it comes to sharing your unfinished or unreleased productions with other Dj’s, as I like to do.

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Like Champagne and Gruyere, ‘Romanian’ has become a bit of brand associated with quality underground electronic music. Do you think Romanian DJ’s without the musical pedigree might exploit their background in order to promote and sell themselves as artists? What could be done to protect and preserve the reputation of your ‘brand’?

I heard a lot of stories about this kind of thing happening already, perhaps it may become more of a problem in the future, but in all honesty, I don’t see a way to realistically protect and preserve the reputation. I think it comes down to personal integrity- if you are a real producer, and you love what you do then you wont sell yourself for more than what you are.


Egal 3 mix portrait websiteEgal 3 – Exclusive mix


What can we expect from the mix you kindly prepared for us?

It’s a mix containing only Egal 3 tracks- a mix of old projects, current projects and future projects. It’s the very first mix I have make as Egal 3 containing only Egal 3 tracks- so I hope you will enjoy it!


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