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Passionate DJ, producer and raver Enzo Siragusa is the mastermind behind one of our favourite parties and records, Fuse. Fuelled by his drum and bass/ jungle roots Enzo has an entirely original, pure sound, which has picked up a dedicated following. Being a dedicated dance floor fanatic from his teen years, regularly raving, this means he knows first hand how to please and fill a dance floor. Enzo balances his time producing, DJing and working on the Fuse and Infuse record labels/ parties. He found time out of his busy lifestyle to chat to us in advance of his appearance at The Social Festival.

How’s the summer of 2016 treating you so far and how does it compare to previous summers?

It’s treating me really well. I’m really busy, which is a good thing. It’s pretty manic, I’ve just done five gigs in seven days or something like that, and so i don’t get much time to sleep.

We’ve seen FUSE move their Ibiza parties from Sankeys to Space and now to Amnesia for HYTE. What was the thinking behind the changes?

I’d had enough of doing it every week. I was tired of doing weekly parties when I’m touring every weekend as well, so we started to look at bigger events and focus on quality. We did fewer parties at space and it worked well, so when Hyte came up, it just seemed like the right fit. I’ve known Loco Dice for a long time and i know all the guys there really well and Amnesia, for me is the only club on the island that has the qualities that I look for in a sound system.

How does playing at UK festivals compare to other countries across Europe?

As much as i love touring the world for the experience, I love playing in the uk; it’s my home turf man! You get a different kind of energy and vibe from UK parties. I think it’s because we’ve come through many scenes to get to where we are now, I mean we’ve had garage, house, techno, the more urban stuff and of course, jungle, where I’ve come from, so Uk parties definitely allow me to play more across the board than other countries.


How do you balance your time between touring and also ensuring that you look after yourself?

It’s tough, for sure. It’s definitely meant that i’ve had to party less, which considering I’ve come from the dance floor and I love to party, it’s quite difficult. At the end of the day, it’s about focusing on the job at hand. I’m there to deliver DJ sets and that’s what i have to do. I can’t spend all night at the party and then the next day at the after party, to then go and do the same thing somewhere else. I have to be disciplined. most people that know me know that i love to be on the dance floor quite a bit, I like to get involved in the crowd but i can’t do it as much as i did five or six years ago unfortunately.

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You’re making your Social Festival debut this year. What do you already know about the festival?

I’ve heard that it’s been a great success! I think the diversity of the festival is a great thing, I can’t wait to play on the same line-up as LTF Bukem!


 How does this year’s Social line-up compare to other UK festivals that you’ve played?

The line-up is magnificent, it’s huge man! The level of headliners seems very well programmed and thought out. The fact that there aren’t any sound restrictions this year is also a big thing. The moment you get away from decibel limits, that’s when people will be like “I’m definitely going back” because sound quality is hugely important.


Zinc’s definitely one i’m looking forward to man. you definitely need to give me the set times for that arena because that’s definitely where i’ll be! I’m not just coming to play, i’ve booked the day off, so i’m definitely coming back on the Saturday to have a little rave up!

If there was a dream gig for you, where would it be and who would you go B2B with and why?


I’d probably go b2b with Randall at World Dance at Lydd airport in 1994.


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If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

It’d have to be my Mrs, mum and dad. they don’t get to see much of me considering i’m in the middle of a mental summer, so it would be good to sit down and have dinner with them and tick that box off the list, so to speak.

What does the rest of 2016 hold for Enzo Siragusa and FUSE? Do you have anything exciting in the pipeline?

In terms of events, we’ve got a lot coming up. We’ve got the FUSE eighth birthday tour, covering a number of key cities across Europe and the UK. We’ve still also got a good few dates with HYTE at Amnesia in Ibiza coming. We are doing a FUSE stage at Sonus Festival. Just announced the HYTE Warehouse show in Amsterdam alongside Ricardo Villalobos and Seth Troxler. I’m also going on my second tour in the USA and really looking forward to playing at some legendary parties like Blackmarket NYC, Treehouse Miami and the Spybar Warehouse in Chicago.

The label’s looking really strong. We’ve got lots of music coming out on the label including an EP from myself, which is a follow up of Desire track, very bass heavy, leaning towards my jungle roots. We are also releasing a triple vinyl package from our core artists to mark the label 5th birthday. We’ve also got a number of releases coming from relatively unknown artists that are just making banging tracks that I’ve been playing out for the last year or so.

And finally I’m doing a collaborative EP with Archie Hamilton on Moscow records later this year, so a lot to look forward to!



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Interview by Nilly Alan