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On the back of a successful first release from Madrid based label FrameSounds, the time has come for the next instalment. A moving minimal masterpiece as likeminded friends and artists come together for this 4 track VA. There is no limit, no line to be crossed, when working with these guys, as they make their mark on the underground scene. A unique vibe is created when talent is brought together through a variety of sound, and the outcome speaks for itself. 


The opening track of the EP comes from seventeen-year-old Italian artist, KOKO. At such a young age it’s hard to believe he has already released on top labels Drumma, Banoffee Pies and Sakadat. An intelligent producer, creating a sound of his own that even people with years of experience could not imagine making. ‘OKOK’ is laced throughout with choppy obscure vocals, guaranteed to take the dance floor on trip. The broken words are pieced back together as the track moves up a notch, back in to its mellow rhythm. A2 ‘Mountain High’ is a spaced out dubby number from Colt Music main guy Javier Moreno and Pablo Marco (Cadenza Lab/Serialism). The slick snares, and moody bass combined are screaming to be played on a big system, the perfect after party wake up call. After the popular debut release they had to call in native Canary Island, DJ and producer Javier Carballo to lay down a steady driven track, for when the night starts to pick up some momentum. A constant rolling echo keeping the track alive. Moreno & Marco collaborate again for ‘Oasis’, the hypnotiser. Dreamy percussions guaranteed to move the listener, taking you away from the real world, before leaving you in a trance. Despite the wobbling kicks, it feels like such a smooth ride. 



The forward motions from this label, will leave you eager and curious to what they have up their sleeve next. It seems they have a tight knit, and carefully selected group of artists all pulling in the same direction. In today’s market it is hard to find something fresh, swaying away from the norm, but the FrameSounds team seem to be achieving this. This is just the second mark in their legacy.




Words by Zac

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