rnesto Ferreya, the Cadenza vagabond who left his native Argentina in pursuit of freedom and musical enlightenment, dedicates his life to making intricate micro-measured yet very gripping house sound. After a few formative years in Mexico he disembarked in Mutek-home base Montreal to become part of its influential scene, also making up one part of the production duo Miniature Chic (with Guillaume Coutu-Dumont), he moved on to music-production mecca Berlin, attracted to its infinite potency. Positioning himself in the eye of the storm, Ferreyra has reached an accomplished state of equilibrium which perfectly balances his original desire to expand and explore, and the need to retreat and reflect. Regularly surfacing in the most attractive party destinations such as Ibiza, Ernesto is travelling from club to club as part of the Cadenza Vagabundo outfit, only to spend the remaining hours in the studio where he lets himself flow freely. Releasing only few and far-spread EPs, he is currently working on his second album. To listen to his podcast is an aural pleasure as he juggles rare tonalities with perfect hitting beats with ease and perfection.

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