Erupted Events has been founded only a year ago, in their view the London party scene has a lot to improve especially when you compare it to other capital cities across the world.
The vision goes beyond the already set lines in the current underground scene. A party is not something that you can just go to. It should be overwhelming, mind blowing, it needs to be an experience, which you would feel and breaks you for that small moment from the harsh world we currently live in. It should be an experience where people will be just at our events and are just enjoying themselves and don’t think about the rest of their troubles or worry about anything.

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Because of these high goals the team works around the clock to make all of this come to life on their events. In trying to do this, to find new ways, things that have not been done before. Erupted Events is seen as a platform where one can bring together all different art forms, it’s a platform where the unimaginable happens, ideally, a platform where dreams are born if you will. The music is the most important aspect for Erupted Events. The team does their absolute best to bring only the best electronic music artists that are out there. The line-ups consist of already known and respected DJ’s but at the same time equal importance is given to showing London some of the greatest acts the world has to offer, but haven’t broken through yet.

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This time round, after the first Encounter in May, Erupted Events brings to you the second edition in their monthly series, come June 7th 2014. Once again it is a privileged to have a collection of world-class guests that will be showcasing their talent, with the best in minimal and techno grooves only for you to enjoy. Headlining at this event will be Robert Babicz from Cologne, Germany who will be delivering one of his world famous live sets, crafted in the soul of his mythical essence. From the USA, Butane, the head honcho of Alpha House and Little Helpers record labels will be flying in to join us. Another interesting addition to these two unmissable acts, Yakovev from Erupted Events itself and Leander from both Erupted and HDNSM will be joining this magical night.

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Set in another amazing TBA location, an element of finesse and sophistication meets the music from the raw underground. The combination of these two creates an experience like no other. In among the flow of the hedonistic atmosphere, people from all around London will be gathering together to dance from the early hours of the afternoon through till the late hours of the evening. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing yet at an Erupted event, then this will be your chance to catch up on what you have been missing. It is guaranteed that you wont look back after this. Come and join or, encounter the second Encounter event on the June 7th and leave all your troubles behind as you let go to the music. 


More info about the event HERE

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