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One thing you can’t deny about San Proper is that he keeps things fresh. In a world of electronic musicians who hand far too much control over to the machines and devices when producing, San Proper is one artist who refuses to take a back seat – pouring his own character directly over the top of his effervescent beats with distinctive vocals. Every bit a performer as a producer, he favours a live set up, maximising the impact of his sets and channelling as much emotion back towards the crowd as physically possible. But words can only say so much; only true way to get an insight into the style of this man is to listen, so out his exclusive mix for MEOKO here: 

san proper mix

Perlon, Dekmantel, Voyage Direct and Rush Hour have all snapped up his astute fusion of leftfield house and disco, eager to welcome this intriguing talent from Amsterdam into their families, and listening back to his discography you can completely understand their enthusiasm. You can never quite be sure what will come next from this man, but rest assured you would not want to miss it. Ahead of his forthcoming appearance at OneMore this weekend, we sat down to try and get a little more insight into where his passion stems from, his inspiration and future plans…


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us San! Firstly, what have you been up to these past summer months that you want people to know about?

I’d like to let you know about “Proper’s Cult“, a fresh new labelwith ‘dusty’ House music curated by yours truly with a lil’ lotta help from one of my favorite labels in the world Rush Hour. Coincidently the same label where i released my first tracks… My latest release on “Proper’s Cult” is entitled “Auto Sea” and it’s also the last single we’ll put out. The last single of the album “Animal” which came out last year. You could purchase this at my site or at a local record-store near you.

It was almost four years ago that you were featured in Resident Advisor’s ‘Breaking Through’ series – how has your career, and life, progressed since then?

I’ve been busy…. Inside and outside: many lovely studio-sessions and collabs, many gigs and travel, performing and presenting my work all around the world and spreading the gospel.

If you could choose one standout moment in the last couple of years, what would it be?

I’d have to go for the performance I did at Trouw ‘de Verdieping‘ in Amsterdam when I released the album last year, it was a memorable experience.”Animal“. It’s still a big deal to me.

You’ve been DJing and playing music for over fifteen years though, correct? What has been the most important thing you have done to get to the position you’re in now?

20 actually, and the most important thing still is the attitude; being persistent, determined, passionate, proud and proper.

Your close relationship with other Amsterdam DJs and producers has been well documented, and you obviously have a strong desire to promote the scene over there in general. What makes this collection of ‘homies’ so special to you?

Can’t say. They’re my friends and loved ones, my family, but it’s not just about Amsterdam. It’s a global thing, I can smell it. People are in the mood.


Are you still primarily attached to the city, or are there any other regions that you’d be keen to settle in?

I prefer travelling to settling and Amsterdam has a pretty good airport. I’ve been born and raised in Amsterdam so there’s a lot of history and nostalgia, I’m a little bit sentimental from time to time and I also enjoy being ‘the guest’ when I visit cities or countries I like.

You’re productions are fascinating when you acknowledge the use of your own recorded field sounds, vocals, and drum patterns – would you be able to give us an insight into your process of making a track? Do you start with your own vocals and develop from there, or the reverse?

There’s no book of golden rules, sometimes it just hits you before you know it but i often start out with a mood, a feeling, a statement or a scene, which inspires me to do a track about that. I like tracks with stories and messages. Blues and euphoria…

It’s clear from your music, and what you’ve said in the past, that Disco (among other genres) has a huge influence over you and your sound, from your own edits to promoting the The Black Disco Bust parties. What are you views on the recent ascension of disco, and the mainstream popularity of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ for instance…?

It’s unavoidable and i applaud it, especially if it tickles new generations to explore the universe of the past, motherfucker.

Are there any ways in which you’d want your own sound to develop and grow in the future or any new influences that might creep their way in?

I don’t want analyse myself too much, but there’s so much to learn and gain plus I’m usually quite open-minded, open for suggestions so to say, and this expression of music, which for me is a lot about influences, adventures and tribute, will live on inspiration. It feeds on that.

Lastly, on a bit of lighter note…in London at the moment, we’re experiencing a heatwave like no other! Can you give us a track perfect for our summer frolicking? No pressure now….

I’ve got three…

Five Special with “Why leave us alone”

Tom Trago with “True Friends”

San Proper with “Auto Sea”


Thanks so much, San! We’re looking forward to checking out your set this weekend…

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Words: James Ellis