Format B have pulsated dancefloors for well over a decade with their driving tech house sounds, with a host of releases on the likes of Highgrade, Doppelganger and their own imprint Formatik. Meoko catch up with them ahead of their appearance at the Teleport Warehouse party on the 26th November…To Win the latest Format: B album ‘Restless’ + A copy of the 11 years Cocoon album AND a Couple of tickets Entrance, YES!!! thats right, ALL of that, just email and tell us what is the name of the party that will host Format: B in London


Just as an introduction, could you fill us in on how you guys met and who your early influences were?

Format B: We met each other while studying Recording Arts in Berlin…as early influences there was a lot of Hip Hop as well as some guitar stuff for both of us…

For those people who may not be familiar, could you describe what kind of sounds we might expect to hear from you at the upcoming Teleport warehouse party in London?

Format B: Speaking in genres is always hard for us…we have made our own mixture of tech house & techno, spiced up with funky percussions and rolling subbassliness!


It seems like many DJ’s tend to follow trends whereas you’ve kept a fairly consistent sound, even since some of your earlier releases back in 2005. The Nu-disco/disco house sound has become very popular over the last year or two. Have you been tempted to follow ship, and what do you think the next trend will be..?

Format B: Of course we think that the trends of the last years have influenced our sound… but rather in a sense of adding new elements & sounds than changing our whole style…regarding what comes next…well we don’t know honestly…but my guess is that there might be a comeback for some more edgy sounds…after a couple of years in which the general style of club music got smoother and smoother there is always a counter trend following.

Meoko loved ‘69 Bronson Road’ and obviously your remix of Rainer Weichhold’s ‘Bamboo’ on Great Stuff Recordings was a huge track. Do you have a personal favourite and which one have you witnessed create the most damage on a dancefloor?

Format B: Well it is pretty difficult with personal favourites…artists nearly never like their own back-stock anymore 😉 so we cannot pick like one outstanding tune…but at its time back in 2007 Vivian Wheeler did a great job…

It must be a great feeling to see your tracks being played by other DJ’s with the crowd going wild…?

Format B: There might be worse 😉 hehe…it’s for sure a lovely part of the game !

You’ve started your own label ‘Formatik’ back in 2009. How’s the label been going and have you got any upcoming releases for us all to look forward to?

Format B: Formatik did very well in the past although we didn’t release too much lately…just had no time for any label issues while finishing our album…but now that everything is done we are about to close a huge remix package for the album. There will be 2 separate remix EP’s with artists like Sebastien Leger, DJ PP, Madskillz, Uto Karem, Pan Pot, Super Flu & many more…

You’ve released on a lot of great labels in the past such as Highgrade, Doppelganger and Opposum to name just a few. Are you working on any projects for other labels, or is everything going through Formatik now?

Format B: In general Formatik is the most comfortable platform for us to put out stuff as we have everything “in house” and can make our own decisions…But we actually thought it could be time again to just make a release somewhere else…

Now guys, imagine these scenarios…

An extremely rich oil oligarch asks you to play at his birthday bash for a large pay-cheque. He asks you for your rider requirements for the night…this is your big chance, what do you ask for??

I guess it’s time to name all the clichés right? Cars, Champagne & Virgins… all served in a tenderly temperatured Jacuzzi filled with mouse milk ;)))

Hehe, not sure about the mouse milk though…

Now on a more serious note, the Aliens have landed and are threatening to destroy humanity. They find you hiding in your studio and decide to make themselves at home for a while. You make them a coffee and as you get to know each other they make you an offer you can’t refuse…

“Guys, play us 3 tracks worthy of saving the world…”

What do you play them?

Hmm big responsibility and pressure on our taste of music…this alien dude better be a funky guy 😉

First Prince with Kiss, then the sensational sounding “Unterwegs with Guido Schneider” EP and at last Steve Vai’s “Tender Surrender”…in our eyes and ears the most colourful guitar ballad written by man!

Finally, an angel wakes you in your sleep and tells you she has the power to bring any musician from the past back to life. Who would you choose?

We would like to see what Mozart would do to a Moog synthesizer! ;)))

Thanks a lot guys, look forward to seeing you at The Teleport Warehouse Party in London on the 26th!

Words by Nick Maleedy