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Kryzsytof Kozber AKA Kozber is a rising Dj talent from Poland. Originating from Bydgoszcz, his long lasting appreciation for sound and percussion, like so many other artists, created a firm base for a career in music. Falling into the technological era, creation became an accessible and encouraging path to join supported by an emerging house and techno scene in Poland. With his explorative nature into the realms of breakbeat techno, Kozber has become a favourable talent to those looking for a show in some Europes finest club venues and parties. With no fear in mixing or investigating genres (how it should be) he has immersed himself in London’s underground with releases on the likes of Cartulis and various appearances at Fabric as well as acquiring a Bricklane residency at Café 1001.We spoke to the man himself for an exclusive interview and insight into his recent career, how things have changed, and where his exploration in sound will take us next. 





Hi Kozber, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for MEOKO! What are you up to at the moment?

Hi, the summer is finished so I am back in the studio and getting ready for the wintertime production, dijing and some mastering jobs.


How was your summer? Have you been busy making music?

In the summer I tried catching up some sun to recharge my batteries and get ready for London’s cold winter héhé, I also did some traveling abroad for gigs and a little bit of time in the studio. I will definitely be in the studio more now that winter is coming. I love to lock myself in at this period.




You are originally from Bydgoszcz in Poland, how was it growing up there?

Yes Bydgoszcz is my hometown where I grew up but Poznan city, which is next to it, is where I started playing around and meeting the right people from the industry.


We know you studied classical cello and piano when you were young, how did electronic music come about?

Electronic music came up to me around 1995- from that time I stared concentrating much more on this genre. My classic music primary knowledge helps me a lot nowadays to compose tracks, melodies and arrange them. Also I started working on a project with a guitar, cello and with a touch of electronics. Some more “live instruments” as my second name Regular Customer.


Who would you say influenced you the most in your music career?

From the beginning of my music career, most of my musical influences come from the Detroit and Berlin techno scene as well as the hip hop culture. And last year I discovered funk, which is basically where house comes from.


How did your first Dj name, Sirius come about?

My Sirius name was born in Poznan where I was playing regularly and I always have been “serious” LOL. I brought this name with me here and played lots of party under it until 2007 when I changed to Kozber.


Can you remember your first residency at Zez Club under that name? What are your memories of that?

Yes, Zez was a small and cute typical family-party where people can stay until the afternoon héhé. I have been playing some banging techno there regularly with Mito day (now founder of the Fuka Lata band).


You moved to London in 2006, why did you decide to come here and not to somewhere like Berlin? 

London has the biggest and the best general music scene I know and at the time I made this decision, it was easier for me to come here and start working and playing around rather than a city like Berlin.


Can you remember the first party you played at in London?

Yes! My first time was in 2007 at Café 1001 with the Brickbeat crew !! Who are now the Release Sustain boys!


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You have had a 5 years residency at café 1001 on Bricklane, are you still a resident there?

 I still play there every month bringing many different artists and new faces, also some friends! I have had some of the best times in my life there.


Due to your long residency at café 1001 and your many releases so far, you are getting more and more popular, how does that make you feel?

My residency at the cafe1001 is a great opportunity to play regularly with old friends and new emerging artists, also presents different genres of music from my collection. Some releases and collaboration with other artist and djs can make me more popular if people appreciate my sound and their feedback back to me, this makes me feel positive and spend even more time in the studio. 


Which one of your releases are you the proudest of?

My last EP for Cartulis!  I’m very proud of this one.. Good original tracks and amazing artists, which have done the remixes. Also my remix of the AxMusique band. My collaboration with Rico Casazza is totally different style than we normally do, he has got a magic touch…



How would you describe your sound?

I’m all about house and tech house with techno influences, some weird electronica and jazzy disco funk as well.


Would you say your sound is the way it is due to your wide knowledge about music? We know you like to listen not only to one genre but all of them?

I never close my self to one genre. I Just love good music! At the moment I’m listening to Fela Kuti and Africa 70’s album  LOL.


You have recently had a release drop on Cartulis Music? What is your relationship with Cartulis?

Im in a relationship with the Cartulis Day event since its beginning when Unai Trotti started it. The Party went really good and musically, it was focus on a unique tech-house style which Unai and Kazuya Ninagawa converted to a Label. I dropped them a demo and they like it, so my musical adventure with them begun.


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Tell us in in details about your forthcoming releases?

Recently I have done a remix for Esperanza with Kazuya Ninagawa, I also did a big re–edit track for LoveSexy record with Rico Casazza and I’m working on 2 new EP’s for a new brand, a new London based label and for my homies at Soundbar records.



What are your favorite production techniques, tools and plug-ins?

Analog machines! And a number of plug-ins off course. A lot of the sound I create is on absynth korgs instruments and then chopping samples. Now its time I get back playing around with real instruments to record a more natural sound.


You’re known as a vinyl junkie. What’s the attraction between you and vinyl?

Im a tracks digger: vinyl or digital, I don’t really care I just need to have it all so im digging every night… I really love vinyls yes, I collect them and play them on dancefloors or house “after” parties LOL…I consider myself a strong and beautiful addict.


Where can we catch you play next?

You can catch me play every Wednesday evening on LBD Radio show Provoque. Also at my monthly residency at Café 1001 and Vortex.






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