Hi Tom, hope you’re well? We’re all very excited to see you DJing at the Excuse The Mess warehouse party on Friday 4th February alongside Subb-an. For those who are a little less familiar, how would you describe your sound to them?

Warm, analogue, wonky, old school tinged modern house n techno shizz…

Would you say there have been any main influences on you in the development of this sound and if so, who and how?

Ummmm, of course…from Jeff Mills through to Autechre, nothing specific really tho, listen to lots o stuff.

A favourite night out or top gigs that are worth sharing with us?

Many moons ago now, but nothing will ever supersede the Orbit in Leeds for me as far as going out was concerned… It was the cathedral of techno…full of proper friendly vest ridden skin heads and birds in fluffy boots and with eyes as wide as a Lemur after 2 years hibernation.. Proper gaff that was – never forget Thomas Schumacher dropping ‘Sweet Dreams’ and the chorus of boo’s and disapproval along with various glow-sticks, Elizibeth Duke sovereign rings n northern skid ridden panties getting launched at him…decks went off and back to the boom….techno…! I think if you asked Papa Sven, he’d tell you Orbit was his favourite ever gig, for sure.

Knight rider or A-team?

Ah no brainer this, A-team without a shadow… Can’t beat those plans when they came as one and built indestructible tanks from leftover chrimbo wrapping paper n pipe cleaners, no one ever died either, it was like Neighbours meets Dirty Harry… morally correct bomb explosions… childhood classic that!

You’ve already got a string of successful releases out on labels such as murmur, Liebe*Detail and Hypercolour. Firm favourites amongst many of today’s top DJ’s. What’s your release schedule looking like over the coming months, anything we should keep our eyes open for?

Yeah, there’s my new Hypercolour at the end of Jan, a full E.P. for Liebe Detail and my ‘Live compilation’ album on Murmur in March, I thinks peeps will be digging that…6weeks in the studio, blank canvas, it’s turned out decent…so keep fresh n peeled for them.

Does Tom Demac fit in with the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll dj stereotype?

Ummm..Well I’m not one to get in the car from the airport and demand some hookers back to snort something off or spray champagne all over the promoter’s Saab or anything…but u know….

We always like to have visual elements at our parties so for the next few questions we’d like you to respond using just photo’s, images or pictures…

You’ve been locked out of the studio, what do you do with yourself?


You’ve won the lottery, wowza, first purchase?


If you had the chance to organise a party where ever you heart desired, where would this be?


What’s the most popular item in your fridge?


What’s the giveaway sign that tells you that you may have overdone things on a nightout?


Define Tom Demac.