Tuscany’s very own Fabio Della Torre is a real Italian institution, as he’s been around for almost 25 years, also collaborating with his partner in crime Ennio Colaci under the Minimono moniker. Fabio also runs the renowned Bosconi Records, a shining example of creativity and craftsmanship in the Italian music scene. With a back catalogue rich in hand-crafted house music, unique downtempo beats and all the moods in between, hosting huge names such as Mass Prod, Dan Curtin, 100hz, Eduardo De La Calle and the legendary A Guy Called Gerald.


Back in June, the Bosconi Records crew rocked up there for a live hardware jam session featuring an array of musicians from the label including Fabio Della Torre on the mixer and Dukwa, Ennio Colaci, Herva, Mass Prod, Rufus, The Clover on the instruments with the special participation of A Guy Called Gerald. Now comes the record with the exceptional results all pressed to wax. The selected tracks follow the order of execution which has naturally developed in a crescendo from 130 to 180 BPM, and then closes by slowing down with a take at 110BPM.




  • How did you come to the idea of this exhibition?

For a long time, I had in mind the idea of organizing a jam session with the entire Florentine core of the artists of Bosconi Records, the friends with whom we grew up musically. The opportunity has finally come with a project in collaboration with Manifattura Tabacchi, location in Florence (a former industrial complex built in the 1930s) which is experiencing a beautiful moment of urban redevelopment and with which we have planned the annual Bosconi Fest held on June 29, 2019.

The starting idea was to leave a tangible testimony of this collaboration. Hence my proposal to do a jam session and record a 12” inch out of it. So we did it in the same environment the day before Bosconi Fest, an occasion in which most of the artists of the label were involved, including Gerald Simpson aka A Guy Called Gerald guest of the event.



  • You want to talk about ‘110 – Offhand’, the track we’ve decided to premiere

The tracks forming the EP follow the order of execution which naturally developed in a crescendo from 130 to 180 BPM, and then closes by slowing down with a take at 110BPM. B3 is the last take we did kind to close the project and calm the atmosphere again after the sonic storm of the whole day 😉 Indeed it is a deeper, more thoughtful track with whispered vocals and a dreamy vibe.


  • How have you chosen the artists involved in the ‘Gang’?

Well, I didn’t really choose the artists involved; basically, it was about the closest artists, friends, living in Florence who already released on Bosconi plus A Guy Called Gerald, who was invited as a guest for the event we were celebrating the day after and I was delighted to have him joining the project the day before.

My idea is a totally open project, so the formation can evolve or change, I guess I’m just happy to keep on doing this project until we’re enthusiastic about it. I like it because it creates new paths, different alchemies and brings new ideas in Bosconi sound spectrum.


  • Who would you like to involve in the next jam session? 

Oh yes, I would have loved to involve many other artists from the label but for logistic reasons, it was not possible. Still, we are going to reply to this project again so maybe more artists can be involved in the future.


Bosconi-Gang-Band 02


  • After more than 70 releases, it’s hard to say which musical direction is Bosconi following. Is there from your point of view a musical path that still resists in the project? 

Who knows Bosconi knows we have never really been following a path. I’m always looking for new challenges, new ideas or hybrids that can melt multiple influences into the electronic dance music (for which I don’t mean EDM:). I guess this is very subjective to the moments and personal influences each one of us has. But my motivation is in the discovery, the idea is not to reply to any formula but to evolve in the music and possibly as individuals.



  • Is there any secret wish you’d like to realize on/with Bosconi?

I normally try not to have expectations on what I do, the love of doing it is enough for me. Still, I would like to join some nice festival as Bosconi with my fellas. Maybe also one day would like to find the time and focus on doing an album from myself.


  • What are the clubbing scenes (and label projects) that you feel the closest to? 

This is also something evolving quickly so it is difficult to mention any label or club in particular. It’s a world moving really fast so I guess I care good music and labels who don’t follow special trends, as well as clubs who are faithful to a philosophy. Behind any idea, there are always people, so when I like the idea, in the end, I really care when someone is doing it truthfully in his own way.




  • Which do you think is the city that appreciates the Bosconi sound the most?

Hard for me to know! What makes me happy is that anywhere I go there is someone that is aware of the label, this is probably because of the wide spectrum of sounds of the labels (including Bosconi Extra Virgin and Bosconi Squirts) and also probably because of a roster rich in international artists have released on the label.

Nice anecdote: I was at A1 store in Ny listening to records, on my side another fellow picking up a few interesting stuff.
We start chatting, he’s from Uk also visiting the USA and at some point, he comes up with “you know at the moment Bosconi it’s my favourite label” no joke 🙂 but that is a funny coincidence!



  • Are you already working on a new Bosconi Gang Band session? 

We are repeating the Jam session at the End of February this year this time in front of public again in Manifattura Tabacchi for “Many Possible Cities” Festival. For the occasion we’ll record the session again and let’s see if another release can be cooked 🙂


  • Any final shoutout?

Big up to you guys, doing a great work 🙂 Also yes once again I’m really thankful to Manifattura Tabacchi to have helped me to realise this project.




Words by Francesco Quieti