We are pleased to announce one of our favourite days of the year. fabriclondon is celebrating their 22nd birthday with a 3 night event filled with 39 hours of music. Pulling out all the stops for this evening and celebrating the party in style with a killer lineup mixing all genres. From techno, house to the disco realms of electronica. As they sadly had to miss out on last years occasion of their special 21st birthday, the energy will be better than ever this time around — a year out from partying will do that to you! Friday night will take us until 8 am and then reset before Saturday night, taking us right through to the early hours of Monday morning. A perfect excuse to take the Monday off work. Mark down the dates in your calendar — This party will be running from October 22nd – 25th.

Kicking off on Friday at 11 pm with the lineup set of fabriclondon’s favourites. We have resident DJ’s Hutch, Jossy Mitsu , and Mantra mixed in with some special guests. Making his reunion back to fabric after six long years will be Goldie. Joining them will be Josey Rebelle, Benji B, Stenny, re:ni & more. Unmatched talent and tasty back-to-back sets will have the party radiating from behind the decks and onto the dance floor. From jungle, speed garage, UKG, techno and more, fabric continues to prove why there is no club in London quite like it.

And that’s just Friday…

Saturday will welcome back Craig Richards and Ricardo Villalobos. After their outstanding fabric event in August, we know the two of them feel right at home as continue producing magic for the dance floor. It wouldn’t be a fabric birthday party without them. Seth Troxler will bring his decades of experience that has touched every corner of the globe. Garnering international respect across the underground music scene, earning him the title of number one DJ in the world in Resident Advisor’s prodigious ‘Top 100 DJs’ poll in 2013. There isn’t a major club in the world that he hasn’t played at. The list goes on! From recognizable names and legends behind the decks like Sonja Moonear, Harry McCanna, IMOGEN and Josh Caffe, to up and coming talent that will soon be dominating the space.

The many rooms will be hosted by Crossbreed, Love Child, and Sylvester, the recently launched project in collaboration with legendary queer party Adonis. From hosting stages at warehouse raves to queer nights at smaller venues, these promoters never fail to deliver and we look forward to what they will bring to the night.

This will be fabric’s first birthday celebrated in their newly refurbished venue, the first major one in the venue’s history. Not only is the sound system upgraded but the dance floor now offers a fully immersive experience, making the the DJ and music centre of attention. With new strip lights and chain swing details, it’s something that can only be experienced in person. The venue now offers the perfect dance floor along side chilled out space making the 24 hour parties possible. With two decades of partying and a brand new renovation, it doesn’t look like they will be going anywhere anytime soon. 

fabriclondon opened its doors in 1999 and quickly became a staple venue amongst the London rave scene and bringing us to today where it is still one London’s most iconic clubs. What was once a meat storage facility has transformed into a venue that has played a huge role in club culture and has been the starting point for many of our favourite DJ’s today. When fabriclondon had their license revoked in 2016 and were forced to shut their doors, it was the people that made it possible to reopen. After 160,000 people signed a petition, it truly showed the impact this venue has on both the underground music scene and city of London.

22 years of fabriclondon, we only hope we will have at least another 22 more as their curated events go from strength to strength. Fostering young talent whilst mixing in the producers that made us fall in love with house music in the first place.

Grab your tickets early as they won’t be available for long.


© Photography by Jake Davis of Khroma Collective


Words by Gabrielle Runzer


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