Festival in the Nature takes us deep into the forest of Bulgaria for three days of open air music from July 16th to 18th. Known for its friendly atmosphere, this festival takes us into another reality and lets us get lost in the bass for a couple of days. Connecting forward thinking music to the fresh nature air will take the music and energy to new heights. The lineup is curated perfectly to the taste of any Meoko reader with an unreal selection of minimal and house artists. As the festival artwork depicts, it surely will be a magical vibe with stories that will go on to be told as ‘you just had to be there’.

Located in the center of Bulgaria near a town called Muglizh and surrounded by mountains. This festival brings together a community that all share similar values. After starting out as a birthday party, the festival has grown into an indescribable experience and gained a loyal following. Attracting guests from all across Europe and growing to be a hub for like-minded artist to perform. Festival in the Nature welcomes three promoters to the event all offering up a selection of perfectly melded sets. Sunrise Events, known for bringing the best of Romanian minimal, Terra Music, a long standing Festival in the Nature favourite, and The Sunday Bunch, a festival expert, never failing to deliver on point parties.

Across the lineup there is a huge selection of talent from the Eastern European underground music scene. Raresh steps up to the plate with a wealth of experience and always fresh sounds. After seeing what he brought to the table at Sunwaves festival we are excited to see more! Cally sets the tone for minimal, with Gescu and Kozo joining the talented Romanian team.  There couldn’t be a Bulgarian festival without the locals and crowd favourites, Alexandar KyosevFrykk, Georgi, Slavi Peev, Deyan Dimitrov, Peppou and lastly Svet from Ukraine. Wrapping up the extensive lineup is tINI bringing us her unique twist on underground house. After accumulating international respect and launching an incredible event series, we are excited to see her back behind the decks showing off her exemplary DJ skills.

As the music dies down and guests return home, it is essential the forest leaves no trace of the party. As the name of the festival describes, nature plays a huge role in the festival and therefore protecting it is a key value. The serene forest surrounded by mountains must return to its original state. They encourage guests to bring their own metal cups to eliminate plastic waste, and contribute to the positive impact within nature. If the guests can treat the forest like their home, we will see this festival continue for many years with nothing but good energy.

Artists are going full speed ahead and not slowing down anytime soon. After being out of the festival game for so long, they are back better than ever. More energy, new music and good vibes!

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Words by Gabrielle Runzer


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