We already did a big feature on DNA Activation and its benefits here .

“The biggest sin in life is to go to bed at night as stupid as you got up from bed in the morning.”

fractal patterns in nature


Did you know the human DNA is one of the greatest mysteries? Shaped like a dodecahedron, one of the most sacred geometry designs you will find in nature, our DNA holds many superpowers, one of them being that it can emit photons of light and absorb the light. Furthermore, we already know that light can switch from a radio frequency to an electromagnetic one, this making light both matter and frequency. 

blue spiral staircase

Think of your open DNA to be a portal to other dimensions of yourself, a wormhole as it can enable you to travel anywhere and anytime while also transferring or receiving remote energy. 

If it were to compare it to something, we can think of our DNA like we see a movie projector, our DNA shows the movie (our thoughts and feelings) and projects them on our screen which is reality. 

When there is a blockage in the subtle field you can have a first-hand experience of negative mental projections. Some of them can hijack the nervous system and control the “host” via perception. This interferes with the shape of the DNA.

Basically, our DNA is the source of consciousness coming into manifestation. 

The more symmetric and fractalized the DNA becomes, the more it can draw and HOLD sono-luminous frequencies from Source. The DNA is a biobattery built with immortality templates.

If you would like to experience a quantum shift and find relief for your mind and soul and clear off negative thinking patterns, then DNA activation is for you.

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Written by urzique