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It is almost the weekend and you’ve been looking for a nice place to hang out in London,  something different, something unique, somewhere you can put your feet up and finally relax, somewhere that you will remember forever.  Where is such a place? Well, MEOKO knows and has got just THE recommendation for you! One of the coolest and most impressive projects we have witnessed in our beloved East London; a pop up night market specialising in the best food, craft beer and cocktails accompanied by a vibe and edge like no other. This ladies and gentlemen, is what they are calling Street Feast.

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Upon arrival at Dalston Yard for what would be my very first Street Feast experience.  I was taken back by what I witnessed, an old abandoned industrial type looking car park had been trasformed into something so spectacular.  Inside, its colourful walls covered with graffitti, the venue hosts chefs, bakers, wine connoisseurs, ice cream bars, pubs, trendy people, kids, sofas and kilometres of checkered tablecloth; a veritable microcosm.  As the people started to flock through the doors of Street Feast, (approx 3000 per event) – I started to make my way around the market taking it all in.  A great sound system with DJ’s playing  wicked music helped the flow of people along, as they moved from stall to stall feasting their eyes on all the treats layed before them.  At Street Feast there are no rules except to come and feast on an experience that will have you coming back for more and taking advantage of the endless options provided.  This was the collaboration of food market meets festival; quality meets culture; East London hipster meets city professional, all rolled into one.  This was a VIBE.

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The biggest (and most enjoyable) problem when entering  Street Feast is trying to choose the food. With such a large selection my senses were confused by the likes of the RIbman (really does do what it says on the tin), Rotary (hot buttermilk fried chicken wings, mmmm) and   .  My first port of call, however, was the Redhook stall.  To start, Jess the head chef, prepared his signature popcorn shrimps with temprura batter and a chilly mayonnaise; they didn’t disappoint! Whilst on the Redhook stall I couldn’t resist trying the 2012  award winning smoked saddleback belly ribs; truly delicious meat, served with a refreshingly tasty pinapple, red cabbage and carrot slaw.


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Next the ‘Special Waffle’ allowed us to nibble into some German heritage.  Totally different in taste to the Belgian waffle, this particular variety is made with a very small amount of sugar, some salt and the key ingredient of butter milk. The result is a ‘not so sweet dough’ which was complimented with either some fresh strawberry, cream and chocolate sauce OR slow roasted duck, fresh plumb sauce and a fried egg on the top.  It’s this kind of unique but flavoursome variety that really helps Street Feast stand out.

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For me, the desert was a no brainer, the salted caramel cheescake was genuinely delectable.  But with so much choice I know I’ll be back to try one of the other heavenly cupcakes or cheesecakes with flavours including popcorn, pistachio, peanut butter and Oreo to name just a few…


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Lucious food, stunning surrounding and an almost euphoric energy really did make for an unbelievable experience. Five Stars for this one!  Street Feast London is only open for another three more weeks at Dalston Yard, every Friday (5pm – Midnight) and Saturday (Midday – Midnight), before moving onto warmer condiitions as the summertime slowly leaves us for another year…

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by Aleksandra Smilek

Pictures – Alessandra Tulli