On October 31st this year we won’t only be hearing the cry of ‘trick or treat’ throughout the city, but we will also be hearing the rumbling bass lines and groovy melodies of a new party coming to town – Butter Side Up is coming to Stoke Newington’s Bar A Bar, marking the start of the Yorkshire based party’s venture into east London territory.

Kicking off straight away with two heavyweight stalwarts of the scene, Eric Cloutier and Jane Fitz make sure that you’d be silly to miss out on a night that ensures quality over anything.

Here at MEOKO, our Stoke Newington offices are only over the road from where proceedings will be happening, so we had a talk to our new neighbours to welcome them to the area and show you guys what they are all about.




Where did the name ‘Butter Side Up’ come from and how did the lucky landing parties begin?

Hamish: Hugh takes the credit for this, so I will leave this to you mate…

Hugh: I came up with name for a uni project initially, when we first started chatting about putting a night on I suggested the name and it just seemed right. It was all quite natural for finding a venue initially, as we never intended to make bookings we just both wanted to play a bit more, we were just looking for small quirky venues in Hyde Park area of Leeds.


Festival seasons past have seen you throwing shapes in various locations all over from Gottwood in Wales to Unknown in Croatia, but when you’re back on home ground we could often find you in Leeds…until now! How long have you been running nights for in Leeds and what made you decide to make the move in London?

Hugh: We’ve been running nights in Leeds for just over 4 years now, seems crazy that it’s been that long looking back on it, still seems like yesterday haha! We’ve both talked about doing something in London for a while now, seems like the sort of choice we were making in Leeds 4 years ago, we both have a lot of friends down in London and really wanted to bring what we are doing in Leeds to a new crowd as well as our friends who have moved on to pastures new!

Hamish: Yeah, we’ve had an amazing summer of gigs as well. We were very lucky to be able to have the opportunity to play at such great festivals. We have been at Gottwood & Unknown Festival for the past 2 years and they are both amazing in their own way. Look forward to returning to them both next year!


BSU - Wire


Will you keep on holding parties in Leeds or is this goodbye for now?

Hamish: This is no way a goodbye in Leeds, we have no plans to finish up in Leeds for the time being. It took us a good couple of years to get to where we are now, so plan on cherishing this for as long as we can.

Hugh: I don’t think I could ever say goodbye to Leeds really. We’ve been so lucky to find a home at Wire, anyone who hasn’t been before should take a trip there. It’s got an incredible sound system and the crowd are so supportive. It’s a phenomenal it really is.


Leeds is a city known for its home grown electronic music, and as a result of it the crowds are notoriously supportive. What differences do you think this change of location will bring (if any?)

Hamish: We have a real loyal following in Leeds and you generally end up recognising a lot of faces at your parties. The difference in London will be that we are a new night in London and it will take us a while to build this following in London, however we are lucky to have a lot of mates that live in London that will give us a solid base of people to help kick start our parties in the capital!  

Hugh: I really hope we find no difference in London. There will be a few missing faces of course but there will hopefully be lots of new ones as well. Both me and Hamish have always been about putting on a party and that won’t change just being in a new city


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Tell us a bit about your residents; will they all still be present at the London event, have you got any new additions to the team?

Hamish: The Butter Side Up team in Leeds consists of Myself, Hugh Bailey, Jonny Sleight & Ciaran Hansen. Myself and Hugh met through playing together at the Louche pre parties. We then decided to start our own party and the rest is history…

Jonny came on board as a resident around a year later and has been a great help with the running of the night. We booked Ciaran for a Butter Side Up back in March 2012 and were so impressed with his set, that we made him a resident shortly after that.

We have just made our good pal JD a London resident for us. He works at one of our favourite record stores Phonica Records and musically he is fits in perfectly with us. I will be playing with JD on Friday warming things up for Jane, which we are both really looking forward to!

Hugh: Can’t really say better than that! It’s great doing what we do from a promotions point of view, but getting recognition for the residents we have as well as the bookings we make is amazing! We are just all mates who love both collecting and playing music. It works really well as we can all bring our own unique style to proceedings but we seem to play well together at the same time.


Jane Fitz copy


You’ve had some stellar guests at your past events and it is clear to see you are starting as you mean to go on with Eric Cloutier and Jane Fitz. Which BSU party so far has been your favourite?

Hamish: Ooh that’s a tough one! After 4 years of doing events, I couldn’t possibly say which was my absolute favourite as they have all be special in their own way. Highlights for me were definitely Jus Ed & Jane Fitz, Patrice Scott, Theo Parrish, Hunee both times & Amir Alexander who we hope to get back this year!

Hugh: There are too many to mention, I think personally for me two of the standout parties were the first time we booked Hunee, I mean the guy is incredible, he was recommended to us by Alex Barck from Jazzanova and is a prodigious talent. Music wise he selects from a huge and varied collection, you will be listening to an incredible 70’s boogie track one minute and then next minute you’ve got Robert Hood playing hahah. When we had Jane Fitz play for us in Leeds as well, it was just crazy! Thought the crowd were going to destroy the club it was just the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced! But that is just a very short list from a lot of special moments.


Eric CLoutier1


A head over to your website shows the strong podcast series to go alongside the parties, will you be keeping up this online side of things too?

Hamish: Yes for sure! We have plenty more coming your way. One from Eric Cloutier actually, that should be launched this week!

Hugh: Absolutely, it’s something we’re both really proud of, we have some amazing mixes from some of our favourite DJ’s and there is plenty more to come on this front!


Visuals copy


For those who don’t know, what can we expect to see from Butter Side Up at Bar A Bar on 31st October?

Hamish:  A sweaty basement with top notch tunes and plenty of milkyness!

Hugh: Hahahahahaha, yeah! Expect an absolutely raucous party!


Get inolved with the milky raving this friday and find out more here.

Check out the podcast series and more here.



By Eileen Pegg



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