Over the past decade, Georgia Girl has built a stellar reputation as one of London’s leading DJs. Honing her technique through numerous residencies in London, Rome and Berlin, GG has developed an on-point style that has resonated on dancefloors across the globe. GG’s DJ sets are an extension of her personality, extracting an effervescent energy from her records and capturing crowds with an infectious groove. With recent years seeing GG hold down a residency with East London collective Keep on Going, in addition to regular appearances at Point, Half Baked and Eastenderz parties, it is fair to say that GG shows no signs of slowing down.

We are incredibly delighted to welcome to GG to our MEOKO podcast series, and simply cannot get enough of the mix she has put together for us! An intoxicating hour of stylish grooves, the mix is the perfect showcase of GG’s agile mixing skills and faultless selections. Polished house with a playful charm, this is Georgia Girl at her finest.

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