One step closer to returning to a life of normalcy! Amsterdam follows in the footsteps of Liverpool and Barcelona, as they are preparing to host their first taste of nightlife, after 14 long months. On May 29th, Fieldlab will be heading to Amsterdam’s music hotspot, club Shelter for 7 hours of pure bliss. 500 lucky guests will be allowed to forget about the pandemic for one night. It is no secret the nightlife scene in the Netherlands and all over the world has been hit hard with many businesses struggling to stay on their feet. With the hopes of these tests going well, this might be the final push to keep nightlife afloat.

Fieldlab events was created at the beginning of the year as part of the Netherlands corona roadmap. Working in close collaboration with the Dutch government, regional health office and even a microbiologist, many events varying in size have been put on as test to see how we can move forward safely. As Fieldlab moves into phase 2 of their project, this is where we see nightlife coming back into play. If all goes well, we will hopefully see a music festival in the very near future.

Shelter brings a perfectly curated lineup of Netherlands favourites. Co-founder of record label LeMaia, Alexia Glensy brings her always groovy style with infectious mixes and will be joined by PIV label owner, Prunk. We will see b2b sets from dutch locals, Anotr and Toman. Both internationally recognized talent that have gone from strength to strength in recent years. The brother duo from Slapfunk Records, Ingi Visions, perfectly meld their two individual styles for something truly unique. Adding the cherry on top of this lineup as sweet as cake is Ferro. From the VBX family, this veteran producer will undoubtedly deliver.


Everyone attending will be tested before entering the club and therefore social distancing will be scraped. Like many of the other test events, another covid test will need to be taken by attendees five days after the event to track the results. The goal of this event will not only be tracking the outbreaks but also monitor the behaviour of the guests. Clubs & nightlife businesses are already experts at handling strict door policies and managing large crowds so accept this night to be no different.

Pre-register for a ticket here! Registration closes May 24th!


Words by Gabrielle Runzer


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