One of the UKs most respected and well curated festivals of recent years, Gottwood has maintained its reputation on the summer events circuit with a clear focus on the arts and woodland accompanied by a well crafted line up that showcases some of the most influential and creative artists of recent times and beyond. 

Deep into the country side of Wales, this one has to be a TIP for this year, again promising a selection of music with clear direction that displays an eclectic spectrum of dance floor sounds to an intimately organized forest space comfortably populated by a friendly crowd. Being one of the first of the year, it does a great job in setting the tone for other UK festivals a like in delivering a quality and open minded expression in how a festival should be managed. 



In Chapter 6 of the Angelsey woods party, that has consistently proved a mighty success, forest floor dancers will be joined by the likes of Margaret Dygas, MCDE, Move D, Enzo Siragusa, Zip, Tini, Ben UFO, Archie Hamilton, Ste Roberts,  Point G, Marcellus Pittman, Romare, Ruf Dug, Al Dobson JR, Bradley Zero and Seven Davis JR. to name but a few.  With such weight, variation and diversity in the Line up, the festival will run seamlessly all weekend matching the moods of many and will undoubtedly grant another round of applause from everyone attending. 

Are you ready for the Woods…


By Ell Weston