South America gents Guti & David Gtronic joined their forces to create a brand new label called “Personality Disorder”. Honestly, there’s no much to say about these guys whom, although following different paths, have both reached the higher-ups (and the best worldwide stages) of the house & techno scene.




  • GUTI & DAVID: Ciao guys! I’m so happy to have both of you here! And I’m even more happy to talk about your new “Personality Disorder” project. Before that, you’ve never released anything together and personally I think that no one was expecting such a huge collaborative effort of 17 tracks, which is really huge. How did the idea come about and how long have you worked on it?

GUTI: Hey! We’ve been friends for some years now but always on the tour in different cities and always on the go until earlier this year when I found myself spending more and more time in Berlin and we finally had time to hang out for a consecutive period of time without the having to rush to catch a flight. Although I’ve lived in Berlin 10 years ago with Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves, David welcomed me back to the city and we just start jamming in the studio to socialize. We both are studio freaks! David can work for hours and I make music every day so this combination is like an obsession – a personality disorder in a sense. During one of our sessions, We started to jam and at one point we had around 20 songs that we were working for months and every time we would meet, I would come with a new idea to David’s studio and we would just keep going from there. Eventually, we asked ourselves what we do with all of this new music. Starting our own label looked the best option and that’s how it all started.

DAVID: It’s been nearly a year when we first started experimenting together but just about two months ago is when we decided on putting together a mixtape with all of our tracks. Collaborating with Guti has been the optimal workflow for me. Since we met, our chemistry has emerged flawlessly. We typically spend a couple of hours jamming and generating ideas together without any creative limitations. Down the road is where I come in and mix down the tracks, compounding final details that demand a little bit more time and patience.


  • GUTI: Honestly, after the release of your “The year of the Conga” Album on Cuttin’ Headz, I’ve never expected such a big amount of material in 2019. Why have you decided to release it now?

GUTI: First of all, it’s already been a long year! The Year of the Conga technically came out in March 2019 but was produced about 2 years ago and we actually started promoting the 1st single in October 2018 so to me it’s been a while. I’m constantly evolving with my music which is how I’ve always been and this drive and inspiration to create has to do with the things going on in my life. For example, I moved to Lisbon early this year and also started a new relationship which of course affected my life and led me to make new music. This year involved a lot of transition both personally and professionally which manifests itself creatively for me. On that note, I also produced an incredible new album in Paris with Djebali that will be out in spring 2020.




  • DAVID: I’m pretty sure that it’s an honour to you to collaborate with an iconic figure like Guti, who’s touring the world for more than 10 years since now. When (and where) have you met him the first time? Would you ever have imagined working with him?

DAVID: I met Guti back in 2011 during the Miami Music Conference. I remember his album ‘Patio De Juegos’ which was recently released. I recall thinking wow this is an artist that has some serious skills with his fusion of jazz, piano, classical, and house beats. The Desolat crew was one of my favourite labels during the time so his album on the label was an enormous inspiration for me.



Graphic credits: Illy Wonka


  • GUTI & DAVID: I’ve only listened to “The Traveler” and the track it’s a total dancefloor-destroyer. Where does the track name come from and why have you decided to release it as the first record? Will the projects include different genres as well? 

GUTI: This track is a product of total chance since we were mixing another song and in a break, we started changing everything and we came out with “The Traveller”. David adds a lot of details and obsession to a sound that I never had and I think is a pretty good mix of new vibes we have created.

DAVID: The Traveller was, in fact, one of the last tracks we produced together recently to conclude the album. As Guti described, we were in the middle of a mixing session when we decided to take a break and work on something fresh. We had a 16 bar loop and within one hour we had the main idea of the production nearly finished. A few days later after spending some time mixing it and adding the final touches both Guti & I tested the track when we were out on the road and we both agreed this was probably one of the strongest track and it deserved to be one of the main singles. The name emerges from the idea that we have always been free and independent souls travelling around, making music and sharing it with the world. The album will include all sorts of genres from breakbeat to minimal, house and techno. 




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Graphic credits: Illy Wonka


  • GUTI & DAVID: Who’s got the most “Traveler” spirit between you two?

GUTI: This is very subjective of course, but I would say: me!  

DAVID: Perhaps as Guti stated he is always in different dimensions within his mind ‘Space out” hahaha. but I believe we both have a big traveller soul within us. We both left our countries in South America a really long time ago and we have been travelling and exploring the world ever since.


  • GUTI & DAVID: And what about the most “Disorded Personality”?

GUTI: I would say I do, but I’m also more than ten years older. He’s gonna’ catch up though.

DAVID: I would have to agree with Guti on this one, he is like a beautiful mind with a little bit of craziness on the side. Me? I’m pretty chilled but I have my moments too, hahaha. 




  • GUTI & DAVID: Who has chosen “Personality Disorder” as the name for the project and what does it means to you? 

GUTI: I came up with the name but also with another 1000 terrible names. We have chosen this one cause it represents us.  We are different spectrums of the same disorder. David is an incredibly responsible and hard worker for his age I  got to admire his ethic and hard work and he has better ears than me.  We also met a painter from Algeria Djamel and he is a complete and beautiful freak so we all came up with this fast passing way to do things we are on the third release now and about to drop our album and have already made the next 10 releases. We are out of control


DAVID: It was Guti’s idea, when he first mentioned it to me I wasn’t too sure about it but then we started brainstorming all the ideas about the art etc and it seemed as this was a project we can really express ourselves creatively in many ways. So the choice was obvious at the end. It was insane the way that everything was flowing so naturally. One night we finished the first single ‘The Traveller’, then we sent it to get mastered by my friend Robin Virag who had it ready for us the next morning. We then came up with the name and Guti had already some of the artwork and videos are done by Djamel. During the same day, we were already announcing the label and the release of the first single. What I love the most about this project is that we are doing everything independently with band camp so we don’t have to wait for the label distributors to release the music which usually takes weeks, months or sometimes even years to come out. Whatever we feel like putting out we can do it right away.


  • GUTI: Will you release only “Guti & David Gtronic” music on the label or is it open to other collaborations and artists? If is it open to other artists who would you like to welcome to the label? Any name of some artists you’re looking for/upcoming prospects?

GUTI: We’ve already “signed Guti solo music, and I hope David gonna make some new solo tracks soon too. I also have collaborations coming with Fosky, TripmastazDani Ramos and Camikazy Uzi – a French rapper-singer. We have loads of our work coming out.


  • GUTI & DAVID: Who’s the most nerd between you two?

GUTI: David! No way!

DAVID: That would definitely have to be me as I sometimes spent hours blending and mixing until I get the right balance. Sometimes I can spend a big amount of time adjusting a certain sound. Where Guti just comes in and jams and drops all his creativity. I like to get more technical with the details that demand patience and time.


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  • GUTI & DAVID: Which is the best track of your “new partner”?

GUTI: I will choose one that is coming out on our album that we both produced called “Waves In The Sun”. I feel it’s one of our best pieces of work to date.

DAVID: My favourite Guti track would have to be ‘Maayancholy’ which it was a collab between Cesar Merveille & Guti. I love the melancholic vibe this track has it’s truly a beautiful piece of art for me. Ever since it was released in 2011 it has been one of my favourite tracks to listen to during gloomy days.




  • GUTI & DAVID: Which is the strangest David’s habit (and vice-versa)?

GUTI: Girls! He’s the ladies’ man in our relationship…

DAVID: Hahaha, I would have to say on many occasions where we go party together he’s always the first one out of the crew to get lost every time!! It must be part of his personality disorder 🙂


  • GUTI & DAVID: You guys are both hailing from South America. What’s your opinion on the actual underground scene in your respective countries right now and which are your thoughts (and hopes) for the future? How your “Latinos” background has influenced your sound in this particular release?

GUTI: It’s a great moment for the South American scene and The Americas in general. With great promoters, artists and incredible crowds it’s a wave of positive energy and as Latinos, everything we do reflects on that!

DAVID: In reality, I departed Colombia at a very young age, so I didn’t get to experience the nightlife scene enough until a few years ago that I began touring in South America. From my recent experience in Colombia during the last couple of years, the scene has been growing rapidly. Nowadays they are delivering so much more minimal artists than ever before. The clubbing environment has always been great there don’t get me wrong, but it’s awesome to see the underground sound is catching up. My hope for the future is that more and more European minimal artists can make their way down to South America and expand the music culture there. Guti’s Latin flavour is definitely sprinkled all over the production with Congas, Bongos, Spanish vocals and so much more!


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  • GUTI & DAVID: Any final shout-out or anticipation for what’s coming next?

GUTI: First, we have our album coming out on our new label, then a Guti solo release, then collaborations with Fosky, Tripmastaz & Dani Ramos.  We also have our 1st co-produced release, which is an EP called “You Can Still Be Mine” coming out on Dubfire’s label Sci+Tec in November.

DAVID: The full album will be available to download on Bandcamp the week after ADE. Until then, we have been releasing one single at a time. We also have a fantastic four-track EP coming out on Dubfire’s SCI+TEC label on the 15th of November on Vinyl and Digital format. As Guti mentioned this was some of the first tracks we finished at Dani Ramos studio in Berlin and from there on its when the whole album concept started rolling.




Words by Francesco Quieti