The struggle is real for many smaller and mid-tier artists trying to generate revenue from their music with many resigning to the fact that they will never make any type of income until live gigs come back. Many platforms have been working to help solve this problem, but none quite like the new music streaming platform ROCKI.

ROCKI has just announced its launch and first major success story with progressive house artists Guy J raising over $24k for his release “Cotton Eyes.” ROCKI’s platform is the beginning of something very exciting for artists that have been looking for alternative ways of monetizing and raising money for their music. In a way you might call ROCKI part Kickstarter and part investment opportunity, now fans can support their favorite artists by investing in their work and getting a share of royalties to boot.

More about ROCKI:

ROCKI, the new music streaming platform on the blockchain just launched their first Royalty income right music NFT, which sold for a record 40 ETH ($24,200 USD at the time of writing)!

ROCKI is a music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem designed to solve some of the most fundamental problems of the music industry. Powered by the ROCKS token, it is the first platform that rewards both the artists for their streams and the listeners for their participation.

ROCKI has launched two unique music NFT’s on the ROCKI platform (a ERC721 Music NFT & a ERC1155 Music NFT), with the first Royalty income right Music NFT (a ERC721 Music NFT) selling for a record 40 ETH ($24,200 USD at the time of writing).

The Israeli born, Malta-based progressive house music genius, Lost & Found label boss, and ROCKI artist, Guy J, has just released a new exclusive track on ROCKI, COTTON EYES. This new exclusive track sold an ERC721 Music NFT contract for 50% of future Royalty rights on ROCKI, auctioned off on the platform for a record amount of 40 ETH ($24,200 USD at the time of writing).