Here at Meoko we love any excuse to party but we especially love a birthday party! Not only is it a time to bring out all the stops but a time to reflect back on the years. On November 27th, Half Baked will be celebrating their 12 years birthday with an event that proves exactly why they have been in this business for so long. Sets from internationally renowned artists mixed in with the new hot talent on the scene. Half Baked continues to cultivate new sound and high energy for a birthday celebration you won’t forget.

Half Baked is heading to the beloved Studio 9294 for a party that kicks off in the early afternoon at 5 pm and takes us for 13 hours straight. The sun will be rising by the time you leave at 6 am. Expect Studio 9294 to be transformed into a venue fit for a birthday. The music will of course be nothing less than epic with additional features of live performances giving it that extra interactive element.

Half Baked has compiled a lineup consisting of old and new friends. Bringing together all of their favourites artists – some serious DJ’s will be taking over the booth. Kicking off with he heavyweights of the evening, we have Move D with a 3 hour set. Bringing some spacey techno that is sure to take you out of this world. Praslea holds a nighttime slot with his deeper Romanian minimal. He’s been on the scene some time now and knows exactly how to play up to a crowd. Following him will be The Ghost for the closing set that takes us into the early hours of the morning. Bringing us top energy that will have everyone on the dance floor. The evening is consistent with quality artists playing throughout. Other DJ’s include Robin Ordell, Elliot Schooling b2b Liam Palmer, and some more local favourites. 

12 years ago, Half Baked started out throwing parties at Shoreditch’s Fairchild Arches. Although a much smaller venue, they have captured and preserved the child like energy. They have come a long ways since then but every party they throw is just as exciting all thanks to the spirit of the people. Half Baked have cumulated a loyal following over the years of a community of people who are there to listen to top quality music, make friends, and have a good time. Now 12 years on, at a much larger venue, with many more people, we are still making friends and enjoying the best music the sound system has to offer.

There are two ticket options: Day from 5 pm to 1 am or Night from 10 pm to 6 am. You can also get a combined ticket which will take you through the full evening. An event like this only comes around once a year (literally) so don’t miss out on tickets!

Words by Gabrielle Runzer


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