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An event in the luxurious lounge-esque space which is the Phoinex Cernica Club usually a quaint restaurant and leisure facility that on the 1th August will bring some of the finest house and techno representatives from France and Germany as well as ambassadors of Romania’s homegrown movement, such a fruitful line up that oozes quality from top to bottom.

Seuil is a seasoned veteran and has a global cult following due to his style that prioritises personal taste over popular opinion. Ion ludwig you may know as the off the wall Toi Toi resident, he has been building his reputation on quality releases and chest rattling techno sets and blends sonic beauty with tasteful energy in his pulsating live performances. Priku exemplifies precision in mixing using energy and rhythm to toy with his audience like a playful puppeteer.


ViD has contributed to Romania’s broken beat sound in both his productions and mixes though twists and layers the style in a way that can only be described asviViD‘. Nu Zau is many a producer’s producer with releases on major cult labels such as All Inn Black, Archipel and Fear of Flying just to name a few and has recorded mixes for the likes of Fasten Musique and Vibecast Romania which prove he is just as accomplished in the booth as he is in the studio.

Zece are 2 guys hailing from Romania with stripped back grooves and a warm aethsetic while Hozoc you can expect to experiment with contrasting rhythms and zany mid-frequency delights, he has also had his productions signed to Archie Hamilton’s ‘Moss.co’ imprint. Alin Stoica is less known than most of the line up but has been making a name for himself in his homeland of Romania so Im sure will be great to checkout.

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This has such potential to be a truly enlightening experience, you can certainly trust in Romania to keep orchestrating such harmonious line ups. Shout out ‘haos’ for their taste in DJs and choice of venue this should be special.