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MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity, creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.

The sixth instalment of our ‘Hidden Treasures’ series represents another dazzling collection that will without a doubt be making the rounds on this year’s jam-packed festival circuit. Oozing with the outrageous vivacity adopted by pleasure-seekers throughout the UK, Spanglewear is the rather snazzy brand founded and designed by Bonny Tydeman (aka Little Miss Spangle). Aside from their festival-friendly creations, MEOKO love the positivity behind the ethos of the brand: “Spanglewear is about being your super-self, daring to shine, honouring yourself and empowering yourself – and through that sending out a message of joy and celebration. Life is glorious – we should live it that way”.


Spanglewear is actually one branch of the Spanglebooth tree, so to speak; Spanglebooth being a multifunctional design studio specialising in party clothes and event decor. Last year saw the “spangle clan” venture around the globe spreading their sparkles far and wide; Bulgaria’s Meadows in the Mountains festival to erect hanging art installations in the trees, Croatia to help deck out the beach for Hideout Festival, and Burning Man to create the costumes for a play taking place on a travelling art-car…incredible!

The original idea behind the Spangle collective was to install an interactive photobooth at events and festivals, inviting participants inside the booth to be ‘spangled’. Subsequently, Bonny was given the opportunity thanks to her friends Jack and Ben of Mad Ferret Productions to host the booth at their acclaimed Parklife festival. From there the concept rapidly gathered momentum, leading to larger festival appearances such as Secret Garden Party and the legendary Burning Man. In Bonny’s own words, the Spanglebooth helped to “spread smiles and sparkles throughout many parties”, and it was from the design of fun, outlandish, spangle-ready accessories created for the pop-up booth that the inspiration came to start a more permanent fashion label.


Since then, Spanglewear has mostly focused on creating a range of uniquely stylish hats, caps, hoods, Russian hats, crowns and jumpers. Using bold colours, wacky fabrics and rich textures, Spanglewear products are usually always laced with faux-fur, gold chains and costume jewels.  Pretty much every single creation is one-of-a-kind, with their designer Bonny trying as much as possible to resist using her designs twice – unless she is really bugged to re-create them! Most recently Bonny has re-focused on producing more bespoke Spanglewear clothing, just in time for the imminent party season, offering customers the opportunity to order their own ‘100% Bespoke Festival Funsuit’, essentially an individually tailored all-in-one bursting with as much eccentricity as required.

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This upcoming year, once again you can catch the brand at a host of summer events and additionally they will be launching a series of unique printed tees and Spanglewear textiles. In the words of Bonnie: “prepare to be dazzled”!


If you want to get your hands on some rather spangle-y goods of your own, then MEOKO are offering one lucky winner the chance to win your very own RUSSIAN HAT and MULTICOLOURED CAP worth a total of £130 (pictured below). 

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All you have to do is email us at hello_competitions@devmeoko.co.uk with ‘Time to get spangled’ in the subject title. Good luck (and don’t get TOO spangled now…)

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