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12 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;

1- Premiesku – The Last Man on The Moon EP // ALLINN028

So being in a period where over generousity is experienced at a high level, here is our take for a special wax with divine sounds :). We start with Premiesku who ‘soar’ to ‘only’ take us on a trip to the moon and then we are ‘Even’ for the whole EP. We can always go Sci-Fi when this lovely Romanian trio share their newest sounds on All Inn Black, we can already be sure it’s the deepes underground cut coming out from their studio.

2- Adrian Niculae – Consensual EP // MTF005

Back to a sound we cherish, and one that is stands out for this period. Adrian Niculae is back with his own ‘Motif‘ to share with us another cocktail made out of fruits from his own garden. I’m sure I ‘SeeSaw’ cherries in this smoothie too while B Side reminds me of a whole cycle i have to review, re-align and recentre myself then move on and on, play with this play.

3- Fonetica (Cristi Cons & Dubtil) – Noises EP // NMS003

Here is an interesting collab, one that has a tender flow, one that define powerfull drum rythms. Who are they? Well Cristi Cons and Dubtil come out as Fonetica, with their first ‘Noises EP’ on Nervmusic special side series. I’m sure the point is to get ‘Lost in thought’ when everything is so well done in the ‘background’. The sound proposes another way of rhythm and tight percussions and the time is right for us to have these options too.

4- Arapu – Wasted Ego EP // UND007

A ‘Wasted Ego’ title as a sublime message for a sublime sound, delivered by Arapu on Understand. Did you get it ? Uplifting sound with a scary atmosphere and voices ‘from the other side’ show you can’t always have the bliss without a bit of extra-ordinary tension meant to keep you straight and offer you a wide range of experiences.

5- Mihai Pol – Invasion EP // OTK003

Already with a sound if his own, Mihai Pol continues to polish his craft with a new EP on the Londoner Otaku Records. It’s ok, there is an invasion going on, and Triptil is on board with a B Side remix, calls out his best troops and rolls out his offensive and uplifting groove taking on the lead in this adventouros manifest.

6- Cally – Calldaer EP // MELONIAN005

Of course one player getting fresh attention is romanian dj and producer Cally. Usually with a perfected round sound, in this EP he reveals his high pillar attitude on front side and then shares his wormth and angelic atmospheres with two perfect after-hours tracks on side B.

7- Costin Rp – Basics EP // RUERE004

Costin Rp is one that i know likes to go further and explore his sounds and mainly he comes up with new ingredients for his cocktail. Making it more spacious and lightly in the same time, Ruere is the right caravan to serve this jam sessions. Whishpering questions are thrown throughout the whole experience. Did you hear?

8- Unknown Artist – DRGS01 // DRGS01

As you know it is a pleasure to write about the Unknown Artist who does not need any more recognition and just shares his feelings and moods with us. On the first one of these series you’ll find clues and ways as to how to get wild and childly again and of course if you ‘Say it Loud’ you will get it better.

9- Floog – Ambele EP // FLG001

I have love for new beggings and to share the right ones with you and as itold you before I’m happy the artist behind Floog is back on track again, delivering smooth rhythms with clean and clear percussion cuts aiming for an ever more fractalized house music anthems. It’s all under a great plan, delivered with love and joy on FLG001.

10- Piktor – Acid Space EP // LKMV002” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrerp>

How do you make a painting of acid floating in space? Well there is one formula very well presented here and tell me if you can find a better one. Regarding groove and sound, Piktor found his ways and it’s ready to be part of our big community. We’re sure the EP on Lokomotiv is just a small card of the big picture, and we’re shure the canvas is ever expanding.

11- MOi – 08 // MOI008

House, Groove, Rhythm… oi oi. It’s all in here, it’s the new MOI release. Undergound house music all the way under this project and the credits go in Eastern Europe. Well it is a very fine touch of uplifting side of our house music and this release is set to bound new standards, as the ones before, it did.

12- VA – Tzinah On Black 004 // TZHBK004

4 Romanian talents,  Hansel!, Mihai Pol, Herck and vlf, are billed for TZHBK004. When speaking of Tzinah records, it is always a treat to ears.

With care and appreciation from P. with Love

Words by Dan Primaru

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