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6 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;

1- RQZ – Freaks EP // MODEIGHT004″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


So let’s start this session with an artist who is stepping up in the vinyl only world, and that is the Romanian DJ, Midi Club Resident, RQZ. With a great approach to his sound and his techniques, this EP is a great anchor beetwen the house world and the more deep and fractalized micro-house music.

2- Miroloja – Subtitle EP // OLOREC001″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer

Another great and courageous opening are from the Miroloja brothers, with their first release at their headquarters Olo Records. Armed up with two smooth remixes from artists like Nima Gorji and Rowlanz, they make a great promise to the scene, and that is to release quality music in their view and understanding. Done well so far for me.

3- Silat Beksi – Shushu EP // WOW05

Back to groove and to that peculiar sound we cherish most, Silat Beksi showing two sides in his What you Want release called Shushu EP. What we love about Silat is that he won’t let the guard down and he’s always massaging our ears with some breaks on every release. Of course the other side of him is revealed in the more detailed Java track.

4- Floog – Gicu cu Robotzi EP // HOARD003″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


Great to see such an experienced artist going out on his own and showing his more soulfull side on his solo alias Floog. We are talking about George the third part of Premiesku near Livio and Roby. Now we get to see where the more esoteric and atmospherical parts of that were coming from, it’s all over this EP and i really look forward to the direction of Floog.

5- Vlad Arapasu – Artifical Moves // SBTL010″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


Talking about taking things on a solo attitude, Vlad Arapasu from Dubsons did that recently also, delivering his first EP at the German Subtil Records. He is expressing his happiness and thoughfull messages throughout his music and my guess he’s got a lot to share! Great EP representing our Romanian sound signature.


And.. not to be missed is the new release from Sei Es Drum, Villalobos trips are being out on A and B, one expressing the ‘sensitive’ voice direction and the other one drumming on the bass and playing it low. This is what we should do also, beat the earth to raise the frequencies and be open cosmical energy from the above.

With care and appreciation from P. with Love

Words by Dan Primaru

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