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7 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;

1- [MLTV004] – Olivian Nour – Modul EP [Melotherapy Vinyl]” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


Olivian Nour comes forth with a great two track EP on his own imprint Melotheraphy Records, on vinyl only side of things, and with his own definition of groove, which was well adopted by DJs alike and people who are in for the bright side of vibes in order to have fun. Enjoy “modul” and “omaigod” this is one of the best material coming out from Olivian.

2- CTTV009 – Petar Milicevic – Cshi Tururuu – Complatt” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


One artist that is right there on getting himself out of the ‘shadow’ is Petar Milicevic, from Belgrade, Serbia. With many releases already, this is one of the vinyl only ones that represents him best and his abilities to make your mind blow and trip under dancing shoes and vibrating dancefloor.

3- PLZ026.1 – Sepp – Cantor Du Salon EP” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer

Thank you dear brother Sepp for the love that you have for music and for releasing so much of it, basically at every good underground label there is out there. Cheers up for this guy who redifined house music in his own minimalistic way, whithout bounderis and always broadening our view about what house music really means! Enjoy the new Pleasure Zone release featuring Sepp.

4- PTX019 Vinyl Speed Adjust – “Technicolor” EP” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


Vinyl Speed Adjust trips back to Pressure Traxx Records with two cookies delivered from the romanian kicthen with their own detroit and housey feelings swinging in the back these release is all about smooth vibes and mindblowing minimal percusions to keep you in the jungle atmosphere for the groove.


5- [FNV001] B2 Triptil – To The Moon And Back [ Esimene EP ]


Talking about groove, Triptil is decided on this EP… it should be more about that. He goes over seas and high hills and comes on his own record label Feno Volana. With such a great release we are looking forward for more from this label and Triptil sound and friends, let’s hope he will take us ‘To The Moon And Back’!


6- Unknown Artist: Rise / Tryck // 2017


Here is another Unkown release that it’s about the dancefloor and house minimal grooves. Here is to a new label called Trulyyours which we know nothing about :). So there is not much to say but to listen on this one… pure and uplifting vibes, warming our hearts and our mornings.


7- Unknown Artist – A [INTERP01]


Here is to a nice way to end this playlist with the Bside, which is all about cooling off and chilling out, great tune for when you’re alone and crazy but till then A side it’s a nice danceable ‘Interpretation’ of an old edit we love. Good one when there are new labels every new months, i will always see, let them surprise us by the 10th release.


With care and appreciation from P. with Love


Words by Dan Primaru

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