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          These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.


Fantastic Man: Animal Language




Three percussive works of art by Fantastic Man aka Mic Newman. Essential!



Dilates Pupils: Boken Amp EP



Sol Asylum are back with this killer EP by Dilated Pupils, who dish up three thick-set rollers. The Birdsmakingmachine Remix ain’t bad either.


Christian Piers: Christian Pierce Part1



Raw, mechanical grooves from Christian Piers. It’s no nonsense, peak-time music. Highlight: ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Key’.


Chateu Flight: Classic 003



Versatile give this single by Chateau Flight the repress treatment. From the high-flying synths of ‘Pergola’ to weighty stomp of ‘Rise & Fall of Babylon’, this’ll make a great edition to your set.